BT6 New Deck Intro: Is Gabumon BOF – AncientGaruru Going to be in Tier-1

If you follow up the BT5 meta after releasing 1st year anniversary promo card, you know that the [BT4-114] AncientGaruru deck makes it to be in the winning list, it deserves to be Tier-2 meta in BT5. The warp digivolution strategy needs to be played faster to win the game, AncientGaruru is fast enough when it evolves from LV4 Lobomon promo, but there is some certain weakness it has. Then how the Gabumon – Bond of Friendship can cover that?

Gabumon Bond of Friendship

Gabumon Bond of Friendship is a LV7 digimon with 14000DP in BT6 Double Diamond, it can warp evolution from LV3 Gabumon (any color Gabumon) into this digimon by paying 3 cost and trash 2 of your security cards, you must execute it fast and end the game fast in order to make the strategy work. This digimon can at least "unsuspend" once when the LV3 Gabumon in its digivolution source is not [BT6-019] Gabumon with its first "When attacking" effect. The power of this digimon lands in second "when attacking" effect, when it can return 1 opponent's LV5 or lower digimon in the bottom of its owner deck. With this effect, Gabumon – Bond of Friendship no longer needs to worry about opponent's blocker, for each attack it can return 1 opponent LV5 or lower digimon, the chance to wipe out opponent's board is here. (This is also AncientGaruru's weakness). 

The Rush of GabuBOF and AncientGaruru

This deck is created by a Tamer in Philippines named Kelvin Klein, he is able to win the unofficial online tourney with this deck. This deck strategy is very straight forward, there is 15 cards of LV3 digimon, 11 cards for LV4 digimon (all of them are hybrid type), 8 cards for LV6 digimon, no LV5 digimon. 4 copies of new tamer Matt Ishida for Gabumon – Bond of Courage and 3 copies of Davis Motomiya. There is 9 option cards are used in this deck. There is 2 pillars that decides the game strategy, AncientGaruru evolution chain and Gabumon Bond of Friendship evolution chain, the detail for each of them is given in detail below.

The AncientGarurumon with Hybrid Digimon

The advantage of this combo is that it costs only 3 memory to evolve from a LV3 digimon to LV6 AncientGarurumon without sacrificing anything. Once we reach this level, we can do 2 checks to opponent security because it can unsuspend once with "When attacking" effect. Even we need to delete this digimon at the end of the turn, but it also helps to hard-play 1 blue LV4 or below digimon card with [Hybrid] in its form for free. There is total 15 digimon cards that is "Hybrid" form digimon, so it is easy to draw as well as have it available in hand to play.

Gabumon - Bond of Friendship Threat

People predicts this deck is going to be in Tier 1 or Tier 0.5 of BT6 meta, why is that?

Gabumon – Bond of Friendship holds enough power to deal with any kind of opponent, the speed power, the ranking power, DP power and "removal" power.

To evolve from a LV3 Gabumon into LV7 Gabumon – Bond of Friendship, the "must" condition is you must have [BT6-088] Matt Ishida in play to use its [Main] effect for the warp evolution, the "best condition" is the LV3 Gabumon to be evolved is new [BT6-019] Gabumon because its inherited effect gives this digimon "unsuspend" once per turn when it attacks. 

We only need to pay 3 costs to evolve into this LV7 Gabumon Bond of Friendship, at the same time we will need to trash 2 of our security cards as a tradeoff condition. During the turn that Gabumon Bond of Friendship appear in the battle and do attacking, if we have the [BT6-019] Gabumon in its evolution's source, this Digimon can attacks 3 opponent's security cards, return up to 3 opponent's LV5 or lower digimon to its owner hand. If opponent's board is wipe out, even if we have no security card left in our security stack, we still have the chance to win this turn with [Hybrid] type digimon evolves into a blue Tamer or win in next turn.

Since the Gabumon Bond of Friendship is a LV7 digimon with 14000 DP, only high cost option card is powerful enough to delete it. 

Draw Power and Memory

This deck strongly needs draw and "search card" power to get AncientGaruru, promo Lobomon and Gabumon BOF and blue Tamer Matt Ishida. 

  • The [P-036] Blue Memory Boost is the best card for "search" the right card and save "2 memory" to use when needed while Tamer Davis Motomiya helps to secure 3 memories when starting the turn and search top 3 cards to add 1 blue and 1 green digimon to hand "when play".
  • The digitama Upamon and BT1 Gabumon give draw power for the deck.
  • The LV3 hybrid Strabimon is to provide the "search card" power for hybrid digimon and blue Tamer.

There is 7 tamer cards are using in this deck, it is high chance that we have 2 or more tamer is in the battle. We can evolve blue tamer into hybrid LV4 digimon to do a final check to end the games, at this time we need more memory to stay in our turn after evolving, that is why there is 4 copies of Hammer Spark in this deck.

Options - Taking care of opponent's powerful Digimon

Since the Gabumon BOF is only able to return the LV5 or lower digimon to its owner hand, this deck includes 2 copies of Cocytus Breath (Ice Wolf Claw) to deal with an opponent's higher level (such as LV6 or LV7) Digimon. From the owner's own words "hand-bricks can occur when we put 3-4 copies of this card into the deck".

Player Experiences

Here is the tourney report and the thoughts from Kelvin Klein, the Tamer who created and tested out this deck:

"We Decided to hold a BT06 legal tournament using as a preparation for the upcoming set release on MAY-28. I used my own build of Gabumon Bond of Friendship Deck and got 1st place.

Round 1: Red Jesmon Deck XOO
I was nervous against this match up since red tends to hit really hard and with my deck list having no blockers, I'm quite vulnerable to those security++ attacks. Good thing that my deck build is so fast that the Jesmon Deck didn't have the time to set his level-6 up and whenever he tries to set up his sistermons and other Lv5 or below digimons, they just get bounced to the bottom of the deck. I lost the 1st match because I bricked on my rookies and wasn't able to do my warp digivolutions but I won the next 2 matches and thus I won the round.
Round 2: Security Control Deck OXO
Probably the hardest matchup for my deck list since they are freely playing digimons from their securities while I'm trying to blitz them. The reason that this deck won is because of the multiple bounce skill of Gabumon BoF so even if they get to security play their coredramon/greymons, we just bounce them on the next attacks. Cocytus breath is really useful against ZwartDefeat and it doesn't matter if you sec check the hard removals since your A.Garurumons and Gabumon BoF will be deleted on the end of your turn anyways.
Round 3 : Won by Default
Sadly my opponent's internet connection became so bad that he decided to give me the round since he won't be able to play properly anymore.
Finals thoughts:
The Deck is HYPER aggressive with its multiple attacks. your attacks won't lose security battles most of the time since your boss digimons are 13/14k. you are also not vulnerable to hard removals like Gaia Force and transcendent swords (even yellow -dp effects) since you are just starting off with your rookie from the hatch area and then do warp digivolve when you move him out. you also have tons of tamers which cannot be deleted by your opponent and at the last moments of the game, you can just digivolve them into your hybrid Lv4s. Hammer spark and the memory booster is also good if you need to digivolve up to 2 of your tamers for the win. It is kinda tamer reliant but that won't be a problem since you have a strabimon to dig up for those tamers as well as draws from Gabumon BT01 and Upamon BT01. I honestly think this will be one of the strongest decks on the early meta"
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