BT7 Green Deck Review: A Secure Gatcha Deck

Junpei and his hybrid Digimon are currently the favorite decks to be played in the tournament for the green color in BT7. We almost forgot another green deck profile that is also strong enough to challenge other colors in this "hybrid" high-speed meta. Unlike the BT5 or BT6 green gatcha, this is the strongest gatcha profile with a 95% secure ratio to hit LV6 Digimon to digivolve for free.

Deck's Owner: RIna

For the era of warp evolution or spirit evolution to jump or skip the normal evolution line to reach LV6 or LV7 Digimon with just paying a few more memory during digivolving or attacking in BT6 and BT7 meta, "speed" or "cost" is becoming the first thing to consider when you build a deck to play a competitive game or participate tournaments. Is your deck fast enough, or if the opponent is faster than yours then how you are going to counter that? This is the reason why black decks like X-antibody or Machindramon still find it very hard to be in Tier-1 or Tier1.5 of this meta.

Let get back to this green gatcha profile, if we calculate the cost to have 1 or 2 security checks, it takes 6 costs for 3 attacks (best scenario), equal to Rookie Rush speed when we use 6 memories to play 3 rookies that contribute 3 security attacks. This deck almost never have to pay a cost when we would digivolve from a LV5 into LV6 Digimon, there are many solutions you can play around with to get the most wanted LV6 Digimon to be digivolving.

This featured deck comprises 11 LV3s, 9 LV4s, 10 LV5s, 11 LV6s, and 3 LV7s Digimon. There are 6 tamer cards and no option cards. The distribution is already showing the first weakness of this deck: hand-brick, lol, so to avoid this you must do a proper shuffling (for example table shuffle). 

[BT7-045] Tortomon is the first and very important factor to make this deck runs successfully.  This Digimon can help to secure a LV6 Digimon to be placed at the top of your deck (if you have a LV6 Digimon in hand) and to add +3000 DP for this Digimon. Adding DP is the most useful effect that this Digimon provides, it helps the LV6 Digimon to able to survive if it hits a Mega or LV7 in the opponent's security. Even if you don't have a LV6 to put, you can take any Digimon from your hand to put on the top of your deck to just increase the DP. 

[BT7-049] MameTyramon and [BT1-078] Jagamon, both have the same "when attacking" effect to reveal the top 3 cards of your deck, then you may digivolvive into a Lv6 green Digimon among them without paying its cost. With the Tortomon effect, if you have a LV6 Digimon in hand that you desire to use such as Nidhoggmon, you can place this card on top of the deck by triggering Tortomon's ESS first, then trigger the "when attacking" effect of Jagamon or MameTyranmon to reveal it.  

If the Tortomon is not in the digivolution cards, you can use the LV3 Gotsumon "on play" effect to reveal 1 green card from hand then place it on top of the deck. To do this, you need to pay 3 costs to play Gotsumon and it should be still in your turn, so tamer Mimi is important to reset 3 memories at beginning of the turn.

Even if you don't have Tortomon or Gotsumon to secure the auto-digivolution, you can play more Izumi&Mimi tamer to open and reveal another 3 cards on top of the deck when your LV5 performs attacking. On top of that, the new digitama [BT7-004] Koromon also contributes a small role in helping the search for LV6 Digimon. Koromon is good in a way that you want to know what Digimon you are going to draw next from the deck and if it is not what you want you can place that card at the bottom of the deck. 

Level 6 Digimon

There are 4 different types of LV6 green Digimon in this deck, 3 of them are performing more on a defensive strategy to control the board: Nidhoggmon, Ancenttroy, and Megagargomon. The OTK Megagargomon can rest an opponent when digivolving and immediately perform 2 security checks. If the LV3 Kokuwagamon is in its digivolution cards then this Digimon can do another check to the opponent's security. 

If the opponent plays a lot of rookies like the current bt7 meta to search for hybrid cards, we can bring out Nidhoggmon to wipe out the opponent's board in one instant. 

AncientTroy is another defensive solution while ImperialDramon is a very strong LV6 that has "Piercing" and can unsuspend once when it destroys 1 opponent's digimon.

And since it is still in your turn when the LV6 Digimon attacks, you can digivolve into Chaos or ValdurArm to reduce the opponent's Digimon DP or attack their unsuspended digimon. 

The tamer Mimi, don't forget it can help to speed up the hatching if there is LV5 digimon on the field. If you have both Mimi and the pair tamer on play, there is a chance that you can have 3 or 5 or 7 memories at beginning of the turn when your opponent has rested Digimon and you have 1 or more Mimi&Izumi tamer in play.

This deck is strong against the Red or Blue Hybrid that is currently overturning the meta, but it may face some difficulty if it match-up with Security Control. 

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