BT6 Meta – First weekend Tourney Report

First weekend after BT6 is released on 28 May, we uploaded around 22 decks (and still continue updating). Here is a brief report

Musketeers Option Zoo

With many 7-cost option cards to destroy any level of Digimon in the board, the Musketeers Option Zoo is becoming new lazy bored megazoo deck in BT6 meta. Since its damage is high, many competitive player choose to bring this deck to tourney, and its victory result showing that we are really need to plan a proper strategy to deal with this type of deck. This deck deserves Tier-1.

Play against this deck is also tricky, do not attack security to avoid their security stack drop to 3 cards, create a wide board and attack all at once. If they have Dynasmon in the board, try to destroy or return to hand/deck first. It also depends on luck on what kind of option card you will hit in their security, if they have yellow Tamer T.K Takeru, then they would take out safe card from their security stack. 

Red Jesmon Deck

The fast and Furious Jesmon deck got a very high potential to be in Tier-1 deck, but since it is easy to break so we put it at Tier-1.5.

The fact that this deck has to allocate some slots for Sistermon Noir and Sitermon Blanc make it easy to break. Many players have reduced the number of white card (Sistermon) to avoid this issue, but the efficiency will be dropping a bit. Jesmon is strong with Piercing, re-stand (lv5 saviorHuckmon) with 16000DP is something opponent needs to be worried. On top of that, it can even attack unsuspended Digimon by using 1 cost option card Judgement of the Blade.

(Link to Game Video)

Purple TItamon Deck

Titamon is surprisingly receiving many attentions from Digimon players. This deck cheap to build and there is a new chain of Kinkaku/Ginkaku to try out in first week of the meta. (Digimon Card Meta also tried out with this deck, it is very fun to play, refer to video here.). The first tourney report for this deck profile is actually better than expected, Titamon with 14000DP (at least) and "Security Attack +1" is going to be popular in Purple profile. Titamon deserves to be in Tier-2.   

Gabumon - Bond of Friendship

There is not many winning decks for Gabumon BOF profile, but we don't think this deck is weak. The best and fastest combo AncientGarurumon, it is a very rare card that is not easy to own or find in the Digimon card market. We still think this deck should be in Tier-1.

Green Control with new Hybrid Digimon

[BT6-054] AncientTroymon is a high-DP beatstick with a strong passive effect, and works rather well with the [BT5-089] Izzy & Mimi tamer card. His bulk allows him to easily survive a security check, and has a [On Deletion] effect that plays a [Hybrid] Digimon for free.

But [BT6-049] Arbormon is arguable the best surprise card for green at the moment, as most players hasn't built the sense of green hybrids yet hence will tend to miscalculate the number of security hits.

We estimate this to hover around Tier-1.5.


These estimations are based on our victory decks collection from different countries, as well as our personal's experiences and thoughts. If you have any comments regarding of tier-list, do contact us via email 

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