The Big Three of BT-07

It's been slightly more than a month into BT-07 Next Adventure and this meta should be stabilising around the world. Lets take a quick look at what's been winning at local tournaments!

The Big Three of BT-07

After weeks of compiling winning decks, there is an undisputed Big Three in BT-07. These data are compiled from players who share their winning decks on social platforms, as well as direct submissions from our readers. A big thank you to all our contributors!

In the beginning of BT-07, there was a large pool of red hybrid players, using Ancientgreymon and Kanbara-Kaisergreymon to quickly wear down the opponent's security. However, in recent weeks we see this deck dwindle to a naught, which is actually very surprising! As it happens, Jesmon is now winning more than the red hybrid (though it pales in comparison to the Big Three).

Alright, let's dive straight into it!   

Blue still reigns supreme!

The blue BOF is an easy recommendation back in BT-06, running the synergetic Ancientgarurumon and Gabumon BOF into a rapid-attack frenzy. This deck requires so little setup, and counter-attacks so well that it utterly destroys almost any other decks. 

With the EX-01 minibox we've got another great Gabumon for this engine but more importantly, this gave the Ice Wall, an invaluable additional to almost every winning blue deck. 

The BOF have transitioned elegantly into BT-07, remaining formidable even without the new cards. This is a stable deck that has recently resurfaced in some local tournaments, and in BT-07 often using the Himi lineup as its complementary engine. 

The hybrid blue deck is also a major hit with Koji-Magnagarurumon giving the deck such an amazing board control (though it would require a bit of setup). This is often played with Lobomon-Ancientgarurumon for that additional digivolution route when it is not yet optimal to unleash a Magnagarurumon.

There are a number of creative configurations around these blue decks, but Ice Wall is a notable member in every winning blue deck today. We might be looking at the next Hidden Potential Discovered! LOL

Yellow hybrid recovery is efficient

The MVP of the current yellow meta is non other than Jetsilphymon! At 1-cost to digivolve (with tamer in her digivolution cards) for 1 security recovery is an amazing value, and this alone launches her to the top of the podium.

While yellow is typically played in security control fashion, they were dethroned by the Beelstarmon version back in BT-06. With the new yellow hybrids (namely Jetsilphymon) the yellow sec-con has become viable again, and such a meta deck would also run Schwarz Lewaltz. There are multiple configurations to this yellow hybrid deck, playing Dynasmon and/or Kazuchimon and/or promo Seraphimon, and all these decks will have heavy recovery at it's core. 

The BT2 Shinegreymon has also made a comeback, running an unhealthy number of tamer cards (about 16) to maximize Shingreymon's nuke potential. The sheer number of tamers will now make much more sense with hybrid Digimons at its core. This configuration made waves during the early BT-07 meta but has unfortunately plummeted in recent weeks in favour of Dynasmon.

Purple is all about Eyesmon

The last of the Big Three is none other than purple, and in the middle of all winning purple decks is none other than Eyesmon!

Simply put, purple cannot win without Eyesmon!

Eyesmon is such an amazing value, allowing itself to be played for free as long as you have a Scatter Mode in your trash. There is so much consistency, milling power, aggression, and memory value in this engine, and it is almost begging Bandai to have it banned!

Similarly, there are different configurations of this deck in winning entries, with the Lilithmon/Cerberusmon loop being the more popular one. In usual Lilithmon loop fashion, Lilithmon and Zwart will start the loop, but instead pulling at least a Cerberusmon from trash, which can be used as fodder to play a Werewolf Mode with [Rush], igniting more trashing power which can be used to deploy more Eyesmons and into Ginkakumon Promote for [Rush]. 

The lower tiers

Outside of the Big Three, there are several noteworthy decks that occasionally top the locals. 

The red Kanbara hybrid deck is now rarely seen winning, and occasionally we get to see a Jesmon deck instead. This is very surprising even to us, and based on data we'd say that these decks are tier-2. 

If green wins, it must be Junpei hybrid deck. This deck remains very competitive and should be at least tier-1.5.

For black, while we've compiled more X-antibody wins than the Mugendramon decks, the total numbers still pale in comparison to green so we'd say tier-2 for now.

An important thing to note regarding the lower tiers here being that they were compiled based on assumption that a fair distribution of deck types were played at tournaments. However it is also possible that strong decks from previous metas simply fell out of favour for refreshing new cards, and were no longer played extensively. These include decks like Lordknightmon (which lately charted some wins again) and Beelstarmon. Nevertheless, this happens to other card games as well so there's that.  

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