[EN] BT-06 is coming for English format, here is what you need to know.

BT-06 Double Diamond is a very interesting box per se regarding its logistics and related matters. Here are what we know for this box so far:

  • Regarding distributions, while UK got a delay in distribution for BT-05 Battle of Omega, North America will this time around get their BT-06 boxes a month after the other regions. Therefore North America will continue with BT-05 meta for another month.
    • Release Date
    • – Europe/Latin America: October 15, 2021
    • – Oceania: October 29, 2021
    • – North America: November, 2021
  • This is the first time an English exclusive card is released. Due to censorship for Sistermon Noir, the western world will instead have a replacement in the form Sistormon Ciel. These cards may become hot hunts later for both Japanese and English card collectors.

Sistermon Noir (JP) and Sistermon Ciel (EN) share the same card ID and have the same card effect. BaoHuckmon also got censored due to this matter.

  • Starting from BT-06, AA (Alternate Art / Parallel Art) arts uses a different printing technology compared to the previous sets. While in BT-01 to BT-05 AA arts usually feature gold stamps and smooth surface foils, the BT-06 AA arts no longer use the gold stamp and the cards are now textured (see picture below).

The Alphamon image is taken by DTCG.Photography (IG account)

  • Similar to the Japanese set, the English BT-06 will also feature an anniversary white Omegamon card. This card has a very low pull rate (rumored to be 1 in >100 boxes) hence it's high value in the collector market, which at the time of writing is valued at 298000 Yen (or 2700 USD) on Yuyutei. This low pull rate is expected for the English set as well.
  • Included are also Dash packs that feature some English-first promo cards which we have reviewed earlier. Agumon and Gabumon is expected to drive the BOC and BOF decks a little bit better than what Japanese/Asian players had, and this is significant given than BOF is already a Tier-1 deck without the promos.

Expected meta decks

In Japan and Asia, BT-06 offered a good variety of decks. However, the most notable ones are covered in our BT-06 Trifecta article. Expect to see a dominating presence coming from Jesmon, Beelstarmon, and Gabumon Bond of Friendship (BOF).

And for more BT6 articles, you can go to our Guide page and search with "bt6" keyword, and also don't forget to find out the meta filter in the same page.

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