BT6 Meta: One Turn Kill Defender

One-Turn Kill (OTK) or counterattack scenarios are becoming increasingly prominent in the BT-06 meta, with a variety of top-tier decks running cards that can deal large security damage within a turn. This is amplified by that fact that memory can now be accumulated (using delay option cards). 

Suddenly, the very underplayed [BT5-044] Sakuyamon may receive a little but more attention. By debuffing the security checks of your opponent's Digimons moving out from nursery, she destroys the very engine that made those decks top-tier. Coupled with strong board control (that yellow decks have an abundance of) it is possible to almost completely lock your opponent's counterattack engine. 

One-Turn Kill

In the current meta, many Digimons are able to perform big security checks the turn they move from nursery, either through stacks of <SecurityAttack+1> or rapid attacks through unsuspension. 

With one tamer (3 starting memory) and one delay option card, it is possible to ramp from a from-nursery LV4 Digimon into Jesmon by digivolving into SaviorHuckmon and playing a Sistermon Noir for that +1 memory. Jesmon can attack twice (when inheriting SaviorHuckmon) with large security checks each time thanks to red tamer Taichi and/or by inheriting the ST1 Greymon. 

A LV3 BT6 Gabumon from nursery can warp digivolve into Gabumon Bond of Friendship, easily performing 3 security checks in rapid succession (or 4 checks when digivolving along the AncientGaruru route).

Similar to Gabumon, the BT6 Agumon can also warp digivolve into Bond of Courage the turn he is moved out from nursery, dealing 2 security checks when inheriting the BT6 Agumon.

Qinglongmon can consistenly perform large number of security checks, often cleaning up the entire stack of security. Although not necessarily digivolving from the Digimon that moved from nursery, Sakuyamon can pretty much force that situation with strong board control.


Although Sakuyamon has a very passive set of effects (and we know passive effects do not usually do very well in competitive games), it is worth revisiting her due to the very harsh presence of OTK engines in BT-06 meta.

Any of your opponent's Digimons on the board (that is not in nursery) can be DP-reduction targets of your main yellow build, while Sakuyamon to be landed during the safer mid/late game to lock or limit your opponent's available play options. 

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2 thoughts on “BT6 Meta: One Turn Kill Defender”

  1. I tested her with shinegrey in this meta. Must say she work wonder against the above deck. Likely also because shinegrey can strike back the unit if they stay on the board.

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