[En Format] Valos 1st Place Green OTK at Europe Evo Cup (19 Sept)


Invited Author: Valos (Greece)
Tournament Report: Europe Evo Cup on Sept 19
Host: Tournament Center

Deck Introduction

The idea behind the deck was an attempt to mix both the OTK and Control green variants so it's understandably very messy because of it. The only issue it has is it doesn't have any REAL answers to Security Control (like for example reds "A Delicate Plan" and BT1 "Wargreymon") but it can still get around those match ups with a bit of luck and controlling the board.  There are some cards that I'd like to point out from this deck that made a surprising impact and some that more vital to the game plan as a whole

Deck Owner: Valos
Palmon BT5: While at first glance it's not a great card as it only has 2 or 3 real targets, though playtesting I've found that its a great way to both recycle the Promo Palmon that gives Jamming when used as a Digi-Burst Material as well as just putting herself under a Digimon that doesn't have a Digi-Egg in their sources meaning any Digimon becomes a Nidhoggmon threat. Additionally, if the stack has great source effects like BT4 Lilamon and ST4 MegaKabuterimon, it gives you the option to keep them under cards like Nidhogg or GranKuwagamon making the eventual Chaosmon an even bigger threat.
Weedmon BT5: It's effect to give you 1 memory for simply using Digi-Burst is almost vital when you want to control the board, especially when combined with Promo Palmon they become the best set of cards to use as Digi-burst Fuel and that 1 Memory can mean a lot when it comes to the low evolution cost deck that is green.
Cherrymon BT2: As a 2 cost evolution it's already a great card but it's also a 7k blocker making a great wall against Shoutmon DX decks that can't deal with any blocker above 5k unless they attack into it or evolve into BT1 Omnimon. However, I noticed that most of the time I don't block with him in other matchups as I'd rather digivolve into a level 6 which is why it's at 1.
Megakabuterimon ST4: This is the only card in the entire deck that has a real answer to Security control. Its ability to trash the top card of the Security Stack came up multiple times and hit its fair share of options as well as some tamers. 

-3-2-2-1 Level 6 Line: This is probably the most "controversial" part of the whole deck, the level 6 Digimon. Of course, the Nidhoggmon at 3 doesn't need an explanation, deals with RR, and clears wide boards. Rafflesimon and Grankuwagamon are both in here cause each of them is a part of the deck's control and OTK power respectively. However, there are times that I've used them together. Digi-burst once with Grankuwagamon trashing Weedmon and another material (ideally Promo Palmon of course) gaining Security+1 as well as the 1 memory you need to evolve him into Rafflsimon, then using Grankuwagamon and another material for her effect to boost all the Digimon by 2k and freezing a blocker or another threat on the board would leave you with a 13k-15k (If you had a Yokomon under it) Rafflesimon with Sec+1 and either MegaKabuterimon or Lilamon under her. Meaning you could for example swing into Security for 2, evolve into Chaosmon, take out another Digimon that isn't the Frozen one from Rafflesimons effect, trashing the 3rd Security with Megakabuterimon's effect, and removing the other 2 with Piercing. Finally, Herculeskabuterimon is there for problem cards like LordKnightmon but its 4 evo cost makes him less than ideal but still pretty good.

Flower Cannon BT1: Flower Cannon over Needle Spray BT4 is something that came up multiple times especially against RR. Yes, the fact it doesn't get added to hand after resting a Digimon means you can't rest a Blocker on your turn however most of the decks that top this meta are RR and LordKnightmon which swarm the field and keep swinging so resting ALL of them if it gets checked in security is absolutely worth it.
Wisselen BT5: A lot of your cards that stay on the board for long have a Digi-burst ability making this card a 4 cost most if not all the time, and it freezes 2 Digimon. And if you have a Weedmon to Digi-bust and Mimi you can simply Digi-bust to go to 4, use this to freeze any defenses and swing for game. Also, the possibility to gain 2 memory during your opponent's turn is always worth it.
Izzy Izymi & Mimi Tachikawa BT5: A massive deterrent. The threat of gaining 2 memory just because your opponent attacked will cause them to wait out multiple turns to avoid giving you too much memory to work with. The other effect that evolves for free didn't come up more than once but it's a fun topdeck moment if let's say you digivolve into a Nidhoggmon for free, resting all the blockers and shuffling them into the deck. For. Free.

If your opponent has something like a BT6 Mekanorimon that stops tokens, you can use the BT5 Starmon as a tech card to get rid of it as you will have a lot of memory from running either the double tamers or multiple copies of Arata Sanada.


The game plan doesn't change a lot from Match-up to Match-up because you always want to go in for an OTK however there are some notes for some of them.
Rookie Rush: The deck is stressful to play against because if it takes you too long to get to Nidhoggmon or your OTK combo you won't have a good time. A good way to keep them from swarming is to simply threaten them with a fully stacked level 5 even if you don't currently have the Nidhoggmon in the hand unless they decide to simply swing and hope they'll have to deal with it.
Yellow LordKnightmon: Chaosmon and Herculeskabuterimon are great ways to deal with it. And if needed there is always the great equalizer that is Nidhoggmon since their deck needs to attack to gain more advantage. It's a very straightforward match-up and both decks are equally capable of stealing the game away from the other.
Black Metalgarurumon: The deck is very slow compared to green and while the ability to get rid of your security and tamers with Omnimon Zwart Defeat can be devastating, a simple Chaosmon can deal with their level 6 without much issue.
Security Control: Probably the worst deck to play against other than Rookie Rush. There are only two ways to really win here, either take your time swinging with Megakabuterimon's Effect to avoid any option card in the Security or swing and hope you don't hit things that cause you too much of an issue (Ultimate Flare doesn't affect you much since there is nothing to De-Digivolve into since you get rid of them through Digi-Burst).
Purple ChaosGallantmon/Cresgarurumon: Similarly to Black decks, it's not fast enough to bring forward a threat you can't deal with so it's usually a problem if you brick really really hard.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the deck ran surprisingly smoothly throughout the event. It bricked maybe 2 or 3 times and that was only for maybe a turn or two, after which it picked back up, thankfully not against the decks that would cause an issue if you did nothing for a turn (Example: Black). It's a mess of a list so there was defiantly some luck involved in playing this but in a game like Digimon that is a given with every deck.

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