Diaboromon a counter to BT7?

Invited Author: Na'im Erywan (Brunei)

Hello, I am Na’im Erywan and today I'll show you my take on Diaboromon in BT7 after winning multiple times in the current meta.

Diaboromon in the current and previous metas have been either average or underwhelming since its reveal back in BT2: where other decks focus on building DP, resting opponents Digimon and so on, Diaboromon’s win condition can be summarized with one word “tokens”, to create as many tokens as you can to overwhelm your opponent as much as possible and as quick as possible, be it through the BT5 Arata Sanada or other Digimon Effects.

Deck Owner: Na'im Erywan

As a mainly-black player, I really did not think much about Diaboromon when BT7 came around, opting for green rather than black at first. Eventually I got myself stuck with Diaboromon and after playing in a few tournaments, I realised that the support cards from EX01 really helped to boost the survivability of Diaboromon & its tokens in the current BT7 meta.

What’s so good in EX01 that counters most forms of removal in BT7? EX01 Infermon.

Infermon is mainly used for its ESS: [All Turns] All of your other Digimon with the same name as this Digimon get +2k DP. A Diaboromon with this ESS will buff all of your tokens to 5k DP or even 7k/9k in some games. These potentially big tokens can be made into blockers if you choose to digivolve into the EX01 Diaboromon.

In addition, the EX01 Diaboromon also has a security effect that plays a token, which in turn can easily satisfy BT5 Catastrophe Cannon's second effect to spawn another token (if u have a Diaboromon on the field) when it is activated before you can properly setup a Diaboromon by digivolution. 

In a Diaboromon game, more tokens equals more blockers/attackers, so what I personally do is to prep as many tokens as possible to end it in one swift turn and if I can't then I will just keep making more tokens to slowly overwhelm my opponent.

If your opponent has something like a BT6 Mekanorimon that stops tokens, you can use the BT5 Starmon as a tech card to get rid of it as you will have a lot of memory from running either the double tamers or multiple copies of Arata Sanada.

How do I play this deck

Simple! spam blocker tokens and stall till you have enough to end the game.

Why does it counter the current meta?

In my opinion, it counters the current meta because most forms of removal in BT7 is either for low DP Digimons (e.g. 4k or lower) because everyone wants to delete the enemy’s Bokomon before the memory shenanigans kick in. Also, another factor being that to destroy a Diaboromon the opponent will either have to swing into it (which is unlikely if you use my strategy) or to use a deletion option card that would cost so much memory that you can simply just rebuild after. 


Yes, even though this deck sounds really strong it does have its weaknesses. Firstly the BT1 Omnimon, while rare, will kill off all your tokens together with your Diaboromons. Secondly Azulongmon, which is also rare, as tokens do not have any digivolution sources hence Azulongmon can OTK your game if they play their cards right. Thirdly Megazoo decks as they can just kill off all Diaboromon that you have built and forces you to deck out, and finally Green decks (specifically Green Hybrid) as they can just suspend and attack your Digimons like fodder.

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