[En Format] Lichi 1st Place TAK Online Regional MetalGaruru (28 Aug)


Invited Author: Lichi (Limit Break)
Country: North America.

The deck is a black toolbox deck fitted to play up against the current BT5 meta of the format using tools that black utilizes, from reboot/blocker inheritables, DP increase digiburst and inherits to power up Omnimon Zwart Defeat and his power to delete tamers, along with beefed-up security again with Zwart Defeat and Ultimate Flares to turn the tide of battle once your opponents start swinging at security.

And finally, the power control and snowball potential of Omnimon X-antibody to secure a game where your opponent cannot have an answer against anymore.

Deck Owner: Lichi

Key Points

The deck is built to turbo digivolve into a LV7 Digimon, and it includes the LV7 Digimon that is the cheapest to digivolve (Omnimon Zwart Defeat). You would imagine it's digivolving a LV5 till LV7 Digimon for just 5-6 memories.

Utilization of reboot and blocker inheritable together is an amazing combo where you get to swing and be defensive. Avoiding potential Nidhogg plays from green also Zwart defeat blocker is such a big wall at 13K DP with retaliation

[BT4-072]Gogmamon DP increase mechanics lets you manipulate a turn or two to potentially avoid DP reduction from yellow and survive that crucial turn where from a lvl 6 you can digivolve into a lvl 7 Digimon.

Omnimon Zwart Defeat "when digivolving" ability is extremely powerful and an amazing tempo play if you delete a tamer. Your opponent paid 4 memory for that tamer and you completely negate it. The setback is too great for most colors to comeback from, and a turn 1 4 cost tamer is devastating, because you can potentially climb into your defeat by having a mega in raising area evolving into a cheap with 1 cost lvl 4 Digimon and going to 5 and 6 and raising, and next turn go Zwart Defeat.

Metalgarurumon is the best answer for security control with the trashing of security if the opponent has no play cost of 6 or less, it covers the match-up so well.. and Metalgarurumon also helps a little bit out against the rookie rush match up.

Ultimate Flare is your answer for rookie rush. If you have it in hand or in security, you would win the matchup, so it's a coin toss if you are getting that card or not. A big play against rookie rush is just giving them all the memory and put them on their turn to 10, if they use all of the cards they have in hand and potentially hit an Ultimate Flare in security or get hit from playing from the hand next turn, it makes the rookie rush match up to run out of gas so fast.

 Lastly, Omnimon x-antibody during the regionals whenever he came out most of the time he was unanswered, decks have not been playing cards to delete something as big outside of security control. And when X-antibody goes unpunished for even 1 turn, it's extremely difficult for your opponent to comeback
The deck was aimed to have an even playing field against all the colors, do well against sec control and rookie rush.


Round 1- green control
Round 2- yellow LKM
Round 3- rookie rush
Round 4- security control
Round 5- Lilith loop
Round 6- black control
Round 7- yellow LKM
Round 8- rookie rush
I would barely remember round to round outside round 7 and 8. The result for R2, R5 and R6 were 2-0 (if I remember correctly). The rest is 2-1, and round 7 was streamed on TheEggmans stream.
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