Updates on Jogress Digivolutions

Some new rulings on Jogress has been released in [FUN! Digica #102], and we have summarized them below.

1. Digivolution cards stack in a certain order

This is based on the Jogress text: the color on the left will be stacked on top, while the color on the right will be stacked below. In the example below, Paildramon has a Jogress effect that says "Blue LV4 + Green LV4 at 0 cost", so the blue LV4 Digimon (that was used to jogress) will be stacked on top, while the green below.
2. Multi coloured Digimons are treated as both colours

In the given example, Mastemon is both a yellow and a purple Digimon and therefore is able to digivolve into Omnimon Zwart as if she were a purple Digimon.
3. When using Win Rate 60%, you may trash either colour when digivolving a multi-coloured Digimon

In the given example, the player may trash either a blue or a green Digimon when digivolving his/her Paildramon using Win Rate 60%.

4. Jogress digivolution resets the following effects: 
    – Digimons cannot attack the turn they are played
    – Effects gained by the prior Digimons before Jogress
    – [Once Per Turn] inheritable effects 

Point 1: If 2 Digimons that were played this turn (hence cannot attack) performs a jogress digivolution, the resulting jogressed Digimon will be able to attack this turn.
Point 2: If your LV4 Exveemon has [SecurityAttack-2] gained from one of your opponent's Digimon, and [+3000 DP] from the Horn Buster option card, he will lose all these effects when he jogress digivolves into Paildramon. Both buffs and debuffs will all be reset.

Remark: This does not apply to global/blanket effects.

Point 3: Your LV4 Exveemon with an inherited Upamon attacks and resolves Upamon's [Once Per Turn] inheritable effect to [Draw 1]. If that Exveemon performs a jogress digivolution into Paildramon, he may attack and resolve Upamon's [Once Per Turn] effect again.

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