EX-01 a B.O.C ver2.0 Deck Review

Invited Article | Author:  GPat Hora (Philippines)

On EX01 Classic Collection debut, we were graced with a number of upgrades & support cards. One of which is the all-aggressive Agumon Bonds of Courage build that quite a few players enjoy & are fond of. 

The deck list below is what I used for the 11 August Midweek Grind that was inspired by Richmond Ngui’s deck used in Arken Hobby Center Remote Workshop Battle last Saturday (7 August 2021), which is the usual standard BOC deck except for a few things.

Deck Strategy

First, no blockers which show that the deck doesn't have any intention of slowing down, as the goal is to be overly aggressive and attack with all possible units. Capitalizing on the security monsters that trigger from the security stack to keep the pressure, fortunately, I did not encounter anyone playing Mekanorimon. These SECmons are also key pieces to bridge my choice of EX01 tech card.

Second, the colors yellow & purple are in the mix. Having Magnadramon is already self-explanatory which extends your game time in the absence of blockers (only used it once in the tourney) but the purple cards make you wonder, it states:

All of my opponents got surprised seeing a purple digimon digivolving from a red card then attacks at 9K to 10k DP because of the ESS buffs. Given the decent DP the additional check is almost guaranteed so long as there are no blockers. The deletion of Skullgreymon at the end of the attack helps contribute to constantly having a digimon on the board.

The new EX01 Agumon significantly helps in securing your tamers asap and also helps in ensuring you have a rookie on hand as and when you need it.


Round 1 vs Blue Gabumon BOF, Win 2-0

Knowing that BOF is quite a formidable deck to play against, I was only fortunate that my opponent had a bad hand and draws to top it off, all the BOFs were all MIA (Missing In Action) in both games, lol. Chipped away with Agumons, promo Greymons with "Security Attack+1" and sealing the game with Henshin (Agunimon).

Round 2 vs Green Ceresmon, Win 2-1

Twas my first time dealing with a Ceresmon centric deck, it was quite troublesome when it went online taking advantage of suspending my Digimon to grow his and disposing of them after. Thankfully, I drew my Atomic Blasters and Gaia Force then blasted away clearing his board and continued the barrage of attacks & capped off with BOC.

Round 3 vs Red Jesmon, Win 2-1

One tough game after another, Jesmon being meta since BT6 I already knew that it was already a lopsided match. After securing 1 game each, my win for Game3 was sheer luck. Starting with a bad hand and no rookies at the start of a few turns was enough for my opponent to speed up to his L6. I could sense my opponent's disbelief after Jesmon hits 1st a Gaia Force on his 1st check, setting him back quite a bit. The promo Greymons pounded away and luckily did not hit any bigger Digimon together with Skullgreymon on the succeeding turn and concluding with the ever-reliable Henshin move (Agunimon).

Concluding Note

Personally, while I feel that Agumon BOC may not be on the same level (as of the moment) as its blue counterpart, I still feel that the simple, direct, and straightforward gameplay of this deck will continue to gain popularity to many players, old and new, as it brings a sense of excitement and joy, especially the nostalgia in brings when you are playing your favorite Digimon.

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