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I think that it is rather obvious that red and blue hybrid decks are core in BT-07: they both have a wide variety of [Hybrid] card selections, a LV6 [Hybrid] Digimon, and tight support from their tamers Kanbara Takuya and Minamoto Koji. But what about playing Hybrid in another color?

Today we take at a yellow Hybrid deck, one that is rather unique in construction and playstyle. This deck focuses on a tamer-centric digivolution line to minimize the digivolution costs to the utmost minimum, followed by heavy reliance on Win Rate 60% and Mega Digimon Fusion! to optimize digivolution costs at LV6 and LV7. There are many concepts in this deck, which I will go through with you in this article. 

Zoe Extravaganza (visualized using

Deck Overview

This deck has a heavy reliance on tamer pool, and runs no LV3 Digimons other than Bokomon hence there will be no digivolutions in the nursery. I would've added some [BT3-021] Veemons in this deck but there is simply no space left, and he will contradict Takumi Aiba.

All LV4 and LV5 are yellow [Hybrid] Digimons, and all yellow LV6 Digimons has a digivolution cost of 4 (or more) to take advantage of Win Rate 60%. 

In addition, there are 10 option cards and 12 tamers in this deck, and this heavy constitution will be explained later.


Zoe Orimoto is efficient!

Zoe Orimoto, when played, will search security for a [Hybrid] or [Ten Warriors] Digimon (we want to search for any LV4 or LV5 [Hybrid] Digimons). Meanwhile, Bokomon is a great card you would want in your starting hand, to search your deck for a [Hybrid] and a tamer card.  

The LV4 [Hybrid] Digimons Kazemon and Zephyrmon will cost 2 when digivolving from your tamer (or 0 when you have Bokomon in play), while the LV5 JetSilphymon will cost only 1 when digivolving along that tamer line, granting [Recovery+1] along the way. 

It is therefore possible to digivolve from your tamer to LV5 at only 1 cost, with +1 to your security stack. 

Security Buffed!

With Zoe digivolved into Zephyrmon, your security digimons will be +6000 DP higher (in addition to any other copies of 2-cost TK or Zoes in play). This security buff gives the deck an instant advantage against some OTK decks such as BOF and Jesmon, as they might just get themselves deleted at their first security check!

Your choice of offense or defense

At LV6, [BT2-041] Shinegreymon and [BT6-044] Dynasmon offer offensive or defensive solutions respectively depending on the board condition. 

Offensive-wise, this deck runs 8 yellow tamers hence should be able to benefit Shinegreymon decently. During playtests, my early game boards would usually have 2 or more yellow tamers, and more than 4 mid-game. 

Defensive-wise, Dynasmon protects your security from too much damage too fast. He is also great when your opponent does not have anything on the field for Shinegreymon to remove, and works well with our 4-cost TK as well as Zoe Orimoto (when your security is very low). 

Both of them benefit from Win Rate 60%, allowing them to be digivolved at just 2 cost. Assuming a favorable setup where we start our turn at 3 memory (guaranteed using TK), we will be able to digivolve from one of your yellow tamer into a LV6 Digimon at just 3 cost!

The MVP Takumi Aiba

This deck has great recovery, coming from JetSilphymon, MagnaAngemon and Dynasmon. It is also rather efficient digivolving along tamers. However, it will fall short against very aggressive decks such as Rookie Rushes, which makes it necessary to maximize our play of Takumi Aiba.

This white tamer card plays several roles. Firstly, he deters rookie rush decks. Second, he grants amazing draw power since we do not digivolve anything inside our nursery. Third, he allows us to play the white option card Mega Digimon Fusion! into Susannoomon. 

With Takumi Aiba, your hand will be so large that you will be spoilt for choice. However, due to the heavy drawing power this deck will deck-out very quickly, which brings us to the next system.


Susannoomon and a Deck-out Saving System

The LV7 Susannoomon can digivolve from any of your tamers, by returning 10 [Hybrid] or tamers from your hand/trash to the bottom of your deck. This is a simple feat considering all the draw power, efficient digivolutions, and recovery coming from this deck. 

In addition, when played with Mega Digimon Fusion! the cost of digivolving into Susannoomon becomes 1, further extending the memory efficiency of this deck. It should be possible to digivolve from your tamer using Mega Digimon Fusion!, but we will revise this statement if proven otherwise.  

Susannoomon deals a massive 3 security checks in 1-hit, so there is no need to rush into attacking your opponent's security early in the game. 

Supporting option cards

Other than Win Rate 60% and Mega Digimon Fusion!, this deck also runs blue option cards Ice Wall! and Kaiser Nail (which explains the need for blue digitama). 

Ice Wall! provides a much needed slow-down, in cases when the opponent has a wide board of non-LV3 Digimons. A 1-turn slow down of pace will allow for enough time to setup Shinegreymon for board wipe, or allow Dynasmon to properly control/recover your security. 

Meanwhile, Kaiser Nail can be used to pull out MagnaAngemon or your Dynasmon that has just digivolved into a Susannoomon using Mega Digimon Fusion! (since Susannomon will be returned to deck at the end of turn, it would be nice to have Dynasmon pulled out of him).

AvengeKidmon Tech

2 copies of AvengeKidmon are included to not only offer an immediate solution to the much-in-meta Beelstarmon engines, but also recycle our much-needed option cards. This plays well with our deck-out saving mechanism, and with Takumi Aiba it is easy to re-draw your option cards when your deck is thin. 

With 10 option cards, AvengeKidmon makes a cheap-to-play LV6 Digimon during late game. In addition, AvengeKidmon can also digivolve into Susannoomon, and there is that possibility to Kaiser Nail him out from Susannomon if situation deems it necessary. 


This deck is powered by many surprisingly robust engines: it has great recovery and security strength that rivals a SecCon deck, amazing draw power that puts purple decks to shame, and a digivolution line that is as memory-efficient as green. 

It is able to define it's own tempo thanks to Takumi Aiba and heavy security buffs allowing it to cripple most aggro decks, it has solution to a Musketeer/Beelstar deck in the form of AvengeKidmon, and it has a built-in deck-out recovery system allowing it to survive in late-game environments. 

Do give this deck a try in BT-07!

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8 thoughts on “BT7: Zoe Extravaganza”

  1. Very interesting. Not how i will play bt7 hybrid shinegrey but very interesting build using a wide variety of tool

      1. Pure yellow? And at least 12 tamer. Instead of blue or white option/tamer, recovery and 'control' option like wynern breath are prefer.

        Maybe mix old school red option. ^^

        1. Hi Lum Wen Kang,

          Seeing the new Security Control with Zoe we would see the new strong decklist for BT7 seccon with the red killer options. But We at Digimon Card Meta would love to not promote or build a Security Control deck to play since we found it really annoying and take too much time to end the game. 🙂

  2. You can't Mega Digimon Fusion Susanoomon from a tamer. The card states "From a Digimon", so it doesn't work with Tamer warp digivolutions. Maybe revise the article, replacing the Mega Digimon Fusions with some blockers like Mekanorimon?

    I tested the deck a bit and found it struggled against early game aggression, before you can power out your Dynasmon and stack of Takumi Aiba's. Losing a couple security early really puts the deck in the red zone since it has no way to stop opponent's from spending the 2 or 3 memory needed when it wins the game. Really really needs Blockers.

    1. Hi Overmaster,

      The last I checked with our local judge, he has shown some Q&A from [CARDASS Support] that [Hidden Potential Discovered] can be used on tamers. They however mention that the tamer card "cannot be suspended" because they are not yet a Digimon before the "spirit evolution" actually happens. It would be great if you could point me to a ruling or official Q&A that indicates otherwise (because I think this will be in the head of many players too).

      Yes sir I agree with you 100% on Mekanorimon and the deck's weakness towards early game aggression (arriving at somewhat the same conclusion). I will definitely take your advice on the blockers and continue to optimize this deck and hopefully I can arrive at a sweet spot against other meta decks 🙂

  3. You can use Mega Digimon Fusion on a tamer. Same goes for Hidden Potential Discovered, and Win Rate: 60%. It's been confirmed (and reconfirmed in fact) by Bandai via the Carddass email rulings. Ironically you cannot suspend a tamer for Hidden Potential Discovered, but it will still trigger when you digivolve a Tamer into Susanomon.

  4. While I get that this is a little outdated and the BT7 is already well established, I can see this stealing some tourneys in the early BT7 meta in English once it hits over there. Plus, if the opponent is unfamiliar with how this deck plays, it could help you steal games, assuming it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes per game in best of 3 >.>

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