[EN Format] Blue Imperial Deck Review

Invited Author: Tyrese Wallace
Country: USA

 I played my new BT5 Blue Imperialdramon deck for our weekly tournament and went undefeated. I chose this deck because the current meta is strong, consistent, and aggressive.

Blue Imperialdramon can take advantage of it where decks are wanting to stay in raising area before attacking and now with the new tools such as "Blitz" Omnimon and Takumi Aiba, the need for draw power and a new finisher has been answered.

Deck Introduction

For the list the lineups they are pretty standard, the only big differences are the structure deck Gabumon that trashes which came in clutch for my games where there are threats of Nidhogg and other stacks with dangerous inheritable abilities. Nidhogg and Banchostingmon techs were my ways for clearing problems like Omnimon, high DP Digimon, and for opponents who going wide to overextending. 

The tamer lineup of 3 Davis Motomiya and 2 Takumi Aiba really came in clutch to get my pieces. I may want to try out the BT5 Sora and Joe dual tamer for more memory gaining options.


My matchups were:

Round 1: Green Control 

Round 2: Ulforce 

Round 3:  Purple 

Round 4: Green Control. 

Overall it is a great deck, it can memory choke but not having a Davis does hurt, and green and yellow are somewhat the worst matchups from what I’ve seen.

 For my round 1 matchup against green control, I was cautious of how I should set up my board so I wouldn’t get caught into the opponent's Nidhogg and get the board wiped away. I chose to build up into Dinobeemon while playing things to chip at security and luckily for me the opponent over-committed and allowed me to Nidhogg them which straight one and it helps me won the game. 

Round 2 (Ulforce) was pretty easy due to the fact that I choked my opponent every turn and turned off their ability to rookie rush me so I could set up to OTK them.

Form round 3, I had to play against the purple and had to play around with Trump Sword and retaliation which put me in a rock and a hard place because of the fact that I could lose my imperial to one of those things. Thus I set up having a backup stack to Nidhogg or Imperial just in case they went wide or they left me the ability to kill them next turn.

Round 4 was the toughest matchup due to the fact that my opponent is a friend of mine and he is very good at playing control decks and punishing the tiniest mistake. I had to play things very slowly considering if he would Nidhogg me so I baited out his stack to be pushed out from nursery and trash the bottom digivolution source cards so he couldn’t Nidhogg me which basically won me the match because he couldn’t swing over Imperial or keep it rested. 

Overall Thoughts

I cannot deny that Nidhogg and Bancho did a great job in the tournament, with only 1 copy of each that sometimes can bring the game to my favor. 

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