[EN Format] Dan Vang 1st Place Imperial Deck at Regional Tournament


Invited Author: Dan Vang (North American)
Youtube: Gaia Force Gaming

Top Cut Bandai Event Webcam
Participants: 350+
Deck Played: Imperialdramon
Final Position: First Place
Overall Result: 7 Rounds Played, 7 Wins, 0 Losses (7-0)

The decklist is a standard Imperialdramon build with some changes over time. I have been using Imperialdramon since the 1.5 format. Every format I liked to change in order to fight the top meta decks.

Deck Introduction


Digi-Eggs are just 4 Veemon. I always want the draw +1 from attacking. Rarely I will ever attack with a level 4. I will usually attack with a rookie (hopefully Jamming Veemon) or a level 5 or higher (and they all have Jamming).


The deck does have some differences in a typical lineup for Imperialdramon. Syakomon is for any green matchups, mirror matches, and decks that abuse the Mega Fusion white option to ‘cheat’ an Omnimon
out. It had some success in the past when I tested with the deck. I included 1 Grizzlymon (blocker) in case I ran into Rookie Rush or a Shoutmon deck that could easily get rid of my 5K blockers. Nidhoggmon saved me
a few games; not many players expected it. I would like to run 2 in the future.

The Omnimon with Blitz is there in order to maximize as many swings as possible. You want to win the game as fast as possible
before the opponent can build a stronger board. Imperialdramon is not as good in a late-game situation.

The Sora and Joe tamer was not as useful as I would like. It helped against a Rookie Rush match as I did not have Davis during that match. If I were to run 4 tamers in the future, I would include another Davis.

Tournament Breakdown

Round 1: Green 2-0

Game 1: I was able to swing with rookies before my opponent was able to build a board presence.

Game 2: My opponent was missing a level 5 for the majority of the game

Round 2: Yellow Lordknightmon 2-0

Game 1: My opponent did not see any rookies during the game until turn 3.

Game 2: My opponent did not see any level 4’s during the first two turns and I had board presence with rookies and level 4’s and one Imperialdramon.

Round 3: Green Yellow Rookie Rush 2-1

Game 1: My opponent misplayed game 1 by hard casting a rookie and not realizing Sora Joe would give me 2 extra memory. I was able to swing with my rookies and then Lobomon for the game.

Game 2: Needle spray stopped by the final attack.

Game 3: I was able to establish a board presence and use Dinobeemon and then Nidhoggmon to board wipe them.

Round 4: Yellow Lordknightmon 2-1

Game 1: My opponent was able to establish a board presence with Piddomon, Lordknightmon, and Starmon while I could not find my Imperialdramon.

Game 2: My opponent did not see any rookies until turn 3 or 4

Game 3: My opponent established the same board state as Game 1. I was able to swing with Dinobee for a security check and then play Nidhoggmon to wipe their board. They did not have a Digimon in the raising area.

Round 5: Yellow Lordknightmon 2-0

Game 1: My opponent was able to get board presence quickly but they could not find a level 6. I was able to play Nidhoggmon and then establish a board with Dinobeemon and Imperialdramon.

Game 2: My opponent was not able to draw any rookies and that set them behind. I did not see any rookies either, but I was able to play Tobiumon and evolve into Paildramon.

Round 6: Yellow Lordknightmon 2-1

Game 1: A very tough game with both players bricking HARD. They established a Lordknightmon, but Cocytus in security saved me. I was able to establish the Paildramon and Imperialdramon before they were able to establish a second Lordknightmon.

Game 2: The opponent was able to have Wargrowlmon with Lordknightmon and then Knightmon and SlashAngemon so I was unable to win.

Game 3: I was able to Nidhoggmon their board and rookie rush them with vanillas and Veemon.

Round 7: Purple Lilithmon Loop 2-0

Game 1: I was able to establish a Veemon and Imperialdramon presence. The opponent did not see any of their blockers

Game 2: I used Cocytus Breath on their LadyDevimon. It gave them 6 memory, but they had to establish their stack in raising so I dodged the Lilith loop for a turn. The opponent was able to establish a loop but had to ‘waste’ a Jack Raid in order to get to 10 cards in the trash so it was not the most optimal loop. I was able to barely win against them with Omnimon Blitz swinging for the game.


Big shout outs to Gaia Force Gaming (Tyler, George, Joseph, Trey, and Shannon) for supporting me and helping with ideas. Shout  outs to Ethan for helping me improve this deck with every version and tech card. Shoutouts to Niko, Albert, the Connecticut group chats, and the players I faced in the tournament this day. Everyone was a great player and heavy contender to win.

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