BT7 early meta Tier-1: Red KaiserGreymon Hybrid

Finally, there is a deck that can easily freeze the rookie rush and comfortably defeats Security Control (Recovery), which is the new BT7 red Hybrid KaiserGreymon (Emperor Greymon). This new red profile is going to be a huge threat in BT7 meta, also it pushes up the price of KaiserGreymon alternative art cards.

In this post, we would like to share a deck profile from Japan, tamer HamaD-san, who won the local tournament with this deck on first weekend of BT7.

This deck is a basic build for red Hybrid and the most powerful combination of AncientGreymon and KaiserGreymon that makes it so fast and so furious in the tourney. Some players said: If they are not hand-brick, it is very scary to play against them. Here we would like to show some of the deck techs so that you can get some ideas and build a deck to counter them. 

New Red Hybrid Digimon

The MVP for the deck is red tamer Takuya Kanbara and new LV5 Aldamon. 

[BT7-014] Aldamon is the one who gives AncientGreymon and KaiserGreymon "option jamming". With Aldamon in theirs digivolution cards, the LV6 digimons attack security without worrying about hitting Trump Sword or Gaia Force, it basically secures all the checks. If the opponent has a blocker, the BT6 Flamemon with "piercing" can clear the trouble away. Besides, if Kaisergreymon is blocked, it can gain back memory, and sometimes it helps to provide enough memory to digivolve a tamer into another LV4 hybrid digimon to end the game. So whatever you do, they will still have a solution to end the game.

It is so unfair of Bandai to give so many benefits to Takuya Kanbara and Koji Minamoto compared to other hybrid tamers. Takuya Kanbara can be played for free by using the inherited effect of BT7 Flamemon, and also can warp evolution from this tamer into KaiserGreymon by placing 5 [hybrid] cards under this tamer. By doing this, KaiserGreymon can inherit "piercing" and "option jamming" from LV5 bt7 Aldamon. With "blitz" ability, Kaisergreymon is normally the one to end the game after board-clean by AncientGreymon or BT4 Aldamon attack. If the KaiserGreymon do not have piercing and the opponent blocks the attack, it can be unsuspended and gain back +1 memory for each [hybrid] digimon in its digivolution source, so there is no meaning to block it (but if it is a Diaboromon deck that have potential to have multiple blockers then we may block it)

Safe Aggro

With the Bokomon in the battle, the evolution into a tamer becomes 2 costs cheaper, this is the reason why you see many BT7 decks use the lv3 digimon to stop opponents from earning memories from any sources that are not from their tamers. You have to either destroy Bokomon or play purple Gazimon or blue Betamon or black Chuumon or green Terriermon, etc. 

Speaking about aggro: the BT4 Aldamon and AncientGreymon are Digimons to do multiple security checks if the player can field them. When inheriting BT7 Aldamon's option jamming, security check becomes a very safe ordeal. In a deck that is full of Hybrid digimon, it is so easy to end the game with its red tamers, so if you play against a hybrid, you should also count the opponent's tamer to get prepared for their next turn.


So far people only think of  Neodevimon to gain memory if the opponent plays a tamer, or Lucemon and Omnimon Zwart Defeat to destroy the tamer. But all these methods are yet to prove a good result since it is still in the early phase of BT7 meta.

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