An Undefeated Ex1 Mungendramon Deck

It was surprised when I know many Digimon players skip the EX1 set and wait for the BT7 booster set. As what we wrote in early review for this set, there are some really good engines inside it, and one of them being the Machinedramon engine.

Today we would like to share our Machindramon deck that has won at a discord tournament, winning 4-0 in best-of-3 format. 

  1. Rookie Rush : 1-1-x (opponent dropped out in the last game)
  2.  3 Musketeers: 2-0
  3. Security Control: 2-0
  4. Darkdramon Rush: 2-1

I also used this deck to play against new EX1 HerculesKabuterimon deck (video will be uploaded in our YouTube channel), won 2-0 with it.

Deck Introduction

We used a BT2 Machinedramon as proxy for the new EX1 Machinedramon (because we do not yet have a playset). Do swap him out for the EX1 version!

Correction: We noticed that the [EX1-049] Metaltyrannomon only contributes [Reboot] in opponent's turn, so there is no reason we should use [BT2-063] MetalGreymon to get "Security Attack +1", we shall swap 2 copies of BT2 MetalGreymon with Megadramon in ST5 starter deck.

Draw Power

The Pagumon digitama would be the best in this deck, we can use his [On Deletion] effect to reveal the top card and put to hand if it is a black Digimon. Besides, this deck uses 4 copies of EX1 haguramon to trash and draw 2. For this deck, trashing is okay because you can trash your LV5 [Cyborg] Digimons that can be used later for Machinedramon.

We also can get draw power from Guardromon, the LV4 blocker in EX1 that shares the same effect with Hagurumon in its inheritable effect. All LV5 Digimon are [Cyborg] type Digimon, so as long as we evolve this Digimon to a LV5 Digimon then we can easily trigger his effect when this LV5 Digimon attacks.

LV5 Cyborg Digimons, the dominance of the deck

There are 9 types of LV5 that were used in the deck, which is what I learnt from my first build: we must include many types of LV5s to avoid repeatedly drawing the same Digimons to hand. The EX1 Machindramon can only regain +5 memory if the LV5 Digimons put under his digivolution cards have different IDs (card number). 

But considering the usage so far, [EX1-048] Andromon is the best LV5 to use with Machinedramon because it gives [Blocker]. You can see my deck included 2 copies of Tai Kamiya tamer, this combo saved us so many games today.

Originally we planned to use the BT2 Machinedramon as EX1 Machindramon proxy, but later the Judge said we can't use proxy in tournament so this deck is the build of 3 EX1 Machinedramon and 1 BT2 Machinedramon (but if possible, I would love to use 4 EX1 MachineDramon).

MachineDramon cannot be reducing DP, can have multiple security attacks, can detele a Digimon with 5 cost or lower to play when it attacks …. To be summarize, Machinedramon is strong.


This is the result in today discord tournament hosted by DTCGReview (31 Jul)

Round 1
Yellow Rookie Rush (1-1-x): Mugendramon saved us in the first game, slowing down the game significantly for the yellow player. Since Mugendramon is immune to Spiral Masquerade, playing him early (inheriting Blocker) will induce a dominating presence. By gradually playing smaller blockers around him to push him to widen his board (in order to gain enough value from Spiral Masquerade), I played Ultimate Flare and Gewalt Schwarmer to swing his momentum, while slowly chipping away his security. 
In the second game, he posed a very aggressive attack early game (before I can setup any Mugendramons) so the game ended quick and steady. 
My opponent then unfortunately folded the third game for personal reasons, and left the tournament.

Round 2
3 Musketeers (2-0): Both my game and my opponent's started off at around the same pace, both requiring some setup time. Playing an early Guardromon helps prevent unnecessary damage to my security, and once Mugendramon is on the field he can not easily removed by most musketeer decks. I setup Mugendramon with [Reboot] so he can gradually chip off the opponent's security, and I tend to play a LV3 Digimon on my field just in case I hit a Happy Bullet or if my opponent decides to play a Happy Bullet (with Beelstarmon) during his turn. I have also inherited Mugendramon with Metalmamemon, so to nullify and delete my opponent's Nail Bone – Vilemon setup (since Vilemon is a 5-cost to play Digimon). 
By the time I have a 2-cost Taichi and 2 Mugendramons on the field the game is pretty much under control.

Round 3
Security Control (2-0): My opponent played many Ringforce Defense Boost!! to buff up his security early game, while I started with a rather bad hand so I kept hard-playing my LV5 Digimons while going at the opponent's security rookie-rush style. When my LV5 Digimons survived the security checks and revealed a Gewalt Schwarmer which he adds to hand, I digivolved one of my suspended LV5 into a EX1 Mugendramon to avoid a board wipe. Eventually I manage to setup a Machinedramon with 3 security checks, [Reboot] and [Blocker] which dealt massive damage to his security, making it difficult to recover without paying a hefty memory.
My most memorable moment in this match was when I pass the turn playing the new [EX1-072] Emergency Program Halt! option card to prevent my opponent from using any option cards (which is the strength of a security control deck) that would put me in a disadvantage.  

Round 4
D-Brigade 2.0 (2-1): I lost my first game because I hit into 2 security Digimons, which caught me by surprise. In my second and third matches I played more carefully against his security (always prepared for a sudden security Digimon popping up, and a sudden Darkdramon rush). At one moment I played a Chuumon to pass the turn over, in order to prevent a Darkdramon rush. Eventually, with a 2-cost Taichi and 2 Mugendramons it becomes very difficult for the D-brigade deck to go through. 

Game Video

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3 thoughts on “An Undefeated Ex1 Mungendramon Deck”

  1. In your correction, can you go into further detail as to why you replace Metalgreymon for Metaltyrannomon? I do not understand the logic.

    1. Hello,
      In the correction part, I will put 2 copies of [ST5-11] Megadramon (give "blocker" in inheritable effect) and take out 2 copies of [BT2-063] MetalGreymon. I noticed Machinedramon can totally protect the security if he is a "blocker".

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