[EN] Todd 1st Place Evo Cup Oceania with Shoutmon-DX force (Sept 25)


Invited Author: Todd (Oceania)
Tournament Report: Oceania Evo Cup on Sept 25
Host: TAK

Deck Introduction

Today we played OTK Shoutmon – DX, a medium paced deck that has the potential to blow up your opponents when they least expect it.

This deck has been around for a bit and I’ve just fallen in love with it, it is one of the only true one turn kills in the game and this is done by playing BT-1 Omnimon instead of the BT5 Omnimon, this card gives you numerous swings in most scenarios at least 3 at 2 checks sometimes more which is amazing.

The deckbuild is quite standard for OTK Shoutmon but I’ll talk to more specific cards and their ratios:


We run a split of 7 searching rookies in this deck 3 Shoutmons and 4 Agumons. This split came about as both cards help you find anything you really need to build towards your OTK but as Agumon only pulls 3 I’ve had to run another just to ensure I can find my omnimons when needed for the win. After a lot of play testing I was never able to see the value of 4 Shoutmons opposed to 4 Agumons.



This card we only run two copies of but if I had the room I’ll run 4, with OTK Shoutmon-DX you stay in breeding quite often and having a 2 cost rookie is amazing to get cards cycling and also apply pressure to your opponent, I’ve swung with games many times with this card after my Omnimon was unable to swing for game. 

Omnimon BT1:

The true star of this deck, although with an evo cost of 6 it seems impossible to play, running two copies of Mega Digimon Fusion you’re able to get this card out for free and swing for game on the same time, with a simple stack of St1 Greymon, BT4 Volcdramon, BT5 Zeiggreymon and BT5 Shoutmon-DX is exactly enough swings to win the game, this combined with ST1 Koromon makes Omnimon undefeatable in security checks, you can also play BT5 Delicate Plan to ensure no options can effect your Digimon. 

100% an amazing card and truly something to be feared if you come up against this deck.

Greymon BT5 

This card was an interesting Tech to run, but I found it really helped out in a ton of matchups as you’ll be hard playing Agumon’s often with your 4 searchers you’ll have many targets to evolve onto for just 1 and also the ability to make your Omnimon 17K or Zeiggreymon 13K is super strong and should not be underestimated

Takumi BT5 

Takumi Aiba is another star player in this deck, this tamer for only costing two gives your deck all the draw power it needs to get to your key cards for game, it also severely slows down rookie rush giving you enough time to start controlling the board and winning the game. 


Round 1: Rookie Rush 2-X Win 

Opponent was able to play the match up well but sadly Shoutmon-DX does really well into rookie rush, game 1 I was able to go to Shoutmon-DX with a Zeiggreymon and Omnishoutmon in the stack to delete 3 of his Digimon and from there they were unable to rebuild.

Game 2 I was able to get 3 Takumi’s out quite early due to a lucky draw and they were unable to play the game from there.

Round 2: Black Blocker 2-0 Win

This game was close as having Craniamon out prevents Omnimon from deleting digimon but thankfully the stack was large enough due to having enough Mega’s for Omnimon to just swing over, theres not much more to really talk on this match up.

Round 3: LordKnightmon 2-0 Win

This deck is always going to be a 50/50 but thankfully this variant was not running any Chaosmon’s or Wargrowlmons which provided me a lot more opportunities to swing out without any large threats if LKM was not out already.

Round 4: Rookie Rush 2-X Win 

Another simple match up thanks to Shoutmon-DX ability to delete 5K DP Digimon, it was a simple get the stack out and start swinging, again Takumi has come in clutch being able to slow the game down to a pace where I can start swinging for game.

Round 5: LKM 2-x Win

This one was much scarier as they were running a much scarier list of LKM then the previous list, but I was able to pull out two games with the OTK combo to move forward.

Round 6: Diaboramon 2-1 Win

This was the hardest match up so far, with game 1 going to Diaboramon as I hit a shademon in security and from there they were able to rebuild and swing out for game, moving onto Game 2 and 3 I played a faster pace and swung with Shoutmon-DX for game.

Round 7: LKM 2-1 Win

This 3 game set lasted around 20 minutes and was a nail baiter throughout, Game 1 I bricked and had no Rookies or Ultimate's to play and sadly by turn 4 they had already won, game 2 I had drawn the god hand and swung for game on turn 5,

 Game 3 was a close game but thanks to Takumi I was able to play Shoutmon-DX and on the draw for the evolution I was able to draw two cards one of which was the Mega Digimon Fusion which gave me the game.

Closing Thoughts

It feels weird winning with this deck as it is a lot of cheese and doesn’t always feel the greatest winning by luck but at the same time, I was able to make some great plays throughout the day and feel very good about my placement as I made next to no mistakes throughout my sets.

Even though Shoutmon-DX has not won many tournaments before I do believe with a good amount of luck and some smart plays throughout this deck has some serious power to take out even the strongest decks! 

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