[En] Nathan – 1st Place at TAK DC-1 GP Oceania Oct 10 Tourney Report

Invited Author: Nathan Humphries (Oceania)
Tournament Report: DC-1 GP Event Oceania (128 players)
Host: TAK

Deck Introduction

LordKnightmon is pretty self explanatory, my deck is pretty standard with some extra spice so I'll call it Lord The Brick Throwing Knight and you'll see why.

I won't go over all of the levels and why, as its all pretty standard. So I'll skip straight a head.

Level 6's
4x LordKnightmon
2x SlashAngemon
1x Mastemon
So the main difference here is there is a Mastemon the trash ability combinded with bringing back BushiAgumon, a blocker, Lucemon or Pulsemon too good to pass up.

Level 7's
2x Chaosmon Valdur-Arm
1x Omnimon Zwart D
If you got a Mastemon might as well have a Zwart D, the chance it ends up in security stack is nice and deleting tamers is also amazing especially since SlashAngemon or Mastemon is fairly useless once evolved so the potential to delete another Digimon or board wiping two by clashing just works too well.

1x TK Takaishi
1x Izzy Izumi
1x Tai and Matt
Ok so this is where things start to get interesting. TK pretty standard go in Security grab what you need etc. Often when I was playing as LordKnighmon, I was bricking on draws instead so that's where Izzy comes in being able to un-brick your draws and ordering them in a way to possibly Lucemon recover something spicy into your security is a really good option for Yellow. 

Additionally playing TK can be risky later game as I have 6 non-yellow cards and thats done me in before. And the same to Tai and Matt, with LordKnight being so prevalent having level 6's up constantly it seemed like a no brainer especially after a game I had in the EVO cup against Declan, it would have been useful (I didn't have it then I changed it specifically after that game it was originally just a TK), potentially going to 5 memories is very strong for LKM and setting up a massive board.

2x Blinding Ray
1x Spiral Masquerade
1x Ultimate Flare
Ok so pretty standard but hey Ultimate Flare what the hell? Well Rookie Rush I hate it, it sucks get rid of it hence 1xUltimate Flare that I replaced a Spiral Masquerade for it. Last tourney it was great, this tourney it barely showed up except in one clutch situation so I guess it did its job. If BT5 was ongoing I would remove it and go back to 2x Spiral(I would keep the Izzy though).


1 – LordKnight Star: 2-0
A variant LK deck that played the Starmon options would be cool but he bricked both games I didn't

2. Green: 2-1

Last game Brick
Two close games.
First game he was just non stop Nidhogging my board and I bricked a little replacing my LK's he won by Nidhogging me one last time
Second game less Nidhogs came out and he hit Zwart D in Sec I built up and sent it into security
Third game he bricked hard this ended quickly

3. Lord Knight: 2-0
Standard Mirror He Bricked both games I bricked a bit with one but Kotemon so that was nice

4. Purple Tactimon 2-0
Game 1 He bricked
Game 2 He bricked

5. Lord Knight: 2-0
We talked about it before the game how its hilarious Ive just been bricking people with my curse had a bit of a laugh and started
He bricked both games

6. Lord Knight: 2-1

Good game.
Finally another good set after all day of nothing but bricks no bricks here (except me game 1)
Game 1: He built up, I built up, ran into a Zwart D had to clear it he built again faster and won
Game 2: I had a straight evolution built board fast with a Blinding Ray to then play two rookies I believe I brought out two Lucemons went and just sent it into security and won.
Game 3: He built up faster had an LKM out before I could get one in hand ran straight into Ultimate Flare in security, I came out and built my board fast because of Angewomon and LKM. I finally started swinging into him he had Two of his two Zwart D's in security but I had my BushiAgumon out to end the game right then and there before it would matter.

7. Sec Control: 2-0
I dreaded this game I know this guy and he is a really good SEC Control player. Sadly for him you'll never guess what happened
His security bricked with mainly tamers and digimon even after recovery for both games. Tourney ended in Mastemon bringing back BushiAgumon and ending the game.

Closing Thoughts

I didn't even do anything and the opponents just won the entire thing for me, this was just gift-wrapped like a brick through the window.

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