New Winning Decks Popping Up This Week: 7 Oct – 10 Oct


We would like to introduce a new category called "New winning decks popping up this week". This is a shortlist of 1st place decks that are currently not in meta tier list while also being the first time they are seen from all of our collected sources.

1. QingLong teams up with Himi Hybrid (Deck's Owner: Miso-san)

This is the first time we see Qinglong being used in a blue hybrid deck with the Himi tamer. It is actually a very good strategy (ever since the beginning) and many people may have at least thought of it, but everyone might have just wanted to play Magnagarurumon instead, just to experience the new cards in BT7. This deck won 1st place in a tournament of 12 players.

2. Beelstarmon digivolving into Susannoomon

A new security control deck that includes 4 copies of Susannoomon that will digivolve from Holydramon or Beelstarmon for the big hits, a pretty interesting profile.

3. Black Royal Knight blockers with a yellow base

This is a very new concept deck that use the yellow digitama to allow casting yellow option cards while black starts from a LV4 or LV5 Digimon. There are Sistermons to buff the Royal Knight's DP, as well as widen the board at a lower play-cost. We do not know how this deck would perform against other meta deck (especially against blue and also Shinegrey) but it managed to take 1st place in a tournament.


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