The BT6 Idol Star Beelstarmon – Tier 1 deck


[BT6-112] BeelStarmon created 2 very formidable deck profiles for BT6 meta is currently both staying in tier-1, one is Security Control deck and another is Three Musketeers playing in purple base color. We have introduced 1 deck profile called 'Beelko-ntrol' for security control. In this post, one of our reader – Kelvin Lazam, a Digimon player from Philippines shares his Purple Beelstar deck profile, as well as his tourney experiences. 

Deck Profile: BeelStar with Gundramon.

Author: Kelvin Lazam

Since Beelstarmon's ultimate value can be attained if we have as many 7-cost option cards and/or 3 musketeers cards on your trash pile, purple is the perfect color to build around her. We have tons of effects which can feed the trash pile in a flash. 

The rookies have dual purpose which are attacking aggressively on the early stages of the game as well as filtering our deck/ trash pile whenever they get destroyed. 

[BT2-067] Impmon does a really good job on that since we get to discard 3 cards from top of our deck whenever he gets destroyed while [BT4-079] Labramon and [BT3-006] DemiMeramon lets us discard those 7-cost option cards if we manage to actually draw them. Ideally, we would prefer those option cards to be in the trash so that we can reduce Beelstarmon's cost as much as possible

We also have other discard effects like [BT6-077] Rebellimon's digivolution effect and [BT6-068] Impmon "On play" effect in which as a bonus, we can recycle Beelstarmon from trash if we don't have this cards in hand to use. 

[BT6-060] Deputymon helps to reveal 4 cards and put to hand 1 digimon with [Three Musketeers] and one 7-cost option card among them. This digimon also is used to warp digivolve into [BT6-065] Gundramon during clutch moments.

Filling up your trash pile has never been easier and thus, Beelstarmon will have her value quickly. When Mid/ late game comes, we can then just straight up remove opponents digimons or go aggressive/defensive with [ST6-16] Nail Bone to return some blocker and rookie essentially for free. Beelstarmon will terrorize the meta for a very long time unless they print a hard counter for her effect.

How I play this deck and Win in Tourney

I joined a tournament with 16 participants on Arken Hobby Shop last Saturday and won 1st place. 

Round 1: Eosmon Deck OO
My opponent got unlucky because Beelstarmon decks are the worst match-up for Eosmon archetypes. Every time he will hard play his Lv5 Eosmon, I'll just play a hard removal as well.
Playing the long game is at my advantage because on the late games, Beelstarmon will essentially cost less (even got her to cost 0) so I can do multiple plays at the same time.
Round 2: Agumon/ Greymon Aggro OXO
This was a really close match. My opponent aggro me out on the early parts of the game and I doing 1:1 removal is not ideal because he only plays Agumons and Greymons. I wont my matches because I reached mid-late game and played Beelstarmon for a very low cost which allowed me to play multiple Nail Bone hence play-free multiple blockers.
Round 3: Security Control OXO
This was the longest match I ever had, both of our decks are removal heavy and he does a lot of recoveries. I won because of free Nail Bone (thanks to Beelstarmon) and "security" Omegamon Zwart Defeat which made me swarm my opponent. I almost decked out on game 3 but gained victory before it happened.
Round 4: Yellow LordKnightmon/ Wargreymon OXO
First game was quick because I rushed my opponent with rookies while he is having troubles on fielding his own rookie. On the other games, GewaltSchwarmer option card gave me the upper hand since it wiped out my opponents field and then I played NailBone for the swarm. I also digivolved Beelstarmon to a Omegamon ZwartD to destroy my opponents TK Takeru tamer and gave my opponent just 1 memory to seal the victory.


Final thoughts:

This deck is really strong especially if you manage to reach mid to late games where Beelstarmon is just VALUE! You can either play defensively with you removals or swarm your opponent aggressively with NailBone. 
One of the probable bad match-ups against this deck would be the Gabumon Bond of Friendship because they essentially just play their digimons from the hatch area and then warp digivolve into their crazy boss digimon and then finish the game with hybrid evolution from their tamers.
Gameplay Video:
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