EX1 New Deck: A Monkey Zoo

  Today I would like to share one of my new decks using all monkey-chan from BT3 and EX1 set. Surprisingly this deck runs quite well, very fun, and easy to play.

I can say this deck is a megazoo deck since I will always hard-play the LV5 [BT3-070] Etemon, also many option cards are included.

The MVP BT3 LV5 Etemon, a blocker with 7 costs to play, is hard-played to block the opponent next turn to get destroyed. As we know if this Digimon gets destroyed, we can reveal top 5 cards and play a LV6 Digimon with "Etemon" in its name without paying its cost. This deck has 8 LV6 Digimon, 4 copies of [BT3-074] MetalEtemon  and 4 copies of [EX1-053] MetalEtemon that can be free-played if they are revealed. 

The [EX1-053] MetalEtemon card effect:
[Opponent's turn]: For each Digimon card with "Etemon" in its name in your trash, this Digimon gets +1000DP
[On Deletion]: "De-digivolve 1" 1 of your opponent's Digimon

* The official bandai website translated wrongly for this card first effect, it is written [Your Turn] in English translation but the Japanese words is [Opponent's Turn].

Normally I will immediately digivolve this LV6 MetalEtemon into OmnimonZwart for 6 costs to retrieve the LV5 blocker Etemon that just got destroyed (if I have Zwart in hands).  The LV7 Omnimon Zwart is the best choice (in my opinion) as LV7 Digimon for this deck. It can widen the board, and take back 1 or 2 LV5 Etemon blocker to play for free.   

Zwart can deal damage to opponent's unsuspended Digimon when it's attacking by returning the LV6 to hands. Besides, if the opponent attacks Zwart, we can use LV5 Etemon to block and summon LV6 MetalEtemon again. When I play this deck, it is so easy to widen the board even if I am only able to draw 1 LV5 Etemon.

New EX1 LV5 Etemon

[EX1-052] Etemon
[Your Turn] When this Digimon digivolve into a Digimon with [Etemon] in its name, reduce the digivolution cost by 1
Inheritable effect: While this Digimon has [Etemon] in its name, it gains "Jamming"

The LV5 Etemon is included 3 copies to perform a normal digivolution for draw power and cheaper to evolve into LV6 MetalEtemon. Moreover, the play cost for this digimon is 8 so it can survive if I cast the [BT6-105] GewaltSchwarmer, this is very important for the game strategy. (This LV5 can also be summoned back from trash for free using Zwart's effect.)

Draw Power and Memory Control

Beside the drawing power from normal digivolution, from digitama card's effect and Izumi & Joe Tamer, the new [EX1-045] Hagurumon is a must for this deck. By trashing 1 card with [Machine] or [Cyborg] in its traits from hand to trigger drawing 2 cards from the deck. LV3 Commandramon, LV4 Tankmon and LV6 MetalEtemon are "Cyborg" trait Digimon. This is to use when we have a bad first draw.

Analog Boy (2 copies) is a good card for search power with only 2 costs to play, not only that when the LV5 digimon (with Digivolution source) gets destroyed, we also can gain 1 memory from this tamer and hatch one egg if the raising area is empty. 

The 2 cost white option card Win Rate: 60% (Effect: If you have a Tamer in play, you may use this Option card without meeting its color requirements.[Main] The next time one of your Digimon digivolves this turn, you may trash 1 Digimon card in your hand of the same color as the digivolving Digimon to reduce the memory cost of the digivolution by 4.), I put only 1 copy to try out. But to pay 2 costs and be able to save 1 memory seems not very useful (all this deck black digimon needs max 3 cost to digivolve). For white Digimon Zwart, of course I won't trash 1 white Digimon since I only have 4 Zwart in the deck. (This card will be more useful for Diaboromon or color that its LV6 is expensive to digivolve).
​​I used 4 copies of [BT3-061] Chuumon for memory control. It is a must to deal with memory abuse in the current meta.


​Playing this deck you will sometime give opponent a lots of memory, so they will tend to widen the boar​d​ or build digivolution for a very powerful LV6 or LV7 digimon. 3 type​s​ of killer option cards I used are to deal with those situation​s​, it is quite effective for my games ​even ​when my hand bricks.


EX1 is a good set and I believe there will be many new decks created with its cards. You can check out "EX1 Box Review" for more information. And don't forget to build this monkey deck to try out, I guarantee that you will have lots of fun with it. 

Game Reference

This Etemon is further optimized and you can find the deck profile at the end of the video. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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