BT5: How This Shoutmon-DX Deck win in Tourneys


Invited Article | Author: Abuan Binoe
Youtube Channel: Zeta Graphix

Shoutmon DX deck featuring BT1 Omni OTK

Ever since the release of Shoutmon DX in BT5, I got the idea that it can open up a possible OTK play with BT1 Omnimon because of the number of level 6 that you put in the stack which allows for multiple attacks with possible multiple checks. With the use of the “Fusion into the Ultimate Digimon” option card, this OTK (One Turn Kill) play can be executed for free.

First of all, here is the list that I used for this deck. This particular build won me a couple of tournaments already. Let us look at the cards I have chosen for the build.

The build has a standard Shoutmon DX core composed of Shoutmon (3 copies), OmegaShoutmon (3 copies), Zeekgreymon (4 copies) and Shoutmon DX (4 copies). It utilizes digimons like ST1 Greymon and BT4 Volcdramon for multiple checks. ST7 Agumon (4 copies) and BT1 Greymon are used for additional DP boost in addition to the 1K boost from the Digitamas. BT5 Agumon and Shoutmon are the searchers for the deck’s combo pieces.

The good thing with the Shoutmon engine is that it can serve both as an aggressive security sweeper and a board controller. The inheritable ability of Zeekgreymon to attack unsuspended digimon is really good especially in the start of the game where you can gain advantage early on with board presence.

The Difference with standard Shoutmon Decks

While standard Shoutmon DX build uses the BT5 Omnimon with Blitz, this deck’s focus is to bring out BT1 Omnimon and unleashed an OTK with it. The full combo requires a white tamer in field to play the option card “Fusion into the ultimate Digimon”. Here is a sample stack that can be executed:

For above digivolution chain, we add more DP with the inheritable effect of LV2 digitama Koromon(1000DP) and LV3 Agumon (+2000DP when this digimon attack player). The LV4 Greymon and LV5 Volcdramon give <Security Attack +1> for each of them, the LV6 ZekeGreymon inherited effect to make this digimon able to attack unsuspended digimon if it is attacking with "Blitz".

I usually set-up my Digimon in the raising area up to level 6, so that it can’t be affected by any opponent’s effect, you can hard cast your BT5 Agumon and/or Shoutmon to get your pieces. 

If you have your pieces already, and if you have at least 2 memories, you can push out your Zeekgreymon and evolve it to Shoutmon DX for 2 cost. Shoutmon DX allows you to put in an extra red digimon in the stack and then delete opponent’s digimons with 5000 DP or less up to number of Zeekgreymon and Omegashoutmon in the stack. This will clear out 5K DP blockers which are common in the current meta. For this example, another Zeekgreymon is inserted in the stack.

You can now unleash the full power of the deck by using “Fusion into the ultimate Digimon” and evolve to BT1 Omnimon which can delete a problematic digimon in the field. For this example, this BT1 Omnimon can attack for a total of 4 times with "SecurityAttack+2" because of the inheritable effect of ST1 Greymon and BT5 Volcdramon with 18K DP. This can wipe out security and even attack for game, the only problem is that it can hit removal cards in the security especially in the current meta where SECURITY CONTROL decks are gaining popularity. To mitigate this problem, the option card “A Delicate Plan” can be played for 1 cost before evolving to Omnimon so that option cards in the security will not activate, making this combo unstoppable and can assure you a Win. 


Yellow – while yellow decks control the board early on, they don’t usually play any problematic card in the security, so you can usually push for game with the combo. The way to play against yellow with this deck is to let them push out first so you can attack their digimon even if it is unsuspended because of Zeekgreymon’s inheritable.

Black – this deck is a bit faster than most of the black decks in the format, the only problematic build in my opinion is the Diaboromon deck as Armageddemon can shut down the whole focus of the deck since it locks down level 7 digimons effects.

Blue – against blue, you need to accept the fact that they will damage your security early, but you can control the board with Shoutmon DX and Zeekgreymon.

Green – green is a bit nerfed in this format so you can patiently wait for the opportunity to attack.

Deck performance

vs Red Rookie Rush – OXO

vs Green Nighoggmon – OO

vs Black reboot – OO

vs Yellow Lorknightmon – OXO

vs Black Omnimon Zwart – OO

vs Diaboromon – OXO

vs Blue Imperialdramon – XOO

vs Red Shoutmon – OO

2 thoughts on “BT5: How This Shoutmon-DX Deck win in Tourneys”

  1. In the match up sections for yellow, you talk about attacking unsuspended digimon using zeekgreymons inheritable effect. That effect only works if you are using blitz, which this deck doesn't actually make sue of.

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