EX1 Deck Intro: The New Way of Diaboromon

You would question why we keep introducing new deck for black color, haha, black color is our favorite, sorry about that.

Today we would like to share a new deck, created by Rina again. This deck is tested playing again purple EX1 "Retaliation" deck, we will upload the video in our YouTube channel tonight so stay tuned. 

Deck Introduction

This is black deck that is using mainly EX1 set LV6 Diaboromon, a Digimon that gives "blocker" to all Digimon that has the same name as this Digimon, as well as the Diaboro token, on top of that the EX1 Diaboromon is also a security Digimon, we can play 1 Diaboro token if this Digimon is opened from our security stack.

This deck has: 12 LV3 Digimon cards, 8 for LV4, 9 for LV5 and 8 cards for LV6 Digimon. 2 copies of Amageddemon and 1 copies of Zwart as for LV7 Digimon, 7 option cards and 3 Arata tamers.

New Power

The [EX1-046] Kurisarimon's inherited effect is: when 1 of your another Digimon with the same name as this Digimon is deleted, unsuspend this Digimon. With this card effect, we will use the Diaboromon with this card in its digivolution source to attack first, then use a token to attack and if it get destroyed, the previous Diaboro can be unsuspend and do another attack. This effect has helped to end game easily because normally opponent does not expect this, so it deserves to be the best LV4 for the deck.

The LV5 Infermon is quite special, its purpose is to gain memory when opponent digivolves their Digimon into a LV5 Digimon or higher, this effect is useful to avoid opponent from having enough memory for their next digivolution sometimes. This Digimon's inheritable effect is to give "all your other Digimon with a same name as this Digimon get +2000 DP". With this +2000 DP, Diaboromon token has 5000DP and the (other) LV6 Diaboromon has 13000 DP. It is a very good threshold to cross 12000 DP that many LV6 Digimon has so it can successfully block the attack of opponent's Digimon.

I also like this BT5 Kurisarimon since it give "Rush" to all other Digimon that have the same name as this Digimon. This deck has few ways to play token such as: [On Deletion] (BT LV5 Inferno inheritable effect), [When Digivolving] (BT5 Diaboromon), from Arata tamer, or from Catastrophe Cannon option card. There are game's situations when you will be able to end the game with these token "Rush" (I did it:)).

For the ToyAgumon that gives "Reboot" in its inheritable effect, I found it is very important for the deck. Without "reboot" the LV6 Diaboromon cannot perform attacking if you want to block opponent's Digimon in opponent's next turn, so it is very static. Sometimes we need the Digimon to attack to trigger [When attacking] effect to draw more cards. 

Who is protecting the Diaboro force.

Originally I put only 1 copy of Craniamon then I feel it is not enough so I put 1 more. Craniamon digivolution line may not be inherited from other cards, but it is the one who can protect all "blocker" tokens and Digimon. 

The Gewalt Schwarmer option cards, in the other hand, are totally suited for this deck. You know that there are some moments your board will only has Diaboromon Digimon(s) and token(s) that their play cost are more than 7, then it is the right time to cast this option card if opponent has many Digimon in their board. This will work well if your opponent plays many "retaliation" Digimon that you cannot block or attack. (By the way, you can reduce the number of this card to 1 copies if you need 1 slot for something else).

Game Video

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