Quick Share: Eyesmon – The new level of recycling trash


Eyesmon* are becoming the most popular LV4 purple Digimon to be used in any bt7 purple mechanic, it provides a new effective rushing methodology that is what they need for a purple deck. Let see how it works.

The pair of Eyesmon and its scatter mode tech are the most powerful trash power for purple in the meantime. This pair wont be limited using in purple color, but also can give some helps for other decks if they need draw or trash power since the play cost for Scatter Mode is just 4.

People normally use the max copy of each digimon to ensure the strategy works. The Eyesmon: Scatter Mode's [On Deletion] effect is to trigger "draw 3" then trash 2 from hand. The Eyesmon, in the other hand, can be played directly when this card is trashed from hand and there is a Scatter Mode in the trash. At the same turn when Scatter Mode get destroyed, if 2 Eyesmon are trashed then those 2 will be played without paying its memory cost (but they cant attack opponent's Digimon or security in the same turn they are played). And to be clear, as long as there is a Scatter Mode in trash, whenever we trigger any effects to trash Eyesmon from hand, that Digimon can be played immediately.

But sometime 4 copies for each may be not enough, then which option cards can work perfectly with this duo.

[ST6-15] Death Claw is used to delete the Eyesmon: Scatter Mode in order to trigger its [On Deletion] effect and destroy an opponent's Lv4 Digimon. With only 1 cost to play, we can destroy 1 opponent's Digimon and widen our board with 2 Eyesmon in play, a very cheap cost to play but impactful outcome.

The [BT7-107] Calling From the Darkness, also takes 1-cost to play, is here to solve the issue when you have used all Eyesmon and now they are in trash. Normally we don't need to retrieve Scatter Mode from trash if we don't need draw power, but if our hands lack of cards, then retrieving Scatter Mode from trash is a must. Else we will use the Calling from the Darkness to take back the Eyesmon to trash from other cards' effect to continue widen the board. The Eyesemon's DP can be very high depends on how many Scatter Mode we have in the trash, for each Scatter Mode in trash, it adds +2000 DP for Eyesmon, these Eyesmon's DP can be as high as a LV6 Digimon.

We can also use the Calling from Darkness to delete Scatter Mode and retrieve 2 Eyesmon from trash back to hand, and then resolve Scatter Mode's effect to trash those Eyesmons and have them played for free.

You may check more purple decks that uses Eyesmon in the BT7 winning decklist. Eyesmon(s) are now the important elements for not only purple rush, but also Beelstar 3-Musketeers or Lilith-loop.

Some rules for Eyesmon and related option cards

Q&A from BT-07 for [BT7-072] Eyesmon: When I have no [Eyesmon: Scatter Mode] in my trash, and I discard both this card and 1 [Eyesmon: Scatter Mode] at the same time with an effect, can this card be played?

-> Yes, you can

Q&A for [BT7-107] Calling from the Darkness:

Q&A 1: Can I returrn the Purple Digimon that was destroyed by this card's effect to my hand?

-> Yes, you can.

Q&A 2: I return a Digimon with a [When Destroyed] effect that was destroyed by this card's effect to my hand. What happens to that [When Destroyed] effect?

-> Although the [When Destroyed] effect was triggered, the effect does not activate as the Digimon card was removed from trash before the effect can activate.

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