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Eosmon is a very special and unique deck in BT6 meta, even though there are some players who can win tournaments with it but we can't deny the Eosmon has many weaknesses that makes it hard to stay in top tier or to deal with other strong meta decks in BT6.

  • Eosmon relies too heavily on tamers, and need big play costs so you normally have to keep passing your turn. There is no tamer-searching power, we will need to draw a first Menoa Bellucci to start enable the search for more tamer cards.
  • The LV6 Eosmon needs 5 costs to digivolve, if it doesn't attack on the turn it appears, it will be a waste if the opponent deletes it. High cost playing/digivolving are the big problem of the deck
  • It has poor removal power, the option card Cutting Edge that costs 6 to play can only destroy an opponent's Digimon with 6K or lower.
  • It also has poor synergy with green, not enough draw power.

But after EX1 was introduced at the end of last month, Eosmon came back with better support from the new white cards of this set.

Here is an example of the Eosmon deck in BT6-EX1 meta.

Source: https://twitter.com/ds_kyoto/status/1423976115236794379

AnalogBoy and Win Rate: 60%!

People will normally put 4 copies of AnalogBoy and 3 or 4 copies of WinRate:60% in the deck.

The AnalogBoy has a very good synergy with the Eosmon deck. This tamer can be played for free from LV4 Eomon's [On Play] effect or inheritable effect. When the LV5 Eosmon gets destroyed, we can suspend this tamer to hatch 1 egg and gain 1 memory, the more tamer on play, the more memory we earn when your lv5 digimon with digivolution source is deleted. This card is good for Digimon-search power, but be careful when using it so that you don't trash away your precious Menoa Belucci, AnalogBoy allows you to put 1 Digimon to hand and trash the remaining cards.

The WinRate:60%, on the other hand, is the one to save digivolving cost for LV6 Eosmon. The cost to play Win Rate:60%! and to digivolving a LV5 to LV6 Eosmon is just 3, the same memory Menoa Bellucce gives at the beginning of the turn. With this support, Lv6 Eosmon can perform attacks on the turn it appears with "Security Check + x" depending on the number of Lv5 Eosmon cards in its digivolution source. With more tamers on play from both players, Eosmon is able to check 2 or 3 opponent's security cards, then you can end the game with another check from your other Digimon. 

Concluding Note

With the EX1 AnalogBoy and WinRate:60%!, Eosmon got faster, as if it almost covered all its previous weaknesses.

For deck reference, you can check out in Eosmon Engine.

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