[EN] Jam Pingul 1st Place Sec Con Europe Evo Cup (Sept 26)


Invited Author: Jam Pingul (Germany)
Tournament Report: Europe Evo Cup on Sept 26 (110 players)
Host: Gametrade

Deck Introduction

Today we played ´´Deutschand´´(which means ´´Germany´´ in German because of the colors black, red and yellow) a simple yellow egg control that has been around since 1.5 meta.
Inspired by KVN, Symphonus (Bandai Cup June Winner) and I constantly evolved the deck, trying to solve current metas with it as yellow egg based security control lost a lot of popularity due to the rise of the red egg based security control decks. The advantage of playing the yellow egg Version is its versatility.
While the red egg version only stalls by just doing nothing but removing stuff and doing minimal pressure, the yellow egg version is a lot more tempo based and can get pretty
aggressive when needed while still having the ability of stalling your opponent into deck-out or at least going out of steam and options.

The deckbuild is pretty ‘standard‘ but will talk about some specific cards and their ratios:


Bushiagumon is simply amazing. It is either a free Draw in raising Area or another Burst lethal out in a lot of situations as people tend to give you a lot of memories under pressure, or just memory cheat him out with an attacking Magnadramon.
Playtested Promo Patamon a lot instead of Bushiagumon, just to have more heal against decks like RR and Green, but Bushiagumon felt way better as Patamon never really came in clutch against said Match Ups.

Starter Magnadramon:

Despite being a simple Vanilla from the OG starter decks, this card has been nuts throughout a lot of tournaments so we included it back in the deck.

With 12K DP, it is so hard to remove in mirrors especially against red egg decks as their sword only destroy 11K DP Digimon (with no Zwart Defeat on board of course).

It serves as a cheap Cycle with its evo cost of 2 which is quite enough against decks like RR that likes to memory choke you and will even late you evolve your Valdur Arm for more tempo gain.

Oh and an early attacking Lordknightmon dies as well if Magnadramon gets checked in security, lmao.


Omnimon Zwart Defeat:

You might think playing this card 4x is a no brainer as I once was convinced of being so as well.
But as a tempo oriented deck, I pretty much felt like 4 of them were more stuck dead in hand than in the security due to having a lot of card draw in the deck.

Even tested versions without Zwart D to minimize the dead draws but getting a Zwart D out of Sec is just a huge tempo gain and I often missed that while play-testing.

He’s also pretty good hard-casted in the mirror as a big boy pressure maker.

Plasma Stake:

I used to play this card 2x as it's simply amazing against Lordknightmon and green decks. You’re almost guaranteed to find a target for this deck against every deck but RR.

But as I predicted a lot of RR for the tournament I cut this card to 1 copy, which was the right call I guess.

Ultimate Flare:

You of course need this card to survive and clear the huge boards of RR.

This card also punishes players that do not play around it as a lot of opponent digi-bursted their lv4s and lv5s away (green deck), which pretty much turns this card into a better Gaia Force with a sweet board clear effect.

Izzy Izumi:

Izzy is mainly here for allowing us to play Ultimate Flare from hand. He also allows us to manipulate our top decks which can get pretty clutch if you sort them in an order that allows you to plant security bombs if you recover those.

I often just loved to have Izzy on board for making sure to being able to evo into a Magnadra that also summons a Lucemon.


  • Round 1: Green Control 2-0 win

My opponent played this match up pretty well hard-casting a lot to make having an answer to all his threats. Unfortunately for him I did have all the answers to clear his board while managing to get a board on my own.

From there on I just snowballed into Victory.

  • Round 2: Rookie Rush 2-0 win

2 pretty clutch Ultimate Flares wiped his entire boards in both games and he couldn't recover from that.

  • Round 3: Rookie Rush 2-1 win

This was a tough one.

While game one was easily won by a clutch Ultimate Flare in my Sec, he pretty much overran me in game 2 due to not having any answers to his board.

Game 3 was hard fought on both sides.

I tried to stall and recover as much as I can while him having almost infinite steam as he even recovered from an Ultimate Flare that took down 6 Digimon on his side. He quickly rebuilt his board but another flare in Security secured my win here.

  • Round 4: Lordknight/Maste 2-0 win

His early Lordknightmon snowballed pretty hard into him having a huge board including some Mastemon action. I just held my own trying to stall until he ran out of steam which worked fine and i secured the win.

Game 2 was a lot easier as he seemed to brick and I was just removing one lv5 after another while not seeing a lot of his lv6 Digimon.

  • Round 5: Lordknight/Maste 2-0 win

Like my earlier opponent, he snowballed pretty early as well while me just stalling again into him running out of steam. 

Game 2 was him doing a lot of misplays which eventually led to an easy victory.

  • Round 6: Security Control 1-1 draw

We both were the only undefeated players so if either of us won, the tournament would have been decided.

Unfortunately we drew here which means that there would be 1 more round for the tournament.

Game 1 was decided by me stalling the game into a deck-out on his side due to him drawing a lot of cards during the game.

Game 2 went almost into the same direction but unfortunately I ran out of removal and he got the win just barely in time. 

  • Round 7: Rookie Rush 2-0 win

Facing Rookie Rush in the final round took a lot of pressure off me because I felt pretty confident in this matchup.

Game 1 was pretty fast decided by me chopping down his board with Mistymon and stuff which led into a board on my side that quickly overran him.

Game 2 was very hard fought as he also had a lot of cycle this time which led to him rebuilding his board whenever I tried clearing it. Luckily he ran out of steam when I was at 0 security and I swung for game.

Closing Thoughts

I somewhat became a one trick pony with security control at majors. I never really felt confident enough playing other decks which of course helps me a lot understanding the matchups and minimising mistakes.

Even though the deck did not perform too well in the past tournaments I was still convinced that security control is one of the best decks and this time my faith into the deck paid out. It ran pretty smooth overall this past weekend and I am still having a lot of fun piloting it.

At last I want to give a shoutout to the DACH discord community and a special one to my stream community for always having my back during the tournament.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

2 thoughts on “[EN] Jam Pingul 1st Place Sec Con Europe Evo Cup (Sept 26)”

  1. Great article. I have been piloting this deck since reading it. I am still struggling with my lordknightmon match ups. Anymore insight you can provide on improving this match up would be appreciated and any changes you would make to the deck.

  2. Hello! Thanks for reaching out to me! Glad you enjoy the deck 🙂
    The Deck i used to win the Evo Cup was more designed to target Rookie rush Decks while not struggling too much against other decks.
    If you have a lot of Lordknightmon Decks to deal with,just include 1 or 2 more Plasma Stakes.
    Key is to not let them go too wide on board,so killing a Lordknightmon as fast is possible is highest priority. Plasma Stakes are just perfect for this as it not only kills the Lordknightmon for just 4 mem,it also kills them off when triggered in sec.
    Plasma Stakes are also pretty amazing against green,which is pretty popular in NA.

    Would cut,1 misty or 1 zwart d. depends on your playstyle and your match ups 🙂

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