Fun Post: A Scary Scenario

I recently saw a special combo shared on Twitter, which sets up a frightening board.

Game Scenario


This scenario was posted in Twitter by Micro71135190, and it is a frightening situation.

Game Condition

First of all, he plays 2 different colored option cards at a total of 7 cost (6+1) in one turn (though Blasted Disaster would cost much less for each of your opponent's Digimons).

The [BT6-103] Blasted Disaster will suspend all your opponent's Digimon on the field, and regains 1 memory for each suspended Digimon (so the more Digimons your opponent have in battle, the cheaper this costs). To play this card, the player will need a green tamer, a hatched green digitama (in the raising area) or a green digimon in the battle.

The other (probably optional) option card is the red [BT3-097] A Delicate Plan, which is casted on BlackWargreymon to help him survive any deletion option card during security check (option jamming). Similarly, the player will need a red tamer, red digitama, or a red digimon in the battle area.

The Build for BlackWarGreymon

[BT2-112] BlackWargreymon is a card with a very nice art and hard to use in black color. It's unique [When Attacking] effect is able to clear the opponent's board when all of your opponent's Digimon are rested. 

The combo of [BT2-055] ToyAgumon and [BT2-057] Greymon gives BlackWargreymon [Reboot] and [Jamming], while the LV5 [BT6-013] Megadramon adds +2000DP into this Digimon, pushing BlackWarGreymon's DP to 14K, enough to deal with opponent's mega level Digimon in the battle. (But if opponent has a Digimon with 15K DP in the battle, then this whole plan fails).

Now the BlackWargreymon has [Jamming] and "option jamming" and is not afraid of your opponent's security.

The [P-033] Sunarizamon gives [Piercing] to all your black Digimons with 13000DP or higher. The BlackWarGreymon with 14000DP meets the condition to achieve [Piercing].

When BlackWarGreymon declares attack, it must target the opponent's Digimon with highest DP to be active again after attacking, then it continues until opponent has no more Digimons in the battle. For every attack, it perform 1 security check due to "piercing", so the more Digimons your opponent has in battle, more security cards are removed. 

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3 thoughts on “Fun Post: A Scary Scenario”

  1. Fun,
    but I feel like the same combo (with slightly less cards) might be more convenient in green:
    rustyrannomon with Dimension scissors (and taiga on the field)

    Need to digburst Palmon promo ( probably with Lilamon to have a first target suspended, although not neccesary because of Rusttyrannomon's effect ) to give rusty jamming,
    and I guess you will need a red tamer or Digitama out to use "a delicate plan" but this requires significantly less memory and colors.
    Green digivolution sources will usually give significant power boosts to rusttyranno to help it get over 15K for Lvl7 digimons.

    1. Good Strategy. Maybe you can build that green deck and try out. Dimension Scissor is actually a very good card to use once the right condition is met. We have played green with that card before, and when this card appears, just like "wow, that is it".

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