The Case of Lilith Loop in BT6

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Disclaimer: the current competitive standpoint, the deck is nowhere near top-tier builds like Kizuna and/or Jesmon: the deck is solid but not as quick in terms of setup.

Comeback of 5 security + some board clear leaving 1 digimon in raising and 1 lvl 4 at the opponent’s play area vs Jesmon
4 security wipe in a turn vs ulforce and the 1st Lilith -> Zwart is affected by Howling Memory Boost

A Lilith-Loop for BT-06

This is my current list: ratios and/or card choices can be tweaked, up to the player's decision. Do note that I do not play any blockers in this deck because they are useless against Kizunas, so might as well max out the Promote package!

So with this build, instead of the usual board setup and board control on the opponent, you would usually play a LV5 and a Ginkakumon Promote (with Kinkaku and Ginkaku in trash) via your Zwart effect.

[BT6-075] Ginkakumon Promote: for the [Draw 1] and +1 memory when you place a Ginkakumon and Kinkakumon into his digivolution cards from your trash. With [Haste], you will not mind him deleted in the process of security check while attacking (so he will end up in the trash again).

[BT5-079] Blackwargrowlmon: this is the usual member that helps generate a second attack but this time he can be used to digiburst off a Ginkaku, Kinkaku or Promote stack.

So, with the constant cycle of spawning Promote for free and digivolving into Lilithmon to take back Jack Raids, you should be able to draw the white option cards [BT5-109] Mega Digimon Fusion! and digivolve into Zwart for free in order to respawn Promotes to attack security.

Use [BT3-090] Mastemon to finish the game by trashing security and spawning a Promote as well.

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      1. Hello, the US does not have access to the decks due to shipping delays so our meta is slightly different for 2 weeks.

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