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Invited Article | Author: Effendy (Indonesia)
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BT6 Double Diamond has brought us some new yellow Digimon cards, such as [BT6-034] Wizardmon, [BT6-044] Dynasmon and [BT6-033] Pulsemon which will mainly support the security discard deck's strategy. This scheme will work well with the BT4 Wargreymon and  BT3 Mastemon. 

I would like to introduce one of my new yellow decks that uses 3 main LV6 pillars: WarGreymon, Mastemon and Dynasmon. This deck provides a new way of manipulating my own security stack to achieve victory.

Regarding the deck's distribution, this deck runs 14x Lv3 Digimon cards, 10x Lv4 Digimons, 9x  Lv5 Digimons and 8x Lv6s without any Lv7 Digimons. 2 copies of the new tamer Takeru & Hikari and 2 copies of BT1 T.K Takeru are also included, with another 5 slots for option cards.

The foremost strategy for the deck is to make my security stack drop to 3, many cards are used to either take benefit from it or to support this plan. Wizardmon gives memory+1 when a card is removed from security stack, Dynasmon give recovery+1 when the security is discarded in both player's turn (and if my security card is less than 4), and Pulsemon will grant "Jamming" when the security is exactly 3 cards. This is where effects of cards like BT4 Wargreymon and BT3 Mastemon can show their true potential.

Besides those two cards, there are also other cards that can synergize with Wizardmon's and Dynasmon's effect, such as Blinding Light which give memory+2 by discarding one security card, and BT1 Takaishi Takeru tamer that searches 1 card from security stack and gains Recovery+1 if a yellow card is taken. I’ll explain why these two cards is so awesome with Wizardmon and Dynasmon.

When we use Blinding Light to discard 1 security card to gain 2 memories, each Wizardmon in the battle will gain 1 memory for the turn, and Dynasmon's effect can be triggered when our security drops to 3 or lower. 

Similarly with T.K Takeru's [On Play] effect, the reason why Takaishi Takeru synergizes with Wizardmon is because the play cost of Takeru can be reduced when we gain back memory from Wizardmon. Even though we will trigger the recovery+1 from T.K Takeru 's effect when we take 1 yellow card from security, Wizardmon will still trigger his memory+1 effect. This same concept applies to Dynasmon (as long as the security card now is 3 or lower), allowing his effect to recover an additional card on top of TK's, a 1 loss 2 gain. 
And another good use of this combo is when Takeru's effect is used to take a color besides yellow (Mastemon),  Dynasmon effect can be used to cover that loss. It’s really a great synergy!! XD

Beside cards I've explained above, I’d like to introduce other cards that are also key for the deck:

    1. BT3 Angewomon: this card not only give some swarming power for aggro, but also prevents 1 of your opponent's Digimon (especially multi-attacks) from checking my security.
    2. Bushi Agumon: this card is a fast aggro attacker and a surprise finisher, can be summoned for free with the help of BT3 Angewomon's inheritable effect.
    3. Promo Pulsemon: this is an excellent LV3 that can provide both draw power and memory when the security is exactly 3 cards!
    4. Promo Tailmon from the anniversary pack: this card is used for [Recovery+1] and also as a Blocker when summoned by Mastemon.
    5. Mimicmon is also a candidate to be summoned from Mastemon's [When Digivolving] effect to regain 2 memories. This is also probably the cheapest yellow Lv4 currently because it will only cost 2 when played.
    6. ST3 Angewomon is used for [Recovery+1] and best supports Mimicmon. By playing the LV4 with only 2 cost, we can digivolve into ST3 Angewomon to trigger the recovery.
    7. Lastly, Digitama cards such as BT3 Upamon, BT4 Koromon and BT6 Bibimon: these cards play a supporting role and the reason I chose these 3 being that my playstyle will always maintain a security size of 3 or lower.

The weaknesses of this deck can be apparent if paired against with a deck focusing on large or fast security attacks (OTK) such as Red Jesmon, Red Agumon BOC, or Blue Gabumon BOF. Often I find that Dynasmon cannot recover security faster than it hits so our hope is perhaps for the opponent to have a less than ideal hand! lolx.  

Utilizing The Deck

The plan is to bring out Dynasmon as soon as possible because he will be the shield in the early game phase while we prepare troops for attacking. After that, we can start focusing on building a digivolution chain for Wargreymon with BT3 Angewomon in its digivolution cards, so that every time Wargreymon attacks we can play a LV3 for free (Bushi Agumon), then Mastemon will come in as a finisher for game.

The dream digivolution chain for Wargreymon starts with lv2 Bibimon, lv3 BT6 Pulsemon, lv4 BT6 Wizardmon, and lv5 BT3 Angewomon. We can make various combos when security card is exactly 3, Bibimon will give memory+1, Pulsemon will give jamming, Wizardmon will give memory+1 while Wargreymon activates the effect by removing security then Angewomon will be able to summon level 3 digimon for free twice, the LV3 to be played from BT3 Angewomon's effect would be 2 BushiAgumon (extra 2 attacks) or 2 Pulsemon promo (extra memory+2 and/or extra draw+2). 

This digivolution line can also be used with BT3 Mastemon, imagine Mastemon [when Digivolving] effect will discard both players 1 security card then summon either BushiAgumon if we want to finish the game, or Mimicmon to gain memory and digivolving to ST3 Angewomon for Recovery, or promo Tailmon for recover and blocker. BT3 Angewomon's inheritable effect will also summon another Bushi Agumon or Pulsemon promo again resulting the same outcome.

In conclusion I can say this deck is kinda interesting to play with and it has potential to be able to compete with BT6 meta like Agumon BOC, Gabumon BOF or Jesmon as long as the preparation can be completed early.

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