The Magic of BT7 Purple Loop

Recently I have stumbled upon a new purple deck that caught my interest. I first saw this deck in a tournament report from Japan (thanks to Shin for building and winning with this deck). I felt a special connection with this build and have then decided to build one myself since I had fallen quite a lot for purple in recent days, so here it is!

Eyesmon ft Cerberus Loop

The deck's core strategy lies on Eyesmon's power to spawn for free when trashed, and Cerberusmon's (Werewolf) mode-change mechanic, both easily catching your opponent off-guard. Common in any purple loop decks, this deck will need some time to trash enough cards in order to setup the loop.

While I do not plan to write in-detail this deck's strategy, I would love to share a real game scenario from a game last night which I think would help illustrate how this deck is played and how fun (and fast) the mechanic can be.

The situation: My opponent played a yellow Rasenmon deck with [Recovery] Kazuchis, while I was playing this deck. As I was still building my trash, he had already cleared my security stack while passing me only 1 memory. He had 3 cards in his security and around 5 Digimons in his field, while I had no security, a single LV5 Lucemon on field, about 16 cards in trash, and a hand with the cards as shown below.

After several rounds of trash building, I ended up with a hand with 2 Jack Raids, 1 Fuse into Ultimate, 1 Zwart, 1 Lilithmon, 1 Eyesmon, and 1 Ceberusmon werewolf. In addition, I also had an Analog Boy played. 

I played 2 copies of Jack Raid for +2 memory in order to have enough to digivolve my LV5 Lucemon into Lilithmon (drawing into a LV3 Gabumon when digivolving), followed by the Fuse Into Ultimate option card to digivolve Lilith into Omnimon Zwart at 0 cost (drawing into the Calling from Darkness option card when digivolving). Thanks to Lilith's effect, I earned 2 memory when I played the Fuse option card.

I then triggered the effect of Zwart to trash 3 cards and played a Ginkakumon Promote and Cerberusmon from trash.

PS: I forgot to mention that I have also retrieved a Jack Raid and a Death Claw from trash when digivolving into Lilithmon (shown above).

I used GinkakuPromote with [Rush] to swing at my opponent's security and got destroyed in the process since the security revealed a LV5 with 7K DP. My opponent had 2 securities left. 

I then played Cerberus:Werewolf mode (for 9 cost) from hand and by triggering its [On Play] effect to destroy a Cerberus in the field to regain 9 memory (basically playing Werewolf mode for free if I delete Cerberus). I triggered Cerberus's [On Deletion] effect to "draw 2 and trash 1", and since there is an Eyesmon:Scatter in trash, I trashed my Eyesmon from hand in order to summon him to the field for free. My memory counter is still at 2 (at my side) because I did not use any of them.

I then swinged at my opponent's security using Cerberus:Werewolf Mode (with [Rush]) and OmniZwart to clear his 2 remaining security cards, and returned Lilith to hand to trigger Zwart's [When Attacking] effect, deleting 1 of my opponent's unsuspended Digimon with a play cost of 12 or less (not that it matters anyway for this situation).

With all of my opponent's security cards gone, I needed 1 more hit in order to win and here is what I did.

I played the 1-cost option card Calling from Darkness to destroy my OmniZwart in order to return 2 purple Digimon cards from my trash to hand, retrieving GinkakuPromote and a LV6 Nighoggmon. Since my LV7 Digimon with digivolution cards was destroyed, I suspended Analogboy to gain 1 memory, putting the memory counter back to 2 at my side (again, it doesn't matter at this point of game).

I then digivolved my Eyesmon in the field into the GinkakuPromote that I retrieved from trash earlier for 1 cost, and performed the final hit to win the game!

I forgot to move the memory counter to "1" because I paid 1 cost to evolve Eyesmon into GinkakuPromote

I truly enjoy the surprise element of this deck and I am glad to be able to setup and share this interesting scenario with you. My opponent was also genuinely surprised since he has never thought that I would be able to end the game in 1 turn with 3 remaining security cards, given only 1 memory and a single LV5 Digimon at the beginning of my turn.

This deck contains many combos that you can play around with and is still winning tournaments in Japan. We will also upload some gameplay videos at our Youtube Channel in due time (but the game with this really cool scenario was unfortunately not recorded). Do try this deck out for yourself! 

Here is game-play for this deck. (Please support us by subscribing this channel, thanks).

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