Battle of Omega – A Preparation for BT5 EN Format (Part 2)

This is to continue the summarizing of BT5 Japanese meta for English format BT5 preparation. In this second post, we will cover for:​

– Red Agumon Nokia Deck
– Blue Hexablaumon
– Security Control.
– Black Diaboromon
– Rookie Rush
– D-brigade BT5 Concept.

Tier 2: The Red Agumon Nokia Deck

Nokia Shiramine is a tamer that can summon an Agumon or Gabumon for free when we hard-play her. On top of that, with her on play we can save digivolving cost when we evolve 1 Digimon into a Digimon with [Greymon] or [Garurumon] or [Omnimon] in its name.
In the early time of meta, people are very excited to play Nokia in Red or Blue Omnimon deck with LV6 Digimon that has [Greymon] in its name such as: BlitzGreymon, VictoryGreymon, WarGreymon… But when the meta is stable, everyone knows who is in top tier then this profile is less favored. 
* To search for the deck that uses Nokia, you can go to BT4/5 Meta Deck List and search "bt5-092" 
In BT5, Red  Omega is slower than yellow Lordknightmon and red Shoutmon-DX. The BT5 set seems to only support the Shoutmon-DX digivolution line for red, the most useful new card is the new blocker that cheap to digivolve Monochromon, other than that there is no good thing for red color.
Red has its unique playing style compared to other color, this is the most aggressive color in Digimon Card Game. If you plan to build a new OTK profile in BT5 with [ST1-07] Greymon and [BT4-015] Volcdramon, it is recommended to put in some copies of option card A Delicate Plan, it is proven to be very important for red OTK decks, even with BT6 Jesmon.

Tier - 2: Blue Hexablaumon

Similar to Red Nokia profile, blue Hexeblaumon was receiving very good impression when this card revealed as well as the early time of meta. This card's effect is the best blue LV6 Digimon so far that is totally supporting the blue's deck tech. However, it is easy to get reduced DP by Lordknightmon, fragile to Shoutmon-DX, is not considered as a threat for Nidhogg, and only can win over Rookie Rush. But Rookie Rush can also easily delete Hexablaumon with Spiral Masquerade or it's maybe too fast that it can even finish opponent's security before Hexeblaumon comes to play.

For blue color in BT5 meta, we have 1 article written about how blue can gain so many memories with BT5 cards :

Tier - 1/1.5: Security Control

This is the time when Security Control started to become more popular in tournaments. With the introduction of 2 hands of Omegamon, Supreme Cannon and Transcendent Sword, and a very good black option card Ultimate Flare, the security control profile stays at tier 1.5 max. 

During BT5 Meta, Security Control is like a deck to show off Omega Zwart Defeat or BT5 Omegamon(s) since these are the most expensive cards in current meta. The Security control is strong over Lordknightmon deck if these cards are drawn early: Ultimate Flare, Surpeme Cannon and Alter-S. But to use many colors in 1 deck is another issue for card distribution, that is why people prefer Yellow & Red & Black Sec Con for recovery instead of Red & Blue & Black Sec Con. 

For Lordkightmon deck, if you play against Sec Con, you should try to maintain a 4-security limit against SECCON (else, they will use Magnadramon to "recovery" when their security is at 3 or lower), and prepare a wide board using LordKnightmon. When doing swarm at their security with many Digimons, they will find it quite difficult to recover fast enough, and pray for the Ultimate Flare is not opened from their security. 

Security Control moves up to Tier-1 when the Atomic Blaster is released from ST7 Gallantmon theme deck. This card is what it needs for Security Control to control the lower rookie rank in the board with cheaper cost to play. 

To search for Security Control in BT5 deck-list, you can use the keyword "BT5-105", the ID of Ultimate Flare cards or "security" that list out the deck with naming Security Control or "hybrid" to list out all multi-color decks (this will list both Rookie Rush and Security Control decks).

For the Sec Con related articles, these are what you can refer to:

Tier - 2: Diaboromon

With the full chain of Diaboromon digivolution in BT5, we were expecting them to be at top tier list. But it seems Diaboromon needs longer time to setup, cannot protect the token and hopeless against blockers. Even the promo Diaboromon with multiple security attacks cannot go through the current board of high DP Digimon.
Later on, some players included Spriral Masquerade to increase the defence for the deck, but how easy we can draw this card with a yellow Digimon or a yellow tamer. We hope Diaboromon would get better after EX1 cards are released.

We have a feature match for BT5 Diaboromon deck (against Shoutmon-DX), the Diaboromon deck player is very good at playing black color as well as Diaboromon deck, but it's still hard for him to take the lead with the game. (If you are going to ask for this deck profile, we are very sorry because we forgot to take picture of his deck last time). 

Tier - 1: BT5 Rookie Rush

Surprisingly, after the introduction of Takumi Aiba and many other solutions to counter it, Rookie Rush is still a big thing in BT5 meta. But we see less of them in the tournament because players choose to play other profiles such as LKM, purple or Shoutmon DX.

There are 2 cards that helps Rookie Rush to stay at Tier-1, those are Starmon and Spiral Masquerade. 

Related article:

Deck Review: A new way of rookie rush

To search for Rookie Rush decks, you just need to type "rookie" into the search box. There are many different types of Rookie Rush deck in BT5 meta, but the strongest one is what we are mentioning, the yellow green Rookie Rush with Starmon and Spiral Masquerade.

Tier 2: The BT5 D-brigade concept

There is 1 new Commandramon in BT5, increasing the number of LV3 Commandramon to 16 cards (4 types) for the D brigade deck. On top of that, Omnimon Zwart is a new candidate to digivolve from Darkdramon and summon back the LV5 Tankdramon and Blockers. 
When we play Darkramon for 3 costs and return 5 [Dbrigade] type cards to top of the deck, then digivolving into OmnimonZwart and trash 3 cards (Dbrigade) with Zwart's effect. If opponent don't destroy Zwart in their turn, we can return the Darkdramon back to hand when Zwart attacks opponent's Digimon or Player in next turn. And if we have 5 Brigade in the trash again, we can play Darkdramon for 3 costs and attack with "Rush".


The D-brigade in BT5 decks are mostly played by some players who enjoy playing this deck (even in BT6 meta).

Closing Words

The tier list in this post is based on our meta analysis, if you have any comment or idea, you can share us via email or submit comment in comment section. 

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2 thoughts on “Battle of Omega – A Preparation for BT5 EN Format (Part 2)”

    1. Mastemon is not able to showcase her full potential in BT-05 due to lack of support cards that exist in BT-06 (such as Wizardmon and Mimicmon).
      Compared to the JP meta though, EN already has access to the anniversary [P-031] Tailmon so while that would help support Mastemon quite a bit, a purely Mastemon deck will still lack the robustness and aggressiveness of tier-0/1 Lordknightmon (LKM).
      In yellow, 1/2 copies of Mastemon can be played in a LKM deck (but some may find Slashangemon more robust). I feel that a pure yellow Mastemon deck may only get as far as Tier-2 or 2.5.
      In purple, I think there are better cards to play.

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