BT4 English Meta: What is different with Japanese Meta

The BT4 Great Legend English will be released this  11 Jun (2021), it comes with the starter deck St4/5/6, the set of 1st year anniversary promo card and trio LV6 strong and useful digimon including [P-025] Grankuwagamon, [P-026] BlackWarGreymon and [P-027] MetaGarurumon (link for info). These extra cards are going to make English BT4 meta different compared to BT4 Japanese Meta, but is it going to change the meta dramatically or just a little?

At Digimon Card Meta deck-list collection for BT4, we have around 210 tourney winning decks from different countries, believed or not, around half of them are the crazy strong green Nidhoggmon control and Yellow WarGreymon decks. There was a time when you go tourney, you will only see people play green or yellow, they called it the traffic light colors.

To prepare for new Booster box or new meta season for English players, Digimon Card Meta would like to give a detail analysis, Japanese BT4 meta tier-list and a prediction for English BT4 meta.

BT4 Japanese/English Tier-0: Green Nidhoggmon control and Yellow WarGreymon

Green Nidhoggmon is a deck that easy and cheap to build, easy to play, easy to control the game and easy to win. With the coming of [P-025] Grankuwagamon and [P-032] Palmon, the Nidhoggmon control deck continues to be in Tier-0 in English meta.  

Nidhoggmon is comfortable to pair up with other LV6 green digimon, the best candidate in BT4 Japanese card is HerculesKabuterimon from ST4 starter deck, Hercules can rest opponent digimon, give Nidhogmon chance to send them all to bottom of its owner's deck. (Post reference: A Deck Review –  Why Green Nidhogg deck is strong).

Now you may say "But now we only can use 1 copy of Hidden Potential, is it still that strong?", I can say with confident that: Yes, it is still strong. Nidhogg is maybe not the main pillar to include 4 copies, but with him in the deck, the opponent needs to worry if he plan to let his digimon unsuspended. Green player  normally try to trap his opponent to rest as many their Digimon as possible, then they evolve up to Nidhogmon to send them all to the bottom of its owner deck. Remember that from LV3 to reach LV6 Nidhogmon, it just need 1 memory. It is not as fast as the time we can use up to 4 Hidden Potential in the deck, but green still have great control over the board.

Another Deck Profile for Nidhoggmon in this English BT4 meta is the appearances of promo Palmon at this time. Post to refer to: Soon to be the Tier-1 green deck, this deck profile is introduced in BT5 Japanese meta, but is totally can build and play in English BT4 meta.

Now you know that Green is able to control the board easily, then the Yellow WarGrey profile is created to remove that board smoothly when it is still building. When you play against green deck, it is best to destroy its LV5 or lower digimon, don't give them chance to move Nidhoggmon, that is why green prefer to build them in raising area. Yellow WarGreymon has the best support system to reduce opponent's Digimon DP and attack to finish the game that faster than traditional yellow deck. Post to refer: Why WarGreymon dominates yellow tournament deck, this is to give you a brief analysis on perfect profile for yellow WarGreymon deck, as well as the related combo. The first Digimon with "Rush" effect, BushiAgumon was the favorite digimon that was used in all yellow decks during BT4 time, a surprised final attack to win the game.

The new yellow promo card, [P-031] Tailmon, the LV4 Digimon to combo with Mastermon is going be NEW element for English BT4 yellow meta. The Mastermon is a new potential that can able to summon a BushiAgumon for "Rush" or a [P-031]Tailmon for "Recovery+1" and "Blocker". Mastermon is going to be a new challenge in the tourney.

BT4 Enlish Tier-1: Blue AncientGarurumon

The 2 BT4 SEC cards that was totally ignored in BT4 Japanese meta: AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon, make a comeback only when Bandai introduces the first year anniversary cards, promo Agunimon and promo Lobomon. In BT4 Japanes meta, blue is only able to place in Tier-2 list with the new "Hybrid" type that can evolved from Tamer (not including the [P-030] Lobomon). The "Hybrid" type digimon give Blue a chance to control the game and make a final attack with a hybrid digimon, this is a surprised element that normally acts as the trump-card to finish the game.

Why with only Lobomon, we can upgrade blue from Tier-2 to Tier-1?

As you can see, promo Lobomon is core component to play Blue Rookie-Rush with LV6 digimon. It takes only 1 more cost to jump from LV4 Lobomon to LV6 AncientGarurumon when digivolving, and can at least unsuspend once after first attacking. A set of "Hybrid" Digimon in BT4 is going to help Blue faster, more flexible and quick counterattack if needed.  

BT4 English Tier 1.5: AncientGreymon

Same with the combo of Lobomon and AncientGarurumon above, AncientGreymon and [P-029] Agunimon is the key element for Red Rookie Rush deck with Red Hybrid Digimon.

By the way, compared to blue, this combo is a little more expensive to evolve from LV4 Agunimon to LV6 AncientGreymon (2 costs). Besides, even it has "SecurityCheck+1" with 13000DP but it is easy to be blocked by opponent Blocker. A proper deck profile with option card is the task that English BT4 players need to solve. Red is going to be in Tier1.5 meta because we see the potential of Red Rookie rush in BT4.  

English Tier-2: Will be more than Japaneses meta

D-brigade Army is a "fun and easy to play" Rookie Rush Deck in BT4 meta. But the Nidhoggmon don't give them much chance to stay in higher place in Tier-list.

Deck Review: BT4 new meta – a super strong black rookie rush.

Game play: Link to Youtube Video.

We don't have the promo [P-033] Sunarizamon in BT4 Japanese card, so this combo is considered as a new power for black in English BT4.  Blastmon is cheap to evolve and it has 13000DP with "SecurityAttack+1", but because opponent's can choose another digimon in the battle to take attack from this Digimon (act same as a Blocker), it is not loved in Japanese meta. 

In BT4 English meta, with promo Sunarizamon, the Blastmon now can have Piercing and/or "SecurityAttack+2", fast and strong enough to bring their name to winning list.

The new promo [P-026] BlackWarGreymon is a LV6 that can be pair-up with Blastmon in BT4 black meta. A build with option card to create OTK strategy.

Post to refer: Check 5 Security with this BlackWarGeymon combo

Feature Game: Link to Yourtube Video

BT4 Japanese purple meta got the Plutomon and 6-cost option card Hell Gate is to accommodate purple-favourite player, the new promo [P-027] MetalGarurumon purple deck (Tier 1.5) that used to made many Victories in Japan,  but we have one more profile for purple color in BT4 English meta, that is DoneDevimon deck.

DoneDevimon deck is maybe not easy to play, it needs a detail control strategy and counter other BT4 color meta. DoneDevi will be stronger in BT5 with the support of OmegamonZwart, for now we dont have any good DoneDevi profile to share in this post. We may have to wait for English card player to create one.


To prepare for new BT4 season, Digimon Card Meta has provided many deck profiles in our "Guide" page, around 200+ tourney winner deck in our "Deck-list", and some feature games in our Youtube channel

If you want to share any NEW deck profile for BT4 Great Legends, do not hesitate to contact us via email We will feature your newly created deck in our site and you can promote your Youtube Channel in your post.

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