[EN Format] A Winning LKM Tournament Report

Invited Author: Jam Pingul (Germany)
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jamminzz

Today we played Lordknightmon-control in our very first tourney of the BT5 format.
This Deck is all about controlling the board with amazing tempo-plays by cards like Lordknightmon, Starmon and so on.

My Version of the Deck was pretty much built against Rookie Rush and other aggressive Decks as I expected a lot of them due to a lot of players praising its strength for the new format.

Deck Introduction


I run 4 Pickmon and 1 Upamon. Pickmon fits perfectly into our gameplay with his DP reduction effect to establish board presence while keeping opponents board as low as possible.

Upamon was needed for the 5th filler Digitama spot that could sometimes draw you some big cards from the top.

Rookie Digimon

I played 4 Starmons which literally is the new star of the Deck. While going wider on board the more the game goes on this card becomes super scary for your opponent, especially when cheated out by Lordkightmon. Who doesn't love a free removal that stucks on the board?

4 Pulsemon were pretty  much staples as these are arguably one of the best rookies in the game. Drawing a card for a potential 2 memory play is good! But getting cheated out by Lordknightmon for +1 memory and a card draw is just nuts. 3 ST3 Patamon are included for the memory gain as you have a lot of DP reduction effects in the deck, pretty good for memory choking your opponent! I also included 2 Bushiagumon for the burst lethal potential from hand if cheated out by Lordknightmon or by just having a Blinding Ray with a TK tamer on the board. 2 Promo Patamon are some small techs against the aggressive decks, people these days do not expect those.

Champion Digimon

My champion level Digimon were pretty much yellow champion staples with 4 Turuiemon and 4 Piddomon. Digivolving into a champion for 1 cost is pretty good especially if it's a blocker. Same purpose for the 2 other Blockers in Unimon, cheap blockers for aggressive matchups.

The last champion card was Gladimon, I actually just wanted to test him out because of being another good cheat out target for Lordknightmon while providing knowledge what cards in your security stack are, if you're able to get a LKM or Knightmon then jackpot! This actually came in clutch in some games today! Especially in the mirror match where more Knightmon that can be cheated out are very important to have!

Ultimate Digimon

My Ultime Digimon spots were also taken by staples, 4 Wargrowlmon are good to chop down the opponents board as well as the Knightmon. Last one of course being the Prime target of LKM.

As 9th ultimate I added a ST3 Angewomon to provide some heal against aggressive match ups.

Mega Digimon

We of course play 4 copies of Lordknightmon, this card is just broken, pretty hard to kill due to his [ALL TURN] effect and being able to cheat out up to ultimate level digimon is beyond incredible.

3 Slashangemon are included for being another big removal in the deck. Turns where a LKM attacks,then summons a Knightmon and then digivolving it into a Slashangemon for at least -12000 DP is ridiculous.

I added 1 single copy of Wargreymon for being another good burst option while also being a pretty good DP reducer that comes in clutch with effects like Pickmon in inherited while also providing you more options with the draw out of your security stack.


This is the result in recent local tournament (Cardicuno in BT5 format) i attended and won first place

 Round 1:

Purple Mastemon 2-1: Purple is always a scary one to face now these days as they pretty much turn the game in their favor with one good fusion play or even one turn kill you. I won game 1 due to removing anything he puts on the board to prevent him from going into fusion plays.

Game 2 was decided by a small mistake on my side as i opted to not remove his digimon. He then proceeded to have some pretty amazing fusion plays that turned the game completely in his favor, Couldn't recover from this and we were off to game 3.
I actually forgot how I won game 3 but I remember it being pretty easy because of him having a brick hand. 

Round 2:

Lordknightmon Mirror 2-0: We both were playing pretty defensively raising our LKM in our raising areas while trading off some rookies with our Starmons on the field. After finally raising his Lordknightmon he misplayed by attacking with the wrong LKM (the one that had good inherited effects) to just play out another LKM which he did not opted to attack with (the other LK had no inherited effects). I killed his LKM with inherited effect and slowly chopped down his board turn by turn with him having no answers to my board.

Game 2 was decided by me having digivolving up to LKM early with a lot of Knightmons to cheat out and kill off everything he puts on the board. 

Round 3:

Purple Omni Zwart 2-0: This one was pretty easy due to myself having the LKM digivolution line early into the game and him having a slow hand. I then slowly again chopped down his board turn by turn while also slowly reducing his security for the win.

Game 2 was super fast due to him having a brick hand with all his megas and not having any LV5.


Final Round:

Purple Lilith Loop: I was looking forward to this Match up as I haven't tested against a Lilith Loop Deck yet. I figured to just keep on removing his stuff to prevent him from going into those scary loops and it paid out. Game 1 I digivolve early into my LKM while killing all his Level 5's. He couldn't get into the game and quickly lost to me flooding the board.

Game 2 We both digivolve early into our boss digimons, Lilithmon and LKM. He opted to go all in with his Lilithmon, hoping that I don't have a Knightmon that I could combine with a SlashAngemon to kill off his Lilith. Well… I did. He couldn't recover from it and quickly lost from there onwards. 

Overall Thoughts

Yes this deck is insanely broken. There's nothing really much to add to this statement. Not sure about the anti-aggro techs yet as I haven't faced any Rookie Rush today. But I actually would consider dropping another Unimon for Gladimon, I was surprised how good this card can be in a lot of situations.

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