2nd Place Top Cut Event – The Evolution Cup – Tourney Report (North America)


Invited Author: David Zhang (North American)
YouTube Channel: Dablo TCG

The Evolution Cup: Top Cut Event (North America)-  7/10/2021
Participants: 256
Deck played: Yellow Wargreymon
Final position:  2nd Place
Overall result:  6-0-1

Deck Introduction

The deck itself is generally a pretty standard Yellow Wargreymon list, however there are a couple cards that I would like to point out and highlight that may be a bit less conventional.

3x Patamon Promo 
I played this card over recovery Salamon because it gives instant recovery, instead of needing to attack and delete itself for the heal. Patamon's effect is very restrictive (only recover on 0 or 1 securty) but you can always find scenarios to make it live.
When you swing with WarGreymon with BT3 Angewomon inherit at 2 security, you can resolve Wargrey first, take a security to restand, and then resolve Angewomon to play Patamon and heal one. 
Green OTK will get you down to very low security, usually 0, but can't kill you until the next turn. On your turn you can resolve two Patamons and go back up to 2 security. 
Worse case scenario, it is still a Rookie that you can digivolve over an egg for free (unlike Lucemon) which is why there is a higher ratio of Patamons to Lucemons in my list. 

2x EDEN's Javelin 
In general, Yellow's security is very weak and adding EDEN's aims to help that issue.
Without EDEN's, you have 0 cards that can defend from a jamming attack, so things like GranKuwagamon (after bursting promo Palmon), Beowolfmon, Imperialdramon, Veemon, etc. can attack with no reservations at all. 
Late game this card is very strong after you have built up a big hand through Upamon effects and simply drawing and digivolving. It is not uncommon to get 11k EDEN's to kill off common boss monsters like WarGreymon, GranKuwagamon, or Lilithmon. 

3-2-2 Level 6 line 
I wanted more level 6s that I can play with initiative, so I cut WarGreymon down to 3, and added 4 other level 6s that I have no problem with playing first. This BT4 format is a game of hiding in security until you can punish your opponent, however, with 2 SlashAngemon and 2 Magnadramon, you have cards you can play and gain instant value, so it is less consequential when they are dealt with. 
After your opponent uses their resources to clear your Slash or Magnadramon, you can then play your WarGreymons and Valdur Arms to punish their play and maintain the upper hand.

Tournament breakdown

Round 1: Yellow Wargreymon, TIE

Game 1 he had a T.K. while I didn't and I got outpaced since my opponent was smart and kept me at 1 memory every time he passed over. 
Game 2 I won since it seemed like my opponent didn't have a strong hand. I believe he missed a level 5 drop which allowed me to run away with the game. 
Game 3 It was a back and forth game, and we went into time, which eventually ended with the judge stepping in and telling us time was over and ending the match in a tie. 

Round 2: Blue Yellow Security Control, WIN (2-0)

My strategy against Security decks is to keep a stack in raising while hard calling level 5s and 6s. It lets me feel out how strong their removal options are, and gauge a good timing for when I can bring out my hatching stack to make a big play. 
Generally I was able to remove the Digimon he played and prevent him from ever making a Kaiser Nail play (which is really the one strong play of Blue / Yellow Sec Control) so I was able to win pretty handily. 

Round 3: Purple Lilithmon ControlWIN (2-0) 
My opponent bricked two games in a row, and was never really able to get things going. I remember him needing to swing with a blocker Devimon in order to just get the Gabumon / DemiMera inherit effects to cycle. 

Round 4: Yellow Wargreymon, WIN (2-0) 
Game 1 My opponent and I both had pretty strong hands, and it was a back and forth game of clearing each other's boards. I ended up winning with eventually having a BushiAgumon play that my opponent couldn't play around. 
Game 2 I don't remember too many details from this, but I think I generally had a stronger hand and kept the upperhand. 

Round 5: Green OTK, WIN (2-1) 
My opponent was running an interesting green list with Stingmon and DinoBeemons. This was cool since he was able to use his GranKuwaga effect on the DinoBeemon to get +2 security with jamming and piercing.
Game 1 I lost very quickly since my opponent had an ideal hand, while I wasn't able to draw any level 5s. GranKuwaga into Chaosmon came up swinging for a lot.
Game 2 I came back with a win, generally able to find answers for his cards and I think he missed the level 5 drop while I didnt. Didn't seem like he was able to get anything going this game. 
Game 3 This was one of the most nerve-wracking games I had ever played. We both had decent hands, and it essentially came down to 1 memory for my opponent to take the game. I had just gone wide and had set up lethal for the next turn, passing over with 5 since I needed to play a Valdur Arm to clear some board so I wouldn't die. I had 3 security left, and my opponent had 2 rookies on the board. He brought out a level 4 from hatching, tapped a rookie to digivolve into Blossomon for free, digivolve to GranKuwaga for 3, digiburst twice to get sec +2. At this point, he had 2 memory, play Hidden Potential, digivolve into Chaos, and a 2 cost vanilla Rookie in hand. If he had 1 more memory to play the 2 cost rookie in order to have an extra body to tap for Hidden Potential, he would have been able to win with a Chaosmon piercing swing for 3 over my blocker, and then attack with the remaining rookie for game. Unfortunately he ended up needing to tap his other rookie for HPD and wasn't quite able to close out the game. I took it the next turn, but boy was it a close and fun match! GGs!

Round 6: Yellow Wargreymon, WIN (2-0) 
I don't remember a ton of details, but I remember Magnadramon putting in work both games, as an option to go wide early and as a hard call for the healing to keep me in the game. 

Round 7Red Yellow Security Control, WIN (2-0) 
This was against KVN, who had won the previous Top Cut tournament on 6/26. I got pretty lucky in this game as it felt like he had weaker hands both games. 
Game 1, I kept hard calling level 5s until eventually he was unable to clear effectively and I ran away with the game. 
Game 2, I had a great hand and was able to set up 2 WarGreymon stacks that were swinging without getting removed. He also had only Digimon in security.

Closing thoughts

Overall, I felt that I was running really hot in terms of the hands I was getting. I only bricked one or two times, and when I did, my opponent also didn't have the optimal punish. 
Shoutout to my playtesting partners, Center Stage Games, Bay Area Digi-Destined, and the players over at ZJays for giving me insight into the yellow deck & matchups.
All of my opponents were cool people that brought great vibes, shoutout to everyone for being great sports! 

And I also talked about this deck in my latest YouTube video, do check out for more detail. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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