Yellow in BT6 Meta: A winning Recipe, It starts with number "3"

There is a winning recipe for yellow in BT-06 meta that is being repeated in different countries: a yellow deck that manipulates its own security stack to bring the game to its favor.

Yellow Winning Recipe

Winner: Kenshiro (Malaysia)

Yellow has just went through the infamous tier-0.5 Lordknightmon deck during the BT-05 meta, surprisingly the BT-06 yellow rookie and champion Digimon hold an important role to change the meta for yellow color. We no longer see the repeating of [Warrior] type Digimon for Lordknightmon, instead of that, many digimon now sticks to the condition of "if your security is 3 or more/less" 

Pulsemon, the new Yellow Warrior

[BT6-033] Pulsemon, the first digimon gives "jamming" in his inherited effect, the combo of him and [BT6-037] Bulkmon secures 2 security checks "safe and sound" if opponent does not have blocker. Pulsemon also can reduce the number of its owner security stack to 3 cards to satisfy the "most wanted" operating condition for this deck. 

The [BT6-033] Pulsemon works perfectly with [BT6-034] Wizardmon inheritable effect "when a card is removed from your security stack, gain +1 memory". You can notice that this deck is going to gain more memory during its turn. This is the first time yellow color has this playing style.

The number "3" is like a holy number to gain more memory, to trigger "Recovery+1 (Deck)". Especially the promo [P-028] Pulsemon, if the security stack is 3 cards, it can trigger both its effect to "draw 1" and "gain 1 memory" when it is played.

The digitama Bibimon also gives "gain +1 memory" when the security stack is 3. Imagine when we hard-play BT6 Pulsemon paying 3 cost but gains back 2 memories which is inherited from the effect of Bibimon and Wizardmon, a very cheap trade. 

Yellow in BT6 meta does not rely on the strategy of reducing opponent's digimon DP, but to control the game with recovery and cast "Security Attack +/-". The LV5 [BT3-039] Angewomon inheritable effect can play a LV3 digimon for free when the security stack is "3 or less", the LV3 to play from this effect are Lucemon and BushiAgumon.

The Bushiagumon with "rush", can attack the opponent's player/security immediately while Lucemon does "Recovery+1". Besides BT3 Angewomon, LV6 Lordknightmon is also used with same purpose, it is to summon LV3 yellow digimon for free when Lordknightmon attacks. By the way, there is many yellow LV3 digimon(s) in this deck that is good to be hard-played, so even if Bushiagumon or Lucemon is not available in hand, we can play pulse for more draw or memory or Starmon to reduce DP of opponent's digimon.

This deck is gonna rush and has advantage over the deck that its winning condition is at late time of the game. 

With the aggressive 2 checks with "jamming" of Bulkmon, the LV6 Wargreymon that can be unsuspended also contribute 2 checks to opponent's security stack and BushiAgumon can attack immediately with "rush". If opponent is not able to draw and play blocker in early phase of the game, this deck can make its victory easily.

Digimon Card Meta Version

One of our member got inspired from this yellow deck and he made a changes to adapt his playing style. We have his deck profile and game feature (last game), check out the video to see how this yellow deck can beat the BT6 Tier-1 2 Musketeers deck.

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