EX-01 WarGreymon Digivolution Chain

The EX1 Classic Collection is a special set that uses many old designs of Digimon Card Game, it will be released at the end of July, around one month before the BT7 Next Adventure. Whether we like the old design or not, I think we won't be disappointed with the EX1 cards' new effects. 
In this post, I would like to discuss the new WarGreymon digivolution chain in EX01, something that brings more power for red color in the coming meta.

EX1 WarGreymon

With all leaks we have so far, all red Digimons look like they were created for WarGreymon Digivolution chain, but "of course" for the flexibility of Digimon Card Game, you can use any red digimon for the evolution phase. Here is some detailed effects of these red Digimon from LV3 Agumon to LV6 WarGreymon.

  • LV3 Agumon: Inherited Effect: [When Attacking][Once Per Turn] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add a tamer card or Digimon with [Agumon] in it’s name to your hand. Put the remaining cards to the bottom of your deck in any order.
  • LV4 Greymon: Inherited effect: [When Attacking][Once Per Turn] You may play a tamer Yagami Taichi with 3 cost or lower to play from hand without paying its cost.
  • LV5 MetalGreymon: [When Attacking] When this Digimon attacks a player, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with 4000 DP or less.
    Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] While this Digimon has [Machine] or [Dragonkin] in its type, this Digimon gains “Piercing”
  • LV6 WarGreymon: Effect1: “Advance” (this Digimon can attack when opponent has 1 memory or more)
    Effect 2: [When attacking] When this digimon attack opponent’s player and you have a tamer on play, delete one opponent’s digimon with “Blocker”.

Agumon and Greymon

The LV3 Agumon helps to search for a tamer card no matter what color or cost-to-play it is. While Agumon looks for a tamer card, the LV4 Greymon inheritable effect will let us play a Yagami Taichi tamer "with 3 costs or less to play" without paying its cost. For red color, there is (for now) 2 tamer cards for Tai Kamiya that has 3 cost or less to play.

ST1 Tai Kamiya can be beneficial for a deck using many hybrid digimon, we can use Agunimon to digivolve into this tamer to perform one security attack. The BT6 Tai Kamiya, 3 cost to play, can be drawn and played for free from EX1 Agumon-Greymon combo, giving Agumon Bond Of Courage profile another support. 

These 2 cards will serve well for the deck that needs many tamers, Yellow ShineGreymon is a deck profile that is still winning in tournaments from his debut until today. So why don't we boost up the deck's foundation with these combos?  

It is not rare to see a deck building in red-base color for yellow Shine, color can be changed from Red to Yellow using LV5 Silphymon or RizeGreymon, RizeGreymon can also help to play a red or yellow tamer for free by triggering his "Digiburst" effect. With LV4 Greymon and LV5 RizeGreymon, there will be a new Shine profile playing in red but including many yellow tamers.

We can also mix the EX1 WarGreymon into this deck, WarGreymon with "Advance", can be immediately attacking when it is digivolving to trigger all "When attacking" effects to search and summon more tamers. ShineGreymon "When digivolving" effect is best to bring out to the battle when we have many yellow tamers in the field. Hmm, I can predict the future of ShineGreymon that can be shining again.  

EX1 MetalGreymon and WarGreymon

MetalGreymon, a LV5 digimon that can be digivolving into black or red color, grants "piercing" for the Digimon that is [Machine] type or [Dragon Kin] type, and has this card in its digivolution source.

For the [DragonKin], we have Wargreymon, VictoryGreymon, BlackWarGreymon. For the [Machine] type, we have Machinedramon.

The EX1 WarGreymon, with 4 costs to digivolve and 12000DP, is not a cheap LV6 to play, but it has "Advance" with "piercing" that inherited from LV5 MetalGreymon, it is easy to execute first attack when it's digivolving and memory is at 1 or more in opponent's side. On top of that, the WarGreymon also destroys 1 opponent's blocker with his "when attacking" effect.

We may need to get 4 copies of digitama Babymon to add +2000DP for WarGreymon.


I don't know how many new tamers will be introduced in this set, or how other colors get support from this set. But I can say that Red will still remain top tier in the coming meta.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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