BT6 New Deck Intro: Titamon, a cheap SR with huge Potential


[BT6-081] Titamon is a only purple super rare card that was introduced in BT6. With 4 cost to evolve, this seems to be the most potential LV6 digimon for purple color in Double Diamond. 

Titamon has 12000DP but easily gain +2000DP when we trash a card from hand and "Security Attack+1". The deck I created for Titamon is the first one when I got BT6 physical card, I got excited with whose bunch of purple digimon in this set and immediatly tried out this new recipe. You can check the game play in our site YouTube channel.

The Titamon Aggro Deck

This deck motto is "Trashing card is my power".

 I can say that all Purple cards in this Double Diamond set are quite fun to play, purple is always surprised us with their new effects.

Here is the distribution of the deck: 12 cards for LV3 Digimon, 12 cards for LV4 Digimon, 9 cards for LV5 Digimon, LV6 Digimon got 6 slots, 3 for Tamer and 6 slots are for option cards.

LV2 and LV3 Digimon

This deck has a huge draw power, as purple always do. [BT3-006] DemiMeramon was very popular digitama and always used in all purple decks, now BT6 gave us Tsunomon that even better. DemiMeramon only gives <Draw 1> when destroyed while [BT6-006] Tsunomon gives <Draw 1> whenever we trash a card using one of our effect (once per turn), this provided more draw power during the game than I expected, that is why I used 4 copies of Tsunomon and 1 copy of DemiMeramon in the deck.

There is 4 types of LV3 digimon are using in this deck. I used 3 copies of new BT6 Goblimon to boost LV6 Digimon DP +2000 DP, especially for Titamon to have 16000 DP. There is many powerful LV7 digimon that have 15000 DP that can be in opponent's security stack, a high DP will be needed and safer for a multi-checking digimon like Titamon. 3 copies of [BT5-071] Guilmon, the most common digimon to recycle from trash. I used Guilmon to be trashed and play from trash when triggering Titamon's "When Digivolving" effect, a digimon with "On Deletion" effect is more useful for this kind of deck. 2 copies of Tsukaimon is simply to gain memory when it's destroyed and 4 copies of [BT2-069] Gabumon for draw and trash power. 

LV4 and LV5 Digimon

Now you may question why I used so many slots for LV4, those are for me to trash, lolx.

The [BT6-071] Kinkakumon and [BT6-073] Ginkakumon are the candidate to be trashed from hand if the situation allows. 

The LV4 GinkakumonPromote is the best champion digimon for this deck. I can free play him from Titamon's "when digivolving" effect, then can put Kinkakumon under this card digivolution source to destroy 1 opponent's LV3 digimon if I see opponent has LV3 on the board, or I can put LV5 Skullgreymon  (when I trash this card from hand) in bottom of GinkakuPromote's digivolution source to give it "retaliation", then it can declare attack 1 opponent's powerful digimon at the same turn it is summoned because of his "rush" effect. As I said, depends on the game's situation, GinkakuPromote comes to be useful.

This deck only uses 3 copies of blocker Devimon, also cheaper to evolve to move up to LV6 faster.

As mentioned above, the LV5 [BT6-078] SkullGreymon is included here to trash and place in the bottom of one other purple Digimon's digivolution source in the battle to give "retaliation". This "retaliation" is more flexible and unpredicted to opponent. This card can be used in any turn when we see opponent has unsuspended digimon in the field. 

[BT5-079] BlackWarGrowlmon is a very good LV5 Digimon, it helps to summon for free 1 LV3 from trash (Guilmon) when doing "digi-burst 3" and can unsuspend this digimon (once per turn). If this card is under Titamon's digivolution source, Titamon can check security up-to 4 cards in once turn.

2 copies of LadyDevimon is also for draw and trash power. Besides, we can use the inherited effect from LadyDevimon to destroy 1 opponent's LV3 digimon when we play an option card.

LV6 and LV7 Digimon

The main pillar for this deck is Titamon and Tactimon. Titamon takes 4 costs to evolve, but can check up-to 4 securities in one turn (with BlackWarGrowlmon) with 14000 DP. Once he appears in the battle, the game will be favor to us since he also can summon 1 LV4 for free with "when digivolving" effect. Tactimon, in the other hand, cheaper to evolve and has some constraints when we want to trigger all of his benefits. But actually this digimon is the most flexible LV6 digimon that give you 3 options to choose when it attacks, you can apply the most suitable effect that is best for the game situation.

I included only 1 copy of Plutomon, if I can draw him then I will use him for draw power and play option card for free if needed, else it can be trashed to trigger some other effect.

The game for this deck is supposed to be fast, I don't plan to create any loop to drag the game like Lilith-loop.

I choose Omnimon Zwart Defeat for LV7 slots instead of Omnimon Zwart. Zwart Defeat is like a shield in the battle that opponent will not want to destroy him. He also delete 1 opponent's tamer when evolving, tamer is an annoying element for the game these days when their effect is more powerful for its owner.  

Option and Tamer: all for more memory

There is 2 copies of Sora & Mimi new tamer in BT6 and 1 copy of Takumi Aiba, both of them are for draw power. The purple tamer is very good when we play against Security Control deck because it don't have many rookie or champion digimon, secure chance to gain 2 memory in start of the turn. And this deck have more power to destroy opponent's LV3 digimon, I think they will avoid to hard play LV3 digimon. Takumi Aiba is a back-up plan if opponent plays Rookie-rush, that is why only 1 copy is used.

Memory Boost becomes vital option cards for the game these days, the ability to gain more memory whenever we need to finish the game. [BT6-107] Grave Memory Boost provides chance to recycle card from trash while Violet Memory Boost gives "card searching" power. Both of them have "delay" effect to back-up 2 memory to use when needed. 

The option card Underworld's Call is a candidate to be trashed when I need draw power, also a candidate to be played for free from Plutomon's "when digivolving" effect to play a LV4 from trash without paying its cost, or when I have lots of memory and I need a final check to win the game, then it comes to be useful to summon GinkakuPromote for a last check with "Rush". 


This deck has huge draw power, so players do not normally end up with a poor hand. It may take times to resolve all effects but it kind of fun to play, why don't you try out. There is no option card to deal with opponent's high level digimon, so I tend to use "retaliation" to destroy them. But since we have Plutomon in the the deck, we can consider to put 1 or 2 copies of Hell Gate to destroy opponent's LV6 or higher digimon. We can remove 1 or 2 LV4 digimon for these option cards' slot.

The game with this deck is uploaded in our YouTube channel, play against a Security Control deck. 

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