[En Format] The new promo cards in BT6 English meta.


It was a big surprise when Bandai informed us about releasing 6 new promo cards (1 for each color) during the BT6 English released next Octorber. It is the same with English BT4 when the anniversary promo cards are released at the same time while those are released in BT5 for Japanese format. 

A question is asked: Are these promo cards going to change the English BT6 meta? Let take a detailed look at each of them.

In BT6 meta, the deck that holds dominance in red color is Jesmon RoyalKnight deck. The BT2 or ST7 Gallantantmon is the LV6 Digimon that are normally to be added to Jesmon deck. The ST7 Gallantmon is considered to be more suitable for Jesmon deck to rush the attack since it can warp evolution from ST7 Guilmon into this Digimon at 4 costs then can perform 2 security checks while the BT2 Gallantmon is more useful in the late game.

The new Guilmon, [P-041], is giving "Draw 1" in its [When Attacking] effect which is useful for Jesmon deck since it needs more draw power. There is available slot in Jesmon deck's LV3 digimon that can be replaced for this promo Guilmon, and rush is a strategy of Jesmon deck anyway. 

This promo Gabumon is maybe the last element to fulfill the BOF deck in BT6 meta. 

Before EX1 is introduced, BOF weakness is searching power for blue tamer BT6 Matt Ishida, this is also the main reason that causes BOF to lose the fight. But with [P-042] Gabumon, it surely strengthens the BOF deck power to a higher level, we foreseen that BOF is going to be stronger in BT6 English meta.

Kentaurosmon is a lv6 Digimon that provides an ultimate defense strategy for yellow color, it has both "when digivolving" and "when destroyed" effects that can slow down the opponent's pace. With the new promo [P-043] Kudamon that can pair with Kentaros in the deck, it may give a chance for Kentaros to shine a bit more in BT6 meta.

The BT6 OTK meta made the Sakuyamon becomes important to control the game when Digimon is moved out from the raising area. For example, the Jesmon deck always builds its digivolution source in the raising area and makes multiple deadly attacks when it is moved out to the battle. It may use a delay option card or gain more memory from Sitermon Noir (or Ceil) to have enough memory to stay in its turn after it digivolves into Jesmon. So if you cannot control the memory then you must have some defense strategy like Sakuyamon to stop them. Kentauros may not help much in controlling the OTK power in BT6 meta.

[p-044] HerculesKabuterimon may not be a great help for the green in BT6 meta. Green deck has to use Ancientroy and Nidhogg to defense the madness OTK in this meta, HerculesKabuteri will need to wait until EX1 so that the [Insectoid] traits have more cards to build a complete deck.

The "Decoy" in inheritable effect for [P-045] Kurisarimon won't help Diaboromon deck shine in BT6 meta. It will be more in use when the EX1 release then Diaboromon can become blocker and get protected by Craniamon. There are many option cards in BT6 meta that can destroy many Digimon at the same time, so no matter it can act as "Decoy" or not, it still gets destroyed. 

Even though Beelstar three musketeers is something big, very big in BT6 meta that use a lot of option card, but this deck don't use the normal evolution line so Wizardmon will not be useful for 3 Musketeers deck.

However, it is good to use in Lilith-loop BT6 format. With one memory added when we use an option card during looping, it can help Lilith to do more loops or even control the memory when it passes the turn.

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