1st Place Premier TO Event – Tournament Report (Europe)

Invited Author: Symphonus (Twitter)
Country: Germany

Event Premier TO Event –  JUNE BT4 26/6/21
Participants: 135
Deck played: 2 Colors Security Control
Final position:  1st Place
Overall result:  7-0

R1 Wargreymon Shine Splash 2:1
R2 Pure Wargreymon 2:0
R3 Wargreymon Shine Splash 2:0
R4 Red Omni 2:1
R5 Pure Wargreymon 2:0
R6 Megazoo 2:1
R7 Imperial Blue with Hybrid Splash 2:1

General Thoughts

Going into this Tournament I wasn't aware that Security Control would be so favored against the Pure WarGreymon variant of yellow and just picked the deck because I was comfortable playing it.

With some advice and adjustments from a fellow player, I just played along just hoping to go x-1 x-2 max not expecting me to actually go undefeatedIy

Tournament breakdown

Round 1: I got paired against a fellow German player who I was (coincidentally) also paired in R1 in our national tournament, playing the same deck and lost to him there.

He played Wargreymon and added a bit of the Shinegreymon meaning a bunch of tamers and the probably most important piece, the yellow Rizegreymon which gives the lvl 6 "SecurityAttack+1" when you have 3 tamers.
The idea is kinda scary, since when Wargreymon is left unchecked he just swings for 4 securities.

Luckily for me, It died on the 1st swing every time so I didn't get pressured as much and I could just play my game. It was still a close game!

Round 2: The next round my opponent also was a fellow German player who got 2nd in our national tournament. He bricked both games horribly and with the natural unfavored matchup, these games weren't interesting to tell about unfortunately.

Round 3: My 1st non German opponent also ran a similar idea to my 1st opponent but he didn't have the yellow Rizegreymon, which would be a keycard against me to have enough pressure. So I was able to play it slowly and win solidly in the first 2 games.

Round 4: As soon as I saw my opponent hatch a red egg and digivolving it, I thought it was an easy win, since I don't have a high opinion of Red Omni. But his deck was weird enough teched against my deck with BT01 WarGreymon that doesn't activate options from security and BT01 Secret-Rare MetalGreymons Inheritable effect would buffs Wargreymon by 3000 DP so it is not easy to destroy him. So the match actually became very interesting, each player won a game, but game 3 was decided by him not drawing digivolution lines early (hand brick) on so I could play my game with an easy win.

Round 5: Felt terrible being matched against 2 german players but then I got matchup against a good friend of mine who was also 4:0. he already lost hope early on since he knew it was a bad matchup for him, but not drawing stuff he needed was the finishing blow. Won both games with no actual fight.

Round 6: At this point there were 4 undefeated player including me (2 other german players and another guy)

I knew one of them, he played Imperialdramon Blue which I wanted to avoid. Luckily I was paired against the non German player and I didn't know what he played.

As we started playing, I quickly realized he played MegaZoo and Security Control in BT4 actually is a good matchup compared to 1.5 Meta. But it was still grindy and 1 in 2 games was on the edge of decking out while One is decked out game actually. I won the last game with TK Takaishi tamer in security revealing a non yellow card which didn't let him recover so I could swing for the game twice in a row.  

Final Round: Since I played against the non German player, it means the other German player played against each other and of course I hope that Imperialdramon Deck loses (lol). He won so with no more chances to dodge, I had to play against it and was prepared to lose this last round.

In this matchup I was hoping that my security is good or else Imperialdramon will just go on a rampage and chip my security away. Luck was on my side when stuff happened which was in my favor multiple times and him not having proper evolution lines all 3 games led me BARELY win this matchup and finish this tournament with a 7:0 record winning the special invite ticket for a future Bandai Event. 

Closing thoughts

In hindsight, I think I just made the right deck choice which being favored against the bunch of yellow decks excluding Wargreymon Shine Mix, also not making a lot of misplays (I definitely did some at some points) so my opponents cannot punish me as hard, led me to a undefeated score, which I didn't expected in the beginning. 

 Special shout outs to Kevin Besta AKA KVN who gave me advice and revealed 90% of his list to me so I could "netdeck" it. (Kevin Besta also won 1st place in American Top Cut Event).

Looking forward to the next Bandai Event and hope to be a force there as well!

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3 thoughts on “1st Place Premier TO Event – Tournament Report (Europe)”

  1. Heey! Congrats, man.
    Security control and RR are such a pain to deal with ? Especially as a Shine/Wargrey player. Heading into my next tournament soon, and I'm wondering if you have any tips against these decks, especially the one you're playing. Do I just tech the BT-04 Tai's in so I won't die to security as easily? Or do I just keep my stuff in hatching till I can pop off? Thanks!

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