Blue in BT7: MagnaGarurumon is Strong

For the blue hybrid, we have 2 tamers to choose from to build the deck: Tommy Himi or Koji Minamoto. Koji Minamoto and his hybrid line is maybe the first thing we consider to construct for blue, Magnagaruru can appear suddenly by digivolving from Koji tamer for 4 costs, then perform 2 attacks (MagnaGaruru can be unsuspended), return 1 opponent's Digimon back to its owner's hands and gain back 1 memory. 

Koji main effect: You may place 5 cards with [Hybrid] in their traits from your hand under this tamer in any order to digivolve it into an [MagnaGarurumon] in your hand by paying its digivolution cost. Koji inherited effect is (once per turn): When an effect adds a card to your hand, gain 1 memory. Then, this Digimon can't be blocked for the turn.

This is the cheapest and fastest digivoving in Digimon card game by paying the total cost of 3, on top of that this Digimon can't be blocked, it can return an opponent's LV6 Digimon back to hand if we manage to put an LV6 MagnaGarurumon in its digivolution source. We just need to observe what the opponent has in their board to put the same level Digimon accordingly. 

Since Koji has special treatment in this BT7 set, I choose to build 1 blue deck for Himi, lol. Himi's hybrid line is focusing on remove opponent's Digimon digivolution cards, a very defensive strategy that I love to play in blue.

Deck Overview

Playing this blue deck I feel that my hands are always full of cards, it is from the effect of BT6 Beowolfmon to return LV3 or LV4 black to hand to return an opponent's digimon LV4 or lower back to its owner's hand. And it is quite fun to have some level of board control in the deck

Tommy Himi, the new level of removal

Himi is such a little boy that can trash 3 digivolution card with "on play" effect. We can play him for free from Neemon or just paying 3 costs to hard-play him if you see the opponent has 1 Digimon with many dangerous digivolution cards like Jesmon or EX1 Machindramon.

Continuing on his digivolution line, we have Kumamon and Korikakumon that can continue the job of removal and block the opponent's Digimon from attacking. 

[BT7-021] Kumamon can be digivolving from a tamer or a lv3 digimon by paying 2 costs and trigger "trash 1 digivolution card from the bottom of 1 of opponent's Digimon". If he is digivoling from an LV3 Digimon, the digivolution needs to be done outside of the raising area to trigger the effect. The [BT7-023] Korikakumon, on the other hand, stops the opponent from blocking or attacking. This Digimon can be digivolved from a blue tamer for 2 costs or another lv4 Digimon by paying 1 cost to trigger the effect. In the previous meta, we have to use option cards or at least have one Hexeblaumon on board to trigger the same effect. But with BT7 Himi's hybrid Digimon, we can do it from LV4, this is a very good benefit of the deck.

LV5 Digimon

The LV5 hybrid Digimon obvious choice: BT5 and BT7 BeoWolfmon. As you can see, this deck's all LV3 Digimon are a hybrid type, so the condition to trigger or enable effects of these Digimon are easy to meet.

Mega Digimon

MagnaGaruru and Vikemon are my preference for this deck. While MagnaGarurumon can return an opponent's LV3~LV6 Digimon then Vikemon can return any (level) Digimon back to its owner's hand as long as that Digimon does not have any digivolution card. With the power of digivolution source removal of this deck, Vikemon comes to be very handful and powerful for defensive strategy, it deserves to be the best Campaign Card in this BT7 set.

A backup Plan

EX1 Ikkakumon and Zudomon are my backup plan to be used with option card "I'll drag you into the Depths" (1 cost to play) to attack and delete an opponent's Digimon with no digivolution card. This is to delete Digimon that should not be returned to hand like 3 Musketeer or EX1 Machindramon or "recovery" cards such as Holydramon or HolyAngemon.


BT5 Omega is an option to end the game, and the pair tamer Sora and Joe is to gain more memory for the beginning of the turn. Hammer Spark and Icewall are best to hit from security to end opponent's turn, else we can use Ice-wall to slow down opponent attack if the rookie rush. 

Neemon helps to play a tamer from hand for free, and Bakomon main purpose is to gain back 2 memories when a tamer digivolved. 

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