North America – The Evo Cup 17 Jul – 3rd Place Tourney Report


Invited Author: Sebastian A Martinez 
Country: United States

The Evolution Cup: Top Cut Event (North America)-  7/17/2021
Participants: 256
Deck played: Green Control
Final position:  3rd Place

Deck Introduction

The deck itself is a mesh between OTK and HerculesKabuterimon control. I tried to create a deck that had the best of both worlds. I know there are some weird choices that I made in order to create it, but I’ll point out my card decisions that help create this deck.


Honestly, I have never been a fan of this card because it's costly to go up the chain in order to OTK with Grankuwaga. I prefer Cherrymon as it’s a two cost to digivolve and it’s a blocker; however, in control Lilamon is needed to rest a card or when a mega swings in order to rest a card which actually made me win a game. Also, it has synergy with a tech I implemented which I will discuss.

Dimension Scissor

My logic was this card is amazing with a mega that has Lilamon under it and a green tamer as I can clear the whole field and do damage if I have HerculesKabuterimon. The way that yellow can recover and swarm the field is so scary, many players also try to play around the Nidhogg and have Digimon with 6k DP unrested or only have 1 Digimon rested to bait out the Nidhogg. Another good aspect of this card is it can force the final damage after you OTK if they set up multiple blockers. This card allowed me to win 2 games that otherwise would not have happened. The card was decent but needing a tamer plus a mega in raising and to see the Lilamon are hefty requirements as opponents tend to choke you if you have no tamer. Still debating if it needs to be reduced.

Ken Ichijouji Tamer

In theory this card is amazing with HerculesKabuteri or gaining the additional memory in order to evolve to HerculesKabuteri while it's still being your turn but this card under performed for me, it will be replaced by Mimi tamer.

Hidden Potential Discovered (HPD) and lv5 Argomon is missing

As amazing as HPD is, I felt this card wasn’t needed in my build. Especially with the additional extra cards that I am running. Usually for Grankuwaga you keep it in raising where HPD isn’t needed and while having a Nidhogg come out for free is amazing. I sometimes have a download target so it's already rested before going into Nidhogg, giving my opponent 3 – 4 memories is a fair trade for clearing their field. It is great in a HerculesKabuteri build but I’m only running 2 of them plus I hate bricking with it. Debating if I should cut one Dimension Scissor for HPD. Argomon and Dimesion Scissor is a dream come true but Argomon low DP is what I dislike about the card and a reduction in my Tentomon count made me decide not to run it.

Tournament breakdown

Round 1: Purple MetalGaruru, 2-0

Game 1: I digivolved twice and I had the perfect line and proceeded to OTK.

Game 2: I drew 5 cards and had perfect line to OTK. I felt bad since the games ended quickly as I usually don’t get this good of a hand.

Round 2: No Show

Opponent had an emergency so he couldn’t play

Round 3: Green Mirror Match, 2-0

Game 1: I don’t remember much, but I think I double Nidhogged to get massive advantage, not sure as I played multiple green mirrors back-to-back.

Game 2: I was focusing on building a line since I had HerculesKabeteri, Dimension Scissor and a tamer in play while the opponent was building up defenses. He rested one of my Digimon with Lilamon and swung. His board state before my turn was a rested Lilamon, Woodmon blocker , Kabutarimon blocker and a Veggiemon. I brought out Hercules and played Dimension Scissor, Swing to Lilamon and he blocked while I pierced then unsuspend and swung at Lilamon and he didn't block which did another damage. I rested his blocker with Hercules effect and swung to do another damage then I swung at the player to do another damage then I evolved into Chaosmon to kill veggie for the  5th damage and unsuspend Chaosmon again and end the turn. He scooped since he had to build a line and I had a line in the back thanks to Mimi when I brought out Hercules, so he must have 2 blockers to live.

Round 4: Green Mirror, 2-1

Game 1: bricked so I auto lost

Game 2: combination of Grankuwaga and HerculesKabuteri got me a game.

Game 3: so, I OTK to take his security to 0 and he had 4 Digimon out. I decided to build a line to Lilamon as he could easily Chaos me and if he had HDP then I just auto lose. I had a tamer in play so I knew I would win if I didn’t die next turn. I passed my turn, at most he could do 5 damage if he swung with everything, but he would open himself up to a Nidhog play and just lose or Lilamon can rest one blocker so he can only do 4 damage at max. So he used the Grankuwagamon effect as he only had 2 materials for it and swung bringing me to 3 securities but then he evolved into a Cherrymon and passed. I won because I burst to rest the blocker, evolved into Grankuwagamon and swung in order to rest the other blocker thanks to the Lilamon effect.

Round 5: Green Mirror, 2-0

Game 1: he bricked badly but played the best that he could with the cards he had.

Game 2: It was a close game but towards the end I had Chaosmon and Veggiemon to attack his two security. I swung with Chaosmon and it was a Lalamon and now I regret not swinging with Veggie first but when I swung with Veggie it survived = ). Played another lvl 3 and had 3 digimon to his 1 HerculesKabuteri and he couldn’t clear the rest of the board.

Round 6: Yellow Shine, 0-2

Game 1: So, turn 1 I see yellow Digimon, and I start building my line but he plays a yellow tamer early. I keep building my line and he brings out Rizegreymon to digiburst a tamer and plays another tamer and when I learned I was playing the ShineGreymon version mixed with yellow Greymon. He used his ShineGreymon to attack my first digimon and then when I built my line again he did ValdurArm so I have to evolve in Chaosmon in order to kill it but since he has multiple Hikari tamer on board so he had too much memory to deal with. It's kind of my fault that I got a bit aggressive early on as it was just a snowball effect.

Game 2: bricked and opponent saw everything. drawing 4-5 lvl 5s is bad 0_0

Round 7Security Control, 2-1 

Game 1: We were both mentally drained at this point as we were both feeling down. Opponent kind of semi bricked as he didn’t see any lvl 3. At the end he played Magnadramon to recover 2 security and bring him to 5 life. I bring out Granku and I rest his Mangadramon with HerculesKabuteri effect giving it "jamming" since it had a Palmon promo. Then I used Granku's effect to give HerculesKabuteri security attack plus 2, then I played Dimension Scissor, swung and did 3 damage and unsuspend, swung again to do another 3 damage then ended game with Grankuwagamon. I was happy I didn’t hit any Gaia Force as I have had bad luck against this type of deck before.

Game 2: He was gaining massive advantage and I was running low on cards along with looking at what I had played, and I didn’t want the game to last any longer. I scooped to go to game 3 and told him to go first as I need my additional card.

Game 3: He had to do a big play and gave me a lot of memory, so I swarmed the board and evolved everyone to champion while killing his board. He played something else, and I had like 5 Digimon on board and just swung with everything, no Gaia Force either so I was happy.

Closing thoughts

I felt like I was fortunate to see the cards when I needed them the most. For example, how I had the one Mimi when I needed it (happened like 4 games) or the one Needle Spray in order to rest the Digimon or going for a HerculesKabuterimon play. I felt that I only bricked twice this whole tourney and I’m glad that my first webcam tourney, I played well.

Shout out to my local’s house rules gaming and campus gaming for having strong local players to play against. We even had two people from our locals make the top 32.

Every opponent was awesome to play and removed my doubts I had for webcam tournaments. 

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