The Winning Recipe for Agumon Bond Of Courage

Recently we see more Agumon-Bond Of Courage Rookie Rush decks in the winning list, the recipe for these decks are almost the same. Agumon BOF profile may not be able to stay at Tier-1 list, but it deserves to be in Tier 1.5 or Tier-2, it is also very easy to play. The problem with this deck is there are some promo cards that are not easy to find in the market, the price is not cheap as well. 

Digimon Card Meta would like to introduce this deck profile with a very detailed deck strategy. To see more winning recipes, you can go to our BT6 deck-list and search "ABOC", all of them will be shown.

The Deck Owner is Ryoga-san, from Japan. This deck has the core strategy that helps it win in tournaments. The 2 promo cards that are quite expensive and not easy to find are Agumon and Greymon promo. For the Japanese card market, these 2 promo were distributed with Saikyo Jump magazine in May 2020, only in Japan. For other countries that use Japanese cards, we have to buy from Japan at a not very cheap price for just a promo card. In our price-guide, these promo prices have increased recently from BT5 meta due to the high demand for Nokia Agumon deck and now Agumon Rookie Rush deck.

The price shows from left -> right, Feb to 2 Jul 2021

Deck Strategy

Early Game Stage: Rookie-Rush attacks opponent's Security
The won't use the Agumon-BOC for early game stage simply because it is a wrong strategy. Early game is for searching and playing tamer, digivolving for more draw, and rushing to attack opponent's security with LV4 Greymon. 

 The combo of [P-009] Agumon (or ST7 Agumon) and [P-010] Greymon can give this Greymon "SecurityAttack+1" with 7000DP, and depends on what digitama it has, it can trigger "Draw 1" if it is Koromon or +1000DP if it is DemiMeramon. Believe it or not, sometimes these attacks can go through and survive after 2 checks if the opponent's security is just bad.
The second combo is from any Agumon with [BT5-010] Greymon, this Greymon is chosen because it takes only 1 cost to digivolve into it. One attack to the opponent's security with 5000 DP or more, and it is okay to be destroyed because this is Rookie Rush deck.  

This deck can use 2 or more Marcus Daimon to reset memory at the beginning of the turn and earn back memory when Greymon attacks. 
The LV4 GeoGreymon is a security Digimon, if it is opened from security then we can play it for free after battling. Else, it can use to digivolve from a LV3 or hard-play to destroy one opponent's digimon with 4000 DP or less if needed (only when opponent is going to win in next turn and you have to reduce 1 of their Digimon, else we should not hard-play it). The GeoGreymon attack can trigger Marcus Daimon's effect to gain 1 memory.      

The [BT1-010] Agumon is normally hard-played to search for Tamer in the early game if you cannot draw a BT6 Tai Kamiya, Tai Kamiya tamer is the "must" condition to warp evolution from a LV3 Agumon to LV4 Agumon Bond Of Courage. This deck has 2 options to end the game depending on how many securities the opponent has. 

 In the late game, when the opponent has 1 or 2 cards in their security stack, this is time to end the game. 

In your turn, when we have enough memory (from both Marcus Daimon and Tai Kamiya tamer), we can proceed to digivolve your LV3 Agumon that is just moved out from nursery to the LV7 Agumon Bond of Courage by paying 3 cost. When this digimon attacks, the "when attacking" effect is triggered to destroy one  opponent's Digimon with 13000DP or less, it is easy to delete an opponent's blocker with this. And then we can trigger the second effect of Agumon Bond of courage immediately, that is : trash top 1 card of the opponent's security stack.  

So if the opponent has 1 security card before we warp-evolution Agumon-BOC, then Agumon-BOC's attack can end the game. But if the opponent has 2 security cards then we need another check to end the game. In this case, Agunimon comes to use, digivolve into Tai Kamiya or Marcus Daimon to perform the final check.  

Defense Strategy

 Even though this deck plays the same style with Rookie Rush, it takes a longer time to achieve the plan because there are some constraints applied for Agumon BOC. And to avoid the opponent clearing our security stack before we did, 2 or 3 copies of Magnadramon are included in the deck. It is quite useful to lengthen the game to give Agumon BOC a chance to appear. 

This deck uses 4 copies of Gaia Force to deal with any type of Digimon and 4 copies of Atomic Blaster to destroy multiple Digimon if the opponent plays some rookie-rush.

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