[EN Format] 1st Place Shoutmon-DX Tournament Report


Invited Author: Kyle Donoghue (North American)

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/RideMyAvatar

Locals win-a-box : Imperial Gaming Win-A-Box Event

Participants: 22

Deck Played: Red Shoutmon 

Final Position: 1st Place

Overall Result: 4 Rounds Played, 4 Wins, 0 Loses (4-0)

Deck Introduction

The decklist itself is a fairly basic Red Shoutmon build. However, there are a couple of cards that I would like to highlight that may be a bit strange.

Digitama - BT5 Koromon

I played this over a 4th Starter Deck Koromon and BT3 Gigimon because consistently drawing cards was much more needed than hitting higher numbers, seeing as we have 17 targets that can utilize this as an ESS. This helps with preventing possible bricking, as well as getting our missing combo pieces, which is very important for a Combo/OTK based deck.

BT1 Omnimon

So my mindset was to find an answer to pesky Diaboromons, LordKnightmons, and anything deck that makes multiple of the same Digimon, and BT1 Omnimon was an obvious choice. There is also a janky combo I wanted to utilize against Security Control, and with the correct setup, Omnimon can deal 2-4 damage by just having a Greymon as an ESS and unsuspend with his own ability.

Sadly, this did not work as intended and saw very little play but it did come in handy being in the Security Stack, knocking out LordKnightmon in the early turns, and keeping them off the board so they can't go off. It didn't do as much as I wanted to but I love that it came through when I needed it most.

Tamer Line Up

So for Tamers, I chose to run 1 Nokia, and 1 Tai. It seems so odd to see each of them as 1 copy, right? Well, it was very interesting, to say the least. Nokia and Tai were super important as Tai sets the Memory to 3 at the start of our turn and Nokia's ability decreases any of my Champions' cost to 1 and my ZekeGreymon's cost to 2. What I found was great was going first to Digivolve into a Rookie in the Breeding Area, playing Nokia, then using her ability to play the BT5 Agumon, which in turn searches the top 3 cards of our deck for a Greymon or Omnimon, gaining a possible plus and filtering our deck. Nokia generates so much advantage for the deck, it's not even funny.

Tournament Breakdown

Round 1: Nokia Black Greymon (2-1) 

Game 1 – Omnimon X Anti-body was super clutch in this game. My opponent scooped once he fell behind. 

Game 2 – I lost because my hand bricked and I wasn't fast enough to stop his advance. 

Game 3 –  X Anti-body showed up like a champ and stopped a lethal turn. He was absolutely the heart and soul of the deck tonight. I was then able to clear his board and get in for the game, winning my first round.


Round 2: 6th Place Winner Purple Lilithmon Loop (2-1) 

Game 1 – My opponent here also has no testing against this deck. I have previously played Purple to learn its weaknesses, so I know that killing their Ultimate early helps out a lot. In the early turns, they played a Matt & Tai. It was offline until I cleared out their first Mega. Then they played catch up. Breeding Area prevents the Matt & Tai extra Memory gain. With X Anti-body able to stop attacks in this matchup, their loop didn’t matter since they couldn’t swing for lethal. 

Game 2 –  I bricked kinda hard, their loop overwhelms me and I couldn’t stop it at all. 

Game 3 –  X Anti-body comes in like a champ, stopping a lethal turn like the first game. I managed to grind out until the moment was right to stop him and win Round 2. X Anti-body continues to save me, being the MVP of the deck.


Round 3: Red Greymon (2-0)

Game 1 – My opponent bricks so badly, it was over before they had a chance to play. 

Game 2 – My opponent saw a good amount of cards but I baited him into pulling his stack out of the Breeding Area early while I kept mine and waited until I was able to kill his off. After that, he couldn’t catch back up and Round 3 was easily mine.


Round 4 Final Rounds: Lilithmon Loop (2-0) 

Game 1 & 2 – Let’s keep this simple for everyone: my opponent bricks hard both games. My opponent's deck seemed like it was done with the tournament and wanted to be put away and call it a day. Both games were won and secured me 1st Place for the tournament.

Overall Thoughts

Purple is the least scary deck in the format for Shoutmon. I usually just kill the Ultimate or Mega before they have a chance to set up and make their power plays. This was great testing for this top-cut event.

Shoutmon is getting closer and closer to a build that I feel very comfortable with. I feel like a few more tweaks here and there and I should have an amazing list going forward for the rest of the format.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

3 thoughts on “[EN Format] 1st Place Shoutmon-DX Tournament Report”

  1. Great tournament report! I've been working on a Shoutmon build myself, and it was great to see your card choices and the reasoning behind them. The Omnimon mix at the top end is interesting, and something I may experiment with.

  2. I honestly think Shoutmon wins the matchup against Lilith because they need more time to set up.

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