English Format – Cerberus Memory Spam


​Today we would like to introduce a good build for English format, which won 1st place in a tournament in New Zealand. This deck was originally created by a Japanese player, now it is optimized by Tim Mead to suit his preferences. Tim also told us about this deck strategy and match-up result. ​

Invited Author: Tim Mead
Country: New Zealand

Manipulating Memory

So this deck focuses on you know it, memory growth and big brain combos. Your opponent will keep wondering what you’re doing, as you’re doing something different each time. 

Originally this deck contained 2 copies of Aqua Viper, but I took it out and replaced them with more defensive recovery Lucemon and Magnadramon.

Core Combo

DemiVeemon digitama and Veemon are used purely for draw power, rush attack with "jamming" and access to blue option anytime.

[BT3-091] Lilithmon is the key card for the memory abuse: play a Jack Raid with no trash and still gain 2 memories, play a Hammer Spark and gain 3 memories, easily get you to 4 memory.

[BT3-084] Raremon, the monster you love to see in early game to search and trash cards, then digivolve into LadyDevimon, another card for draw and trash power. With Raremon you can search for option cards such as Hell Gate or Necrophobia to get ready for Plutomon, while LadyDevimon is the best support for the deck, trash needs to be full to start recycling.

The combo Cerberus & Werewolf mode, the star Ultimate of the deck. The Cerberusmon obviously gives a very good draw power, and with the interference of Kaisher Nail, this combo becomes a threat for memory abuse and rushing. 

Combo with Mastemon

Mastermon  also holds a very important role for this deck. While Lilithmon appears to regain more memory, then Mastemon is used for the security pressure and to summon back Lucemon, Labramon or Raremon.

Lucemon, the card that can be summoned for free from Mastemon effect and give "Recovery+1" or it can be hard-play for 5-cost since this deck focuses on having a lot of cards in trash. Lv3 Labramon is not included in original build, I put it in for draw/trash and memory choking ability, also good to hard play in early game.


 Plutomon, the star Mega of the deck, he activates Necrophobia for free or Hell’s Gate if you’re opponent has a scary board presence. The Necrophobia summons a Lv5 from trash for free, then we can digivolve this Digimon into Lilithmon to regain more memory or Mastermon to widen the board. 

I first tested this deck, prior to entering tournaments with it. As you will need to learn the rhythm of the deck quite well. Get that down, and you’ll definitely enjoy this rarely seen deck.


First match was against a MetalGarurumon Purple Deck. Game 1 he almost had me with a Millenniummon & Devimon blocker, he was at 0 Security. I hard play Magnadramon and gain 2 Security. He tries to draw into more blockers. I raise my Veemon out next turn and attach twice. Game 2 went more smoothly for me, as I combo’d out my Ultimate combo quickly, he never had time for his Nail Bone plays.
Second match was against Green Imperial. Both duels he was Jamming with Paildramon and I was firing back with my Megas. He did do a really good play one time with Paildramon / Imperialdramon Dragon Mode Piercing / Unsuspending & Chaosmon, but sadly it was too late. I had a lethal next turn.
Third match was against Blastmon Black, it was scarier than it sounds. Game 1 he kept having blockers. But since I had high attackers, if he wanted to block, I’d keep a monster and he wouldn’t. The 2 Cost option card Final Zubagon Punch giving him reboot, security +1 & blocker would be played defensively, so I just wouldn’t attack. Both duels I pulled off the Kaiser Nail memory profit Cerberusmon combo. He kept summoning megas and I kept Hells Gate’ing with Lilithmons recycle effect + Plutomon playing it for +2 memory.
This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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