Hyper Spirit Evolution

Red and Blue hybrid for MagnaGarurumon and KaiserGreymon are showing their potential to be in the top tier with the speed of their hybrid evolution line provided with aggressive power of red and removal power of blue. But have you ever think of a deck that combines them together? a deck that acts as Rookie Rush but giving as much damage as Ragnaloardmon.

This deck has 14 hybrid rookies Digimon, 6 LV4, 2 Lv5, 7 for LV6, and 3 copies of BT1 Omnimon. This deck also uses 4 copies of Bokomon, 1 copy of Neemon to support Tamer's summoning or digivolving. 2 copies of Analogy for search and trash power, also secure a white tamer card in order to play Fuse Into Ultimate Digimon option card.

Early Game: Rookie Rush

The mission of the LV3 rookies is to draw more, search more for hybrid Digimon and play more tamers. The Bokomon's effect can help to put 2 cards to hand, the Strabimon and Flamemon effects can only take one card from their search.

In the early game, we may need to attack the opponent's security using the LV3 Digimon or LV4 Digimon to fill up the trash or to draw more to add more cards to hand. I choose blue Upamon because this digitama provides draw+1 in its ESS. The BT7 Strabimon is a very good rookie since we can free play a Koji tamer if this Digimon dies.

Hyper Spirit Evolution

As you can see from Takuya and Koji effect, Takuya can be digivolved into a KaiserGreymon from the hand by paying its digivolution cost and you must place 5 cards with [Hybrid] in their type from trash under this tamer in any order. While red evolution needs 5 [hybrid] cards from trash, the blue line for Koji Minamoto digivolves into MagnaGarurumon condition is you must have 5 [hybrid] cards from hand to enable hyper evolution.

The huge benefit of the hyper evolution in this deck is it does not care about what colour that [hybrid] Digimon is, as long as it is a [hybrid] type, we can put under tamer to perform digivolution from Takuya or Koji into their respective LV6 Digimon.

So after I performed rookie attacks on opponent security to destroy the rookies in order to fill up the trash or play more tamer, I will perform Hyper Sprit Evolution to whatever colour that fulfils the condition first. If I have enough [Hybrid] cards in the trash, I will use Takuya digivolution, else if I have 5 [hybrid] cards in hand, I would trigger Koji evolution into MagnaGaruru. The Bokomon is there to save the digivolution cost from a Tamer into a Digimon, so we only need to pay 2 costs.

The secret power of this deck is BT1 Omnimon with white option card Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon.

During the Hybrid Evolution, we can choose to put as many as LV6 Digimon we have from hand or trash under the tamer that used to digivolve. If we have a white tamer or a white Digimon on board, we can cast the Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon to digivolve from LV6 KaiserGreymon or MagnaGaruru into BT1 Omnimon at zero cost.

Once everything is set, we can use Omnimon to attack the opponent's security and at the same time, removing a LV6 Digimon to unsuspend (re-active) the Omnimon. If we don't hit any killer option card in the opponent's security, it is easy to end the game with this trap.

Remember this set-up is doable because we only have to pay 2 costs for the whole digivolution from tamer -> LV6 Hybrid -> Omnimon. Besides, the opponent's cannot control the board to avoid this situation because it is digivolved from a tamer.

We have tested with this deck, and it is strong, easy to perform the strategy. Here are some comments:

  • It is rare to have a hand-brick since there are too many rookies in the deck.
  • Easy to set up the hyper sprit evolution.
  • If the opponent plays Digimon that avoids you earn memory from another source than tamer, you need to destroy its first. We can use the "when digivolving" effect of MagnaGaruru to return it to hand and earn back memory. And if we manage to stay at our turn after MagnaGaruru's [When Digivolving] effect all resolved, then digivolve it into BT1 Omnimon.
  • Do not digivolve into Omnimon if you cannot end the game in the turn it appears, we should stop at LV6 Digimon, especially the MagnaGaruru to do some removal with its effect. 
  • Takuya can give "SecurityAttack+1" and Koji gives "This Digimon can't be blocked" in their inheritable effect, Omnimon is over-power. LOL. 
  • If we play against a Security Control deck, it is a good decision to stop at LV6 Digimon to inherit the benefit of LV5 Aldamon (if we manage to put it in digivolution source) to enable "option jamming"
This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

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