Will Alphamon join BT6 Meta Top Tier List


[BT6-111] Alphamon is another Secret-rare card in BT6 Double Diamond that under-used. Its popularity is totally opposite with his same-generation Beelstarmon, the purple secret-rare card that is currently hottest in the whole BT6 meta, Alphamon is still finding its way to join the tier-list.

I love Alphamon and I know many of us who watched Digimon Anime loves him too, he is so cool, so powerful and so little info of him. We was always waiting for the day his card comes, and finally he is introduced in BT6 Double Diamond set. The problem is, he is not the guy that every decks can use or seems powerful and flexible to use. 

Talking about his effect, Alphamon is a Security Digimon that will trigger something if he is opened from security stack. 

[Security] At the end of the battle, add this card to your hand. Then if you or your opponent have a digimon with [Royal Knight] or [X Antibody] in their type, up to 12 of your opponent's digimon cannot attack players for the turn.

If we are lucky enough to open this card from security stack, we need to see if either we or opponent have any [RoyalKnight] or [X-Antibody] digimon in the battle, only then opponent's digimon cannot attack player or security for the turn, so if Alphamon is opened at the last attack then the effect is useless. 

Just in case you forget, currently there is only 2 digimon with [X-Antibody] type, those are Alphamon and [BT5-111] Omega X-Antibody. For [RoyalKnight] type digimon, we have Omnimon, Dukemon, Craniamon, Ulforce, Leopardmon, Kentaurosmon, Crusadermon (Lordknightmon), Jesmon, Dynasmon, Gankoomon, Omegamon X-antibody and Alphamon. (You can search for Royal Knight digimon in our card search with keyword "royal").

The "When Attacking" effect is maybe advantage point of Alphamon, his DP can be boost-up to 16k if we decided to pay 5 cost (each cost for 1000DP). This condition let him to attack an opponent's digimon with 15k or below (equal to LV7 digimon), and after Alphamon attacking, it can gain back 2 memory for the turn. So even if we don't pay any memory to add DP for Alphamon, we still have +2 memory after it attacks. Alphamon takes only 3 cost to evolve and has 11000 DP, he is an backup power to destroy opponent's powerful digimon when the game's situation allows.

How to use Alphamon

As you can see from our BT6 tournament winning deck-list, Alphamon as a pillar, only contributes 2 decks for the list (as of today 8th Jun). (The top tier now is red Jesmon and Three Musketeers option with the control of Beelstarmon). 

By the way, Alphamon has certain advantage when working with black Digimon. In this post, Digimon Card Meta would like to share these 2 deck profiles with a brief explanation of the deck's strategy. 

Deck 1: Alphamon and Craniamon

Source: https://twitter.com/hbst_omiya/status/1401845650954719238

This deck is created by a Digimon player in Japan, named Kinako. This deck main strategy is defense with the shield of Craniamon. All LV6 Digimon are [Royal Knight] type, with 3 copies of Craniamon 3 copies of Alphamon and 2 copies of Gankoomon. For the current meta, reducing-DP effect is only way to remove Craniamon from battle, but yellow Lordkightmon now is not in the top tier list of BT6 meta, it is replaced by Security Control with Beelstar 3 Musketeers, Red Jesmon deck and blue Gabu-BOF and AncientGaruru rush. From our analysis, Craniamon actually can be something to consider in this meta. There is one option card that can reduce Craniamon DP to "0" and remove him from battle, it is [BT6-101] Wyvern's Breath (this card is widely used in BT6 meta Security Control deck).

Since Craniamon is a shield that cant be rested, the Alphamon and Gankoomon is the main pillar to attack. Evolving to Alphamon and do an attacking to an opponent's digimon in the battle is a best way to use Alphamon. We can observe to see how much DP it has to increase DP for Alphamon. 

The Gankoomon, in the other hand, has a valuable effect "when digivolving", it triggers "delete all opponent's digimon with lowest play cost", when opponent has only 1 digimon in the field, whether it is a LV3 digimon or a LV7 digimon, it is destroyed by this effect, it is good to deal with Megazoo deck.  Gankoomon is a suitable option to be evolved to Omegamon Zwart to widen the board. 

This deck use 2 LV5 digimon that I think, the best candidate for the deck defensive strategy. 

The [ST5-11] Megadramon gives the LV6 Digimon "blocker" in its inheritable effect, get protected by Craniamon shield. The new purple LV5 [BT6-077] Rebellimon, it gains blocker and "retaliation" by trashing a card when it digivolves, the effect lasts till opponent's next turn. This is a scary blocker that can at least delay the attack from opponent's for one turn. Else, in the turn it is evolved, it can be used to destroy an opponent's rested digimon if needed. 

[BT2-089] Tai Kamiya Tamer holds a very important role for this deck, the more of him in the battle, more DP added for black Digimon during opponent's turn. This is a must to protect Craniamon, as well as other black digimon, if there is 3 Tai Kamiya in the battle, the Craniamon has 15k DP in opponent's turn.

The LV3 [BT2-055] Toy Agymon, needless to say, is the most popular LV3 digimon for black. With "reboot" in his inherited effect, the digimon (Craniamon or Alphamon) with this card in its digivolution source can freely attack opponent digimon and not stay rested in opponent's turn. 

Deck 2: Using Decoy

Source: https://twitter.com/ASAKURACOMPOFF/status/1401105946785374216

"Decoy" is a new type that is introduced only for black color. There is 2 [Decoy] digimon, [BT6-059] Machmon and [BT6-064] Mamemon.

To be more clear, [Decoy] digimon is not a blocker, these digimon can sacrifice itself (to be destroyed) for your other digimon from opponent's effect (includes "retaliation"). Reducing-DP is not eligible to cover by [Decoy] FYI.

For current meta, there is many option cards are used to destroy digimon directly, these [Decoy]s are good for black Alphamon deck, another shield beside blocker(s).

This deck allocates a lot of slots for digimon, only 2 seats for option cards and there is no Tamer. Evolving and drawing card is maybe not the issue for this deck. The game may take longer time to finish because there is many blocker and [Decoy]. Alphamon is to attack opponent's digimon and Gankoomon is faster to check security because it has "SecurityAttack +1" if opponent has unsuspended digimon.


Many of us complains about how to make black becomes top tier, how Bandai mistreats black color. Playing a color that is not in top tier, but still can win tournament brings us more joy than the obvious meta deck. Haha. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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