BT7: A Deck for Lucemon Falldown Mode

BT7 Next Adventure is a very good booster set that will create many new interesting deck profiles. We predict that there will be no Tier-0 deck in BT7 meta, but more like BT6 meta that providing lots of Tier-1 decks that compete with each other.

Digimon Card Meta would like to introduce a deck concept for Lucemon: Falldown Mode, the first SEC card LV5 purple in BT7.

NOTE: The deck below includes 3 copies of the new purple Tamer Koichi Kimura ( didnot have the card on the day I create this deck)

Deck Strategy

This deck has been tested but can further optimize. The feeling when I play this deck is: it is okay if my Digimon gets destroyed because I need more cards to build up the trash. It is easy to play Lucemon:Falldown mode and it is strong, it controls the board quite well and is faster than 3/2 Musketeers. There are multiple different combos in the deck but they are working well together. 

After I played some rounds, I noticed I need more trash power so Pagumon from the starter deck would be the best candidate for the strategy. You can also choose the [BT3-006] Demimeramon to "draw 1 then trash 1" when destroyed.

The [BT2-068] Impmon can help to discard 3 cards when it is destroyed, so it is to be digivolved from digitama. The DemiDevimon, on the other hand, used to hard-play to directly trash 2 cards, then can be digivolved into "retaliation" Devimon or other LV4. These 2 cards are really helpful to fill up the trash, I also sometimes use them to attack the opponent's security if I need them to die or the game's plan doesn't need to move up to LV4. 

Besides these rookies, LV5 LadyDevimon is another MVP to draw and trash cards, this helps to provide more selections if you are able to draw more cards to your hands. 

The [BT6-068] Impmon is to retrieve Lilithmon and Lucemon: Falldown mode from trash to hand. The LV5 Lucemon FDM (Falldown mode) can be played from trash by using Dead or Alive option card, so I choose to put 3 copies of BT6 Impmon.

[BT7-111] Lucemon FDM is a new threat in purple color, it destroys an opponent's LV6 digimon or a tamer using its "On Play" or "When Digivolving" effect.  If I play against Security Control or 3 Musketeers, the opponent normally gives a lot of memory for the turn, so I will play the LV3 yellow Lucemon for 5 costs to trigger "Recovery +1" then digivolve it into LV5 Purple Lucemon FDM to destroy opponent LV6 or lower Digimon. 

The Lucemon FDM needs 14 costs to play if you don't have 10 or more cards in the trash, so if opponent controls the memory and your trash is not enough then Lucemon FDM has no chance to show off, that is why building trash is an important task of the deck. The option card Ultimate Sacrifice (Dead or Alive), with 8 costs to play, is another option to play Lucemon FDM from trash without paying its cost. You can also play the card from hand by playing and paying "Dead or Alive" costs only if your trash has more than 10 cards, these condition is rather easy to meet.

Lilithmon holds a very crucial role for the deck, I will digivolve LV5 Lucemon into this Digimon to retrieve 2 purple option cards (Dead or Alive) from trash to hand. Then I can play the Dead or Alive option card for 6 costs (Lilith saves 2 costs) to play another Lucemon FDM from trash for free. You may think how ideal it is to get the combo like that, I would say it is easy, especially if you have a Yamato tamer on play to give you 3 memories at beginning of the turn.

Besides Lilithmon, I choose Cherubimon to be another LV6 for the deck. The Cheribumon "when digivolving" effect can be used to play either Yamato or Koichi tamer cards, there is no play-cost condition for the tamer that can be summoned from trash by Cherubimon's effect. Except for Rookie Rush deck, the opponent normally does not have many LV4 or lower digimon in the field, so 1 or 2 tamers are good enough to clear the opponent's board. It is useful to deal with blocker or "retaliation" LV4 opponent's digimon.

For Cherubimon "On Deletion" effect, Neemon and LV3 Lucemon are candidates to get back from trash. Lucemon gives "Recovery+1" and Neemon's "On Play" effect credits you to play a Koichi tamer for free. 

Koichi is very important to be recycled from the trash. First of all, you can "draw 1 trash 1" when you play Koichi; Second, we can digivolve Koichi into LV4 purple hybrid digimon to do another attack or "retaliation" 1 of opponent rested digimon.

Do not hold and keep Koichi on board because he is only useful when we use him as a digimon. We can easily retrieve him from trash by using Cherubimon and Antylamon [When Digivolving] or Neemon [On Play] effects.

Currently, I only put 3 copies of the hybrid JagerLoweemon, but if you like, you can put 4 copies of him to rush the opponent, there are many games I won with his final check.

Concluding Note

For cards that I did not mention in the post, they can be changed depending on game strategy. 

Lucemon FDM can also be played in Megazoo or Security Control, but I still love it to be played in a pure purple deck. 

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