EX1 Ice Wall with Ulforce

[EX1-068] Ice Wall is currently the MVP card in any blue deck, especially Gabumon BOF, the BOF is moving up to tier 0.5/0 after Ice Wall was introduced.  Ice Wall is a new weapon to control the speed of attack from the opponent, if the opponent does not play any tamer to reset memory at 3 then this card will lock their turn. If you want to see BOF decks with Ice Wall, you can check out in our decklist decks (dated Jul 30 onward). 

To avoid the impact from this card, you may need to play tamer to give you more memory at the beginning turn or use the new white option card (Emergency Program Halt!) to make your opponent unable to use the option card in their next turn.  

A New Ulforce Deck Introduction

We received requests from some of our YouTube channel viewers to showcase the Ulforce deck playing in the current meta. This is a really hard task because we tried many and found out it has no chance in BT6 meta or even BT6+EX1 meta. But finally I can build a BT2 Ulforce deck that is play-able, fun, and has potential to win in tournaments. But to be honest, if you plan to win in a tournament then BOF is a safer choice, Ulforceveedramon deck is to serve those who love to play Ulforce. 

The new meta now is the meta of option cards, there are many killer options used in 3 Musketeers, Security Control, Red BOC or Blue BOF. The number of option cards is 10 to 15 cards, which is considered a lot for a 50-cards deck.

My new Ulforce deck is also using the same concept, I will slowly build up the Digimon, play more tamer and control the board by using option cards. There are 11 lv3 Digimon cards, 8 lv4 Digimon cards, 6 cards for LV5 and 4 copies of BT2 Ulforce. There are 5 tamer cards and 16 option cards.  


The EX1 Gabumon is used to search for the tamer and I will play the tamer card by paying its cost. The Sora & Joe tamer is very useful to gain more memory and remove the digivolution source in the opponent's Digimon. This also works well with Howling Memory Boost! if I want the opponent's digimon to be unable to block or attack till the opponent's next turn.

The EX1 Ikkakumon and Zudomon are solution to attack the opponent's unsuspended blocker in order to clear the way for your Veemon with "jamming", the best example is the annoying blocker card [BT5-062] Mekanorimon (black blocker) that can be able to unsuspend as long as it survives in the battle. Sometimes, when you have Exveemon in hand, you just want to use Veemon to check security with "jamming" and then unsuspend it when digivolve into ExVeemon.

Ikkakumon and Zudomon can easily catch the opponent off-guard: a 6000DP LV4 and a 8000DP LV5 is rather large, and easily overcomes an opponent's blocker or LV5 Digimon. Use your spare Digimon to attack, suspend Sora & Joe to delete the opponent's digivolution, followed by a Zudomon attack.

Offensive and Defensive Options!

Ice Wall slows down your opponent's pace, to allow you to setup Ulforceveedramon. Ulforce was considered an aggro deck back in BT-02 (when games are slower) but lost momentum to the much faster rookie rushes, BOC, BOF, and Jesmon decks. However, Ice Wall will easily shut down these aggro decks, allowing for more setup time. 

Howling Memory Boost! does pretty much the same thing, but as a single target card and trashes digivolution cards. 

I play Raddle Star and V-Wing Blade extensively to provide some board control and security control. They are not overly expensive, and creates some tempo for this deck.

In combination with Ice Wall and Ikkakumon/Zudomon, these cards give decent board control. Ice Wall to deal with multiple rookies or multi-hit BOF/Jesmons, Raddle Star and V-Wing to deal with bigger Digimons, and Ikkakumon/Zudomon to deal with the smaller ones.

Digivolution Trashing

Digivolution trashing can be very meaningful in today's meta, as many Digimons rely on their digivolution sources to be effective. This can shut down many [Retaliation] inheritable effects, Jesmon's annoying line of inheritables, Yellow's BT3 Angewomon, Black's [Reboot] and [Blocker] inheritables, and the recent EX1 Mugendramon. 


​In mid game, with 2 tamers in-play, Ulforce will be able to perform 3 attacks every turn. Depending on what color or deck the opponent is playing, I can choose to cast the option card Let's Stop Fighting if needed.​

Game Video

We will upload the game in our Youtube channel soon. Stay tuned.

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