[En] Read This Before Buying EX1.

EX1 Classic Collection is the saddest set so far, and why is that?

The EX1 Classic Collection was released on July 30th for Japanese set, and Dec 3rd for English set, it is around 1 month before the BT7 Next Adventure set is released.

With the short time for testing and playing before the strong hybrid set BT7 makes a debut, EX1 gave us some strong cards and decks so far:

  • A full-profile for EX1 Machindramon deck.
  • IceWall – a very powerful option card for blue, considering as a Hidden Potential for blue color.
  • Analog boy – the white tamer that is widely used in many different decks, and it is the most expensive rare card in this set.
  • Agumon and Greymon: boost up the BT6 Bond of Bravery Deck.
  • Gabumon and Garurumon: boost up the BT6 format Bond of Friendship deck
  • A total new play-style new power for Diaboromon

By the way, we are not going to talk about EX1 meta decks in this article, but about EX1 case's pull-rate and why you should not order a whole case if you are not owning a shop.

EX1 is the first set that Bandai messed up the AA pull-rate in 1 carton, there are 30 different alternative art cards in EX1 set, this made it really hard to collect all the AA arts if you are only buying some cartons. On top of that, it is no longer guarantee that you will have different AA cards for each box in the same case but there are the repetition. You may have 3 or 4 Byomon AA from boxes in the same case, and the chance to pull secret-rare AA Machindramon is very low as well as the Analog Boy, that is the reason why this card's price was very high in the beginning.

Here are some examples of the EX1 carton pull rate.

Source: https://twitter.com/TFdtcg
Source: https://twitter.com/TFdtcg
Source: https://twitter.com/TFdtcg

It is guaranteed that you will have 3 secret-rare normal art cards in 1 carton. From the above 3 cases, you may now reconsider if you should buy 1 whole carton for EX1. There were many complaints about the unboxing of EX1 carton in Asia during its releasing period, and we don't think that the pull rate will be different in the English set since Bandai had planned to make things unpredictable from EX1 set onward and the repeating of alternative art still continues till BT7 Next Adventure set.

Classic Collection Art

There are only 2 cards with the artist written in the cards, those are Analog Boy (Kenji Watanabe) and Machindramon (Sasasi). All the other alternative arts are simply reused from the original art of the first version of Digimon card game so there are not many excitements to look forward to.

Up till today, the Analog Boy AA card is still the most wanted in this set, the card is so beautiful and it reminds you of the first version of Digimon World. The Machindramon on the other hand has lost its price almost 50% compared to the day it was released.

Above is the record of AA cards price from the day the EX1 box is released (30 July) till Oct 13th, currency: Japanese Yen, source from Bigweb (price "0" means "Out of Stock").

It was only 2 and a half months appearances but the price for each card has dropped so much, 60% of the AA cards have a price that is less than 2000 JP Yen, and only the cards that are currently still hot in meta holding a decent price in the market.

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