A Fun Post: Please ban Lilith-Loop

Yesterday I had a casual match with my friend, I played Red Gallantmon Deck and he played Lilith-loop BT6 version. Lilith-loop in BT6 can finish the game in one turn with Ginkakumon Promote and BT5 Lilith-loop can widen the board up-to 5 or more Digimon, besides while they are processing this loop, they will also easily clear your board. To be honest, this is the first time I experienced this feeling, I got traumatized with this deck and I told my friend "If you still want to be my friend, don't ever play Lilith-loop in a casual game with me". Haha, Just kidding. 

Here is my deck's main pillar:

 At the first game I made a mistake when I digivolved a LV5 Digimon into LV6 Megidramon, triggering both players to trash 5 cards. Since I accidentally thicken the trash for him, he can proceed to loop in his next turn, how sad is that. 

Do you know the pain when you play against Shoutmon-DX deck? Shoutmon-DX is the OTK type that destroys you so fast that you don't feel anything. But with the Lilith-loop, you will just "mentally" die slowly, seeing your opponent doing thousands of things on the board, his Digimon keeps increasing, your Digimon keep going to trash, after like 30 minutes when he finished looping, you lost the game. 

Counter Lilith-Loop

 Lilith-loop is not popular in BT6 since we have OTK red Jesmon and Gabumon-BOF, too fast for Lilith-loop to get time to build up its trash, but it is a serious thing in BT5 meta. 

Lilith-loop is easy to deck-out when they process the loop because trashing is triggered by Omegamon Zwart. In one turn, they will at-least digivolve upto 2 OmegamonZwart and keep drawing because there is many digivolving in between. If they get deck-out in the next turn or next next turn, they will lose the game, that is why they will ensure to control the memory and put Gazimon out with many blockers, they don't let you gain memory from Delay Option card or other free memory option card. 

Once you see your opponent plays Lilith-loop, the best way is to end the game fast before they build up the trash, that is what I did in the second game and I managed to win this game. But I lost the 3rd game, so overall I lost.  
After your opponent is able to process the Lilith-loop, there is a very very rare chance that you can win back the game. The "When attacking" effect of Omegamon Zwart can just destroy 1 digimon with 12 play cost or less, so if your LV6's play cost is higher than 12, your Digimon is safe. In order to survive from this situation, we think "All Delete" is the only candidate to lengthen the game to make your opponent's deck-out in the next turn.   

Even though it is not easy to achieve all the conditions to use "All Delete", it is not impossible.

We need to return 1 Omegamon to hand in order to play the "All Delete" option card, and since you may not have enough memory, then you need to use "Mega Digimon Fusion" to reduce the cost of digivolving from your LV6 digimon to LV7 digimon, hence you also need a white option card in the board. The All Delete card can wipe out all Digimon and Tamers, leaving the delay option card and Digimon in the raising area. If your opponent has 2 cards in his deck, assuming he returned 2 Omegamon Zwart at the end of the loop procedure and no Digimon in the raising area, he will surely lose in the next turn. He cannot evolve his egg because he has to draw, but if he does not digivolve, he dont have Digimon to attack you to end the game.

The second method happens to be in Green color.

We can use the 6 cost option card to rest all opponent's Digimon and gain back memory for each Digimon it is rested (again, Gazimon is the real trouble here). If you still have at least 11 memories, you can play Puppetmon to make them not wake-up in their next turn.  During your next turn, you can use the Dimension Scissor to destroy all your opponent Digimon.

For this method, you may need to figure out how to deal with the annoying Gazimon that controls you from earning memory from "other than" Tamer.

Put the comment if you have other strategy to deal with Lilith (when they completed looping), and you agree with us that it is should be banned?

By the way, this is just a fun post, this is not to trigger prejudice or argument over the Lilith-loop deck. Everyone has different ways to enjoy the game.

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